CNN Terrified Republicans are Winning the Meme Wars

Brian Stelter and David Axelrod discuss critical news coverage of Joe Biden; President Trump's promotion of a right-wing meme about Biden; and whether Democrats are equipped to fight in the "meme wars."

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kind of funny that all you need to do to convince amerilards to shoot themselves in the foot is some sick memes


Eat shit, leftie.

Wrong. All you have to do is convince them that everyone that isn't exactly like they are is the enemy, and that throwing their live savings at their rich "saviors" will keep those enemies at bay.

The "enemy" is the one burning shit and rioting when they don't get their way.

The democrats are a disgrace.

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Democrats and Republicans both need eradicated with extreme prejudice. Only National Socialists shall remain.

You people would destroy the country in a decade if you got power. 80 IQ

80-IQ, indoctrinated, narcissistic leftist cunts that think they're brilliant. They'd be funny if there weren't so many of them.

Socialism is just thef… wealth transfer from white men to brown people, women and jews. It's a terrible deal for white men.

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Why are you shilling for the rich so hard? You're an American. You're not rich and YOU NEVER WILL BE.

Wow, Zig Forums sure has gone downhill… it’s almost like the FBI threatened the owners… >This is actually the best headline of the day…

Link is kill. Where's the archive you lazy cunt?

Why are you shilling so hard for niggers ? You will never be black.

Biden has no chance, with or without memes. Also why can't the left meme? What're they missing that makes all of them fall flat? other than self-awareness

Wow, they're still pretending like the jews don't control both sides. Only way this will end is with the destruction of MSM, and all other jew institutions.

He doesn't want to be black, he wants the women of his land to be blacked.

quick, lets suppress all of them and buy them out, like the old times.

This is what right-wingers are fighting. If you think Marx matters more you're living the 19th century.

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Maybe not, but as long as those I deem to be my social and biological inferiors are poorer than me, I'm fine with it.

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TL;DR, Grampa. TL;DR

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Was that supposed to be a clever self-depreciating left meme? Because it falls flat on its face when it hypocritically decries the right for collectivizing it's political opponents on the left in blanket statements that can not possible always be true, by collectivizing its supposed opponents (the right) in a blanket statement that can not possibly always be true. It's not only creating false dichotomies but subscribing to and perpetuating them.

The funniest part about it is in doing all of that to be ironic it goes one step further and cements the irony existing outside of its initial clause. It's like 4D incompetence. The left not only can't make memes for itself, it makes memes for the right when it tries.

Race changes the concentration and type of melanin in the brain. It's utilized in greatly in the human mind at twice the population of neuromelanin as other animals.

The type of melanin and it's distribution are directly related to their behavior and the amount of energy utilized in the brain.


I think it comes down to leftists being more abstract, rightists more concrete. All your reading serves for nothing but making you a manipulated cog if you do not capture its essence.


Eat shit, rightie.

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That's just what I mean by them being abstract. Instead of going outside and observing reality, they are mindlessly loyal to texts.

The link is broken. Could you please repost it? I cannot find the article

It is funny that lefties think that the other side is brainless.
The irony!

The meme wars are imminent, choose your side.
Sadly the CNN staff seems woefully unequipped for this fight. Which is why they are calling for "fact checking" memes I suppose. HONK HONK

if we get rid of brown people, women and jews then socialism is good

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Mandatory reminder

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Daily reminder that Bill Nye got his start when a Nobel winning scientist crossed a doberman with a jew and taught it to speak.

aaah, le baste jewish science man.
he doesn't afraid anything
not of stealing from poincarre and lorentz
not of stealing from bose
not of spewing non-sense that would get hubble to wreck his ass

Only a retard thinks rich people will stick around when some commie revolution happens, here is what is going to happen: All those rich assholes are going to pack their bags and leave. Then you're hung out to dry because virtually everyone else has no money and you're fucking poor, congratulations.
It doesn't even need to be a revolution, it's happening right now with Democrats and Republicucks passing high tax for rich people laws and then suddenly losing all their money because those rich people say to themselves "fuck this" and leave with all their money.

shut the fuck up boomer and kys

This is why we should have never allowed any of the tax cuts they got in the first place. Pushing the nation closer and closer to the edge with each new tax cut they got.

Niggers are stupid
Women are lazy.
There, thats what your graph shows.

