San Francisco: Medieval Diseases Making a Comeback Due to Feces on Streets

According to a report by Kaiser Health News, “Infectious diseases – some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages – are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard.”

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Why don't they just clean the streets then ?

Im presuming its like 19th century new york where the poo is being produced faster than anyone can clean it up.

so apparently there was none on the streets in the 19th century. totally fake news.

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In this state of technology and “progress” the most “progressive” state is so terrible that it is literally bringing back problems from the dark ages. How much more “progress” do we need before A: the whole thing comes tumbling down or B: people wake up (probably never/when it’s too late). And this is after the article came out that Commiefornia had a bigger economy than the UK. Guess “progress” and “a big economy” doesn’t mean shit when their is literal shit everywhere.

America confirmed worse than a third world country.

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Ov vey. Problem fixed. Rubs hands and counts shekels. Goyim too stupid for us high IQ jews.

Is San Francisco trying to be India 2.0?


Bubonic AIDS?

all of america is already india except instead of worshiping toilets and not using them it's worshiping money and not using it

Because that costs money and they have better things to do with that money, like giving billions of dollars to CEOs.

It's the same in every other large city.

This is what happens when you let homeless people destabilise your property values rotting away on drugs and booze instead of putting them on a welfare work program that assigns them to live in a squatter with a few other homeless people who all work in the blue-collar field assigned to do grunt work where most would not dare even step in.

In exchange, they get paid, they get a place to sleep in, and they don't really need food stamps since they are earning their keep anyway.

Keep tabs California, you might have something in that huge tax repository you call a government fund you can use to make this happen…

maybe if they had a designated shitting street it would be easier to clean

The other night I went out riding my bike and drinking when I cam across a homeless man. We sat and talked for a while and I noticed he had maggots on his shoes. I left my bottle and radio with him and went to get him some socks. When I came back I took his shoes off for him after saying it looked like he would need to change his socks. He asked for the help. I took off his shoes and socks to find his feet crawling with maggots. I wiped them from between his toes and the bottoms of his feet when it was revealed he was missing a large part of the underside of bith feet. The maggots had eaten so deep you could see the musculature. You could see the inner workings of his foot, down to the bone. I looked at him and told him it was serious and he asked me to call an ambulance. I did and he was picked up. I followed the ambulance to the hospital where I asked what they were going to do for him. They told me they would clean his feet and bandage them but had no sandals or shoes to give him. I couldnt believe they were going to send him away with those fucking shoes so I took the pair off my feet and gave them to him. I threw the old pair away. Something has to happen to make someone just give up and sit around being eaten alive. I dont blame him and didnt look down on him. That could be me when im 60.

The reaon I told this story is because it happened in the bay area

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A bullet to the back of the head would've been cheaper and more humane, although less pleasurable than virtue signaling on someone else' dime.

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We so underestimate the utility of human beings that all people can think of is how charity or violence could help them, in disbelief that They could help You for their own good. That alone could be the measure of a functional society.

Why not go back to your third world country then?

Some people are simply too far gone to of use to anyone. Be someone's savior if you wish, but at your own expense. To impose the costs on others is the worst kind of parasitism. Death comes for us all, sooner or later; better to meet it on your own terms than be reduced to such a condition.

So which is it?

Fake news

The hubris of the egoistic enlightened is imagining that for a moment, a new pair of shoes is what will help a person out who is letting their feet be actively devoured by maggots.

There is nothing you can do for this person.
There is nothing you will ever be able to do to alleviate their suffering.
All acts of kindness toward them, while not condemnable in and of themselves, are serving primarily to boost your own ego, unless you are already a Buddha.