Allison Mack sobs as she pleads guilty to blackmailing women into becoming sex slaves

SMALLVILLE star Allison Mack has today admitted blackmailing women into becoming sex slaves in the warped NXIVM cult.

A sobbing Mack, 36, appeared before a judge in New York, where she pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges — including extortion and forced labor.

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Wasn't the middle management of this 'cult' all women?
What the fuck?

Hahaha idiot feminists actually fall for handing over their nudes and bank account details and end up becoming sex slaves, this is too funny and well deserved.

She hit the wall and went straight through it.

Learn to program NPCs and they'll enslave themselves.

All women secretly want to be dominated and ordered around and fucked senseless. Feminism was a grand shit-test that some white men unfortunately didn't pass.

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sound pretty hot

Had Allison Mack, at the age of 23, sought me out and become my wife, along with her costar Kirsten Kreuk, then none of this would have happened.
Instead she would be a mother of half a dozen and Kristen a mother or another half a dozen.
Any other young, pretty actresses out there take heed, seek me out and beg for me to marry you, because you never know what the alternative might be.

interviewer: When did you illegally come into this county and apply for sex work, before complaining you were made into a sex slave to authorities, because you failed to extort them?

sex slave: um….oh…..i'm a …like….slave…..remember? don't offend me! sexist! i'm outta here, how dare you ask an intrusive question!

women like this are a keeper. as if any of them couldn't flee whenever they wanted. were they chained up?

What I’m interested in knowing is whether Smallville will be expunged from the historic record like the Cosby Show and MJ’s screen appearances.

not interested in if they were sex slaves or mainstream fake "sex slaves"?

As long as a woman can regret having consensual sex and get a guy prosecuted for rape it doesn’t matter what actually happened. If the prosecutor says they were sex slaves then that’s what they were.

She is connected to people with shekels so she'll get a slap on the wrist. watch.

And Harvey Weinstein didn’t have these connections?

Seeing as how she stood trial before a Jew York judge, I'm pretty certain that will happen

I wonder what the race of the enslaved women were. Is this America's rotherham?

Feminists are all hate filled sexists and deserve involuntary servitude for leaving kitchens unattended across the globe.

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I like that the name sounds like NVIDIA.



It’s actually NECK-see-yum. Like the stomach acid medicine.

Every time you masturbate on porn you might masturbate on a sex slave or debt slave or drug addict.
Think about it.

That's pretty hot

I’ve seen shit that was either really really good acting or genuine forced/non consensual abuse.

I’d be inclined to report something like that but I don’t want to explain to the feds why I was looking at it and what else I might have seen.

I've had consensual cock slaves that I trained and everyone of them loved it. Some women are born sluts and love to be dominated, go into subspace, and become suck and fuck toys. But once they are cut loose and no longer have what they need they go crazier than they already are.

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Nice to know that Youmu would not be accepting of your behavior

That just makes it even hotter

It could just be her having a flashback to a rape. Then it's like both!

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In China it was the older mothers that arranged and carried out the footbindings on their daughters. They even encouraged it.

In Indonesia mothers and fathers sell their children to rich pedos from the west.

On the west coast of North America mothers would raise their own son as a girl an sell him to a wealthy man to be his concubine. In the Middle East they ship young boys off to bathhouses. Women and men take part in this shit all over the world throughout all history. Perverts and pedos everywhere. And when they were not sexually abusing children they were using them as slave labor in factories. This is just human nature; we savage our young like wolves.

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This bitch deserves to be raped into Rhea Perlman status. Being fucked by Danny DeVito has to be a horrible fate.