Why are you scared about rich people leaving?
They already don't contribute to society, they abuse tax loopholes to avoid paying anything.
Even if all the corporations leave, that just means their an untapped market and new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

He probably skimmed through an Ayn Rand book and thinks he’s a temporarily embarrassed billionaire.


what a fucking idiot. just wow. The total lack of self awareness and narcissism is really something.
hey buddy, Einstein is a meme. fire is a meme. Memes will destroy the left. Enjoy the show.

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what a fucking idiot. just wow. The total lack of self awareness and narcissism is really something.
hey buddy, Einstein is a meme. fire is a meme. Memes will destroy the left. Enjoy the show.

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How is communism still a thing in 2019?!

only a retard thinks rich people's money will help you after we drive the system to collapse

it is not winning the meme war, when you are just making sense to normal people. The meme war is winning by forcing an unpopular meme. Something like. Oh Wow,
"we love to sleep with the traps.
traps are fun and normal."

Not enougth commies in road ditches

you're the low IQ for missing his point nigger

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Why cant I be a moderate? What if I dont want to be a lefty or a righty.?

Standing in the middle of a road, you're run over from traffic moving in both directions.

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Check on >>Zig Forums
Archive is kill here.

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While Democrats may find Republicans to be unlikable authoritarians that don't do anything with their time in office; conservatives on the other hand find liberal policy to be laughable, redundant and harmful to the working class.
Should be easy to figure out who wins in a war of propaganda.

Ye. Basically this…

two fags fighting
baste centrists will kill every last one of you

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True centrists only kill half of their enemies, you conservatard.

This thread is holocausting mein Sides

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CNN shouts with glee when one of their NPCs repeat what they say, but they shouldn't. It means their followers can't think for themselves. Conservatives have no one to repeat after, so we're left thinking and researching on our own.

Fuck it… let’s just have a nuclear holocaust.
I volunteer to stay out of the bomb shelters.

It'd be something if people on the left really did this. It'd mean we could have meaningful conversations with leftists and not get beat up.

It's a goal worth shooting for. Go for it.

The Left has an inability to direct, clear, and concise without rambling on for paragraphs… This is because your education is an intention obfuscation of reality. The education system has been orchestrated in such a way that causes the information to be split up between all of the specialization; meanwhile all of your youth, when you have the greatest potential for learning. is spent on medial labor like sweeping floors and flipping burgers.

Abstract thinking, like creating utopia.

Utopia is that place that can never exist, but you can't convince a leftist of that, because they believe everyone should value what they value, and that everyone on the left has the same values. It's the broad brush of stupidity.

This is your brain on marxism.

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Great, now if we can get natsocs to win the meme wars, that would be even better.

sounds bout right lil dicks have been siting on their asses telling jokes and speaking under their breath for generations its an sheltered mentality. So the internet was a perfect breeding ground for people that have a fucking clue.

Altruist punishment, look it up. The left isn't even a contender in the meme wars. The jews are the meme BIG BOSS, the right is only starting to revert their damage after more than 100 years of meme deployment from their military.

Paper money doesn't have value fellow naive user. Inflation erodes its value and the more people, the more inflation you have. Because money is fractioned/created out of thin air, it is not attached to any real value or commodity. You guys are stuck in the 40's if you think money has any intrinsic value.

The only meme worth watching is this!

bad taste tbh

wonder who's been in charge of defunding education the past 50 years causing this kind of bastardization so they can claim its proof education doesn't work to defund further

I can get down with this. Probably because I'm not white hahahaahaha. Fuckin' nazis.

Lying's not funny. Jokes and memes come from deliberate absurdity and truthful observations, or both at once.

CNN is sincerely absurd and they're giant liars to boot. No wonder they lose.

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Is this ironic?

nazi btfo

leftists don't into sarcasm

Oh shit the centrists are arming themselves. We're all fucked now.

a sign of intelligence is a sense of humor

left doesn't have it

they just repeat repeat repeat talking points.

California isn't concerned for their illiteracy. Thinking would only hinder the New World Order.

Why's he got his hands like that, is he a Jew?

If you're going to keep advertising my site, you should include a link ;)

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As a low-achiever with no ambition I would like to clarify that the net recipients are government workers themselves. The "services" they provide are unwanted and not helpful. You don't want to be in a class war with people like me.

Because you are caught between two incompatible systems. One is going to destroy the other. You can either pick a side or simply sit on the sidelines and be prepared to salute whichever side's flag wins.