Burger King Pulled an Ad Showing People Eating Its Vietnamese Burger

Burger King has come under fire for a recent advertisement that it briefly ran in New Zealand.

The brand rolled out a commercial for its new "Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp burger" depicting Burger King customers attempting to eat the new menu item with giant red chopsticks.

Take your tastebuds all the way to Ho Chi Minh City with our Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp, part of our Tastes of the World range. Available for a limited time only," the initial caption for the ad read on the brand's now-deleted Instagram post.


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timmy strikes again

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I don't get it…. Is it because the Vietcong don't actually use chop sticks or something?

And to think only a five years ago New Zealand was actually a reasonable place to live.

I know many of you here have a your minds in a box so let me explain.
It is very unlikely that oriental people use over sized chopsticks to eat a burger. It is like showing a white person eating a taco, a bao or a gyro with an over sized spoon. Hence an ignorant caricature of a culture.

I'm Asian and I don't even give a fuck, you faggot.

if this is true thats fucking hilarious.

it is obviously true

I think they were attempting to take a stab at white people with that saying white people would be so stupid to think "Oh! Korean thing, chopsticks!" but it's absurd (ALSO LOOK AT THE GIRL ON THE LEFT HOW IS THAT EVEN CLOSE TO A REASONABLE THING

it's obviously hitting at the same people it always does

but because it hits Koreans as well by proxy they received outrage and that is why it was taken down

remember making fun of bad goy is kosher, making fun of good goy is not kosher, Koreans = bestest goys therefore no makeie fun-y

It's because it's racist. Asians eat with chopsticks and its showing people attempting to eat with chopsticks and therefore it is racist, because Asians do that thing too and I said so.

do you honestly think rationality exists in clown world
it doesn't

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I fixed it bro. Thank you for your courteous correction.

That was the point of the joke.



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Is that supposed to offend me? That actually sounds like a pretty good commercial.

are you retarded or something?

I guess the existence of chopsticks is racist? end chopsticks now.

Once again the liberal minded is divorced from any concept of humor.

Naw Asians care about as much about racist stereotypes as whites do. If you were shown a Chinese ad filled with white people eating taco bell with oversize spoons would you actually care? Of course not, maybe Zig Forums would because they're fucking sensitive as fuck over that

Is this what acid feels like?
Because that would make sense concerning the creator…

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Oh no, how would we ever recover from such a thing? Good thing that ad got pulled, truly (((whoever))) did it must be our greatest ally.

we must be in clown world, when do we get out of clown zone

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I dare say, if they showed a burger eaten by forks and knives, it would be racist against whites.

Burger King of the Shekel did nothing wrong!

I'm Vietnamese and there are chopsticks in every fast food place, including for burgers. Some people cut them up and eat the pieces with chopsticks, it is fairly common because we don't like to eat with our hands, that's dirty.
NZ is stupid and pathetic, and so are you, leftist cancerous faggot.

use a fork you fucking backwards niggers jesus christ.

Once upon a time White men and women used an oversized dinner knife to eat everything at the table. After they were finished eating they would clean and sharpen it, then place it back in the sheath on their hip. True story soyboy. Did you have a good cry after virtue signaling though?

That's the joke. If anything it's racist against whites for depicting them as retarded

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