Transgender Rights: Judge Warns Girls Have No Right to ‘Visual Bodily Privacy’

A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit against transgender facilities in a school district to proceed, but warned the student-plaintiffs that, if the government allows boys who claim to be female to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, then the girls have no right to “visual bodily privacy.”
Judge Jorge Alonso of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division is allowing a lawsuit to proceed against the school district that adopted the Obama-era transgender policy permitting boys claiming to be female to use the girls’ bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

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There those spics go, going all traditionalist.

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burgerkikes are widely known to be the avatars of degeneracy, while the common denominator within spics can indeed be described as an impulsive depraved degenerate, there are some spics that fiercely fight against degeneracy i.e american influence.

Isn't that the whole fucking point of having segregated bathrooms?

Usually it's the educated and legal ones, like this judge. They're the worst enemy of sjws, because they don't need to be pc

But now any horny kid can say "im a girl now" and no one can question it

But user, he did.

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why should guys not be allowed in? what's the problem

user I am a girl.
I'm also 11 years old and demand to be let into the 7th grade girls' locker room.

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Huh, this place is bullshitting posts I see

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It was. The judge basically said "If you're dispensing with the physical barriers and the laws that support them keeping you separated then you're just going to have to deal with the consequences of unregulated mingling. You fucking dumb liberal cunts."

It's almost like segregation has benefits. That mono cultures will form repeatedly in multicultured environments (Chinatowns are always Chinatown, and now Muslim town in No-Go zone). Fighting against it is fighting to stop people from being human and associating with who they want to associate with.

I am a genderfluid person who often has sexual emergencies when I am in girlmode, thus I need to use the girl's lockerroom to solve the emergency. It would be discrimination to not allow me to undress next to naked girls getting into their swimsuits.

I identify as a hentai manga character that penetrates swimsuit wearing girls and can freeze time.
in my imagination, which is real, I am the only one who can save mankind, by having sex with swimsuit wearing girls in the changing room


I believe you have Christianity and Judaism confused. Look up Jesus Christ on Wikipedia and skip to the “death” section.

This decision doesn’t really impact the social norms and legal aspects of popping into “the other locker room” to get a look around, or an individual right to eyeball someone of the same sex in the locker room. TG people don’t have legal protection from gender normative people using their locker rooms either. Men don’t have legal protection from women making a surprise visit to the men’s room to check out some dicks.

Those kinds of protection come from two sources, the partitions between the urinals and the societal standards of going into the appropriate privacy area for your comfort and self identity.

I don’t think anyone with any amount of intelligence sees this as free license for boys to use the girls’ locker rooms to get their jollies. Ogling someone of the same sex is just as serious.

Bad Brent:
Mosque warrior

I think this is a difficult one.
As a trans female I do understand the ‘need or want’ to be yourself and be accepted.
That said, children suffering gender issues don’t always grow up to be what they ‘think’ they are at a younger age.
With that in mind and also I have to be honest if I was using the female changing rooms with a male part I don’t think I would want to be seen and not only that but as I have zero interest in women I wouldn’t want to see them either.
But I think if times are to change then it has to be moving forwards with a mutual respect.
Not a ‘I’m out and proud and get out of my way’ style LGBTQ bullshit that happens these days and sue anyone that doesn’t get it.
Sis people and trans people have to feel safe and both sides to understand one another’s plight.

Ha ha but I feel that is better aimed towards persons of a certain religion or refugees in general than trans people but sure I get it and I agree.

That's because kids don't know shit and will go along with whatever their parents say. So the minute some soykin hears his wife's son saying he wants to be a princess the poor kid gets a hormone-laced diet and a closet full of dresses while being paraded around on Facebook. Take that Drumf! I watched this exact series of events occur and did nothing. I barely even knew the poor kid but it may be my greatest regret. I will never let this happen again.

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I grew up with everyone around me telling me that lgbt people are gross and sick and I would probably have been cruelly biased against a trans kid that shared my locker room in school. I’m certain some of my classmates would have.

That sounds unfortunate and I am disappointed in that kid’s doctor’s and parents’ decision to jump so quickly to hormones. I know that it’s done at an early age in some cases for medical reasons but in general I think most doctors agree that you should let puberty run its course before tinkering with the endocrine system, and that therapy is a better choice than drugs when children are discovering and forming their sexual identities.

When someone sees the consequences of one bad decision play out like that, it can leave them with the impression that that’s the standard of care.

Ummm, the judge said the 7th District Court of Appeals had already decided that there was no right to visual privacy in a case from a Wisconsin HS. So, absent a reversal from the Supreme Court, district judges could not rule otherwise.

You don't have a plight, you have a delusion, and you need to be removed so that those of us who aren't bat shit insane can go back to living normal lives that you do nothing but destroy.

Tell is more about yourself

Except that isn't the case to society, if you're weirded out by Homos you're a bigot, it doesn't matter if you were raped as a kid or not, in fact you didn't get raped because gay rape never happens BIGIT L*VE WINS


The term sis means sister, I really wish people of your nature would stop referring to it as that, and instead just call them what they are 'Heterosexual'.

Private stalls, private changing rooms. Problem solved.

It’s cis, not sis, and it’s Latin for “on the near side.” Like Cisalpine Gaul… that part of Gaul that was on the same side of the Alps as Rome.

In chemistry it means that parts of a molecule are on the same side of a molecule and in sexuality it means your position on the spectrum of male to female is closer to that defined by your chromosomes. Basically, it means that your brain and your DNA are on the same side of the wall between the restrooms.

If you don’t accept that people can self identify as a gender other than their dna (and don’t forget the fun fact that gender is an entirely made-up bullshit science from the 20th century that has nothing to do with medicine!), then you can’t really engage in a discussion about transsexuality, can you?

Science doesn’t consider it an illness or a disorder. There’s not much more to be said about it.

Oh and this:

Rest rooms and most locker rooms have had private stalls for decades already. It’s not as big a deal as you might think.

Oh and I forgot to add that there are males who identify as male and like to fuck other males. Those people can be considered cisgendered homosexuals.

Toilets must enter the new millennium.
Make an XX area and an XY area and perform a DNA test on suspects of transpassing.