Child Predator From La Crosse, WI Sentenced. Only Receives Eight Years

A former La Crosse School District choir director was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison and 15 years probation for five counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child at La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Bagstad must complete a sex-offender assessment, and cannot participate in a romantic or sexual relationship, have contact with anyone younger than 18, contact victims and their family, and access the Internet without his agent’s approval as conditions of his probation and extended supervision.

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Was it consented or is this another MSM fake assault?

This is actually normal punishment. Quite a few murder cases get less time than this. Honestly sexual crimes shouldn't be considered worse than murder.

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remember it's high because CP represents revolution. It's the key to unlock the white male ubermensch.

A pedo getting 8 years in genpop is more like three days before he makes the aquaintence of a sharpened toothbrush. If he's lucky they'll just kill him.

Fuck off nigger.
That's exceptionally long had it been a woman raping boys.

Don't forget the fifteen years probation during which he "cannot participate in a romantic or sexual relationship … without his agent’s approval".

No children involved. I bet the little sluts enjoyed it.


Going by those movies, they'll have a hard time keeping it confined. I hope they removed that wrist bomb thing.

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Oz is not real life.

where'd you get your degree in biology, the fucking internet?

La Crosse is an absolute shithole filled with some of the most dysgenic people I have ever met.

You're correct. Oz is not real life. Since I never actually mentioned Oz, I'm going to assume you think that kiddie-fiddlers are not actually dealt with harshly in prison. You would be incorrect. Many prisoners end up there because of a path that started with some sick fuck molesting them as kids.

Pedo vs murder? You are talking about a child forced and living through it. Pedo is worse then murder. That's why even criminals hate them. So it's odd that some need convincing. But you are free to be the minority that if you are caught bad people will hate you too and possibly hurt you. IMO

Apparently freedom of association isn't a thing.

Each time I read a post like this I donate to nambla.

Poor pedos got it rough… Way rougher then their "victims".

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LOL. Oy vey, don't be poor goyim.

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Devarim chapter 22, verse 28.

Hebrew Masoretic Text: Na'ar (child)
Greek Septuagint from 500BC: Padia (child, from which you get your beloved word: paedophile).
St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate: Puella (young girl).

YHWH allows men female children as brides, including in cases of rape.

Those who oppose are heretics who should be tourtured to death (anyone who entices you to follow another power - kill them (Devarim))

That means White Nationalist _MUST_ die. True AMERICANS must DIE. WHITE CUCKS MUST DIE.

"Whiteness" didn't exist before 200 years ago (there were real nations then).
The lynchpin of the white religion is the worship of the White "WUMAN" as goddess and the rejection of YHWH and anything that is good for men.

Death to the "anti-pedos": they transgress YHWH's law and MUST be killed.

>(((pedophile))) is lightly punished by (((judicial system)))

YHWH allows child brides. Explicitly. Na'ar, Padia, Puella.

The man is to be the ba'al (master) of the female.

YHWH does not allow murder. He does allow the execution and torture of heretics however.

American White criminals are follow the American religion, which is the worship and veneration of MUYUUUHHHHH WHITE WUUUUMAN.

They are heretics and deserve to be mangled and then burned alive.

The minority has always ruled over the baying masses. The baying masses of MMMALLLESS who simply are overpowered in mind by _women_. And are PROUD of it.

It is good to be hated by heretics, enemies of YHWH. It is bad that pedos do not torture and kill said heretics.

For most of human history pedos have ruled over you scum.

Learn a second language you piece of shit. YHWH explicitly allows men to rape female children and simply keep them after paying the father.

Argue with the Masoretic Text: Na'ar.
Argue with the Greek Septuagint: Padia.
Argue with the Latin Vulgat: Puella.

You white pieces of garbage need to die. You are a race of self-sure mongrel morons where the male is _STUPIDER_ than the female (who rule over you) You are a plague. A Mutt Plague.

My friend, recently a guy was gone to prison because fucked a 17 years old teen, recorded for proof that she did give consent. Anyway, he got prison because child porn (the record) and pedophile (for fuck a "kid)".

Their buddies will break them out. Happens every time. No need for the wrist nuke, it'd be a waste of predator.

lol cuck lmao smdh fam

Not pedophilia you dumb nigger.
Not sure how 23 years is "lightly punished".


Free Banned Files:

"land ofthe free"

Sex offender registries are used to target white males who touch a few too many titties at a party.

whites can be pro-pedophilia then they will not "need" to die as you state.

I'm going to assume you have no acquaintance with people who have actually been to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Most of them just want to serve out their sentence and get done with it. What pedos have to worry about, in WA at least, is not so much getting shanked to death by McNig the Strong-Arm Robber deciding that he actually has a conscience, but more being sent to that quaint little place just off the coast of Puget Sound after he has completed his sentence but refuses to recant his wrongthink. Highly unconstitutional, of course, but shitheads have been using pedo hysteria to skirt the Constitution for decades.

white people wait longer to have kids because they understand the importance of rationing and finding a desirable mate for your offspring

Faizullah Zaki is an apostate and should be tortured to death.
Here are his words:


"White" did not exist prior to ~200 years ago. There were poles, russians, english, french, danes, welsh, irish, etc etc.

"White" is a _false_ nationalism created by the UK and popularized by the US. To bind together and wash away the actual nations that made up their population.

Every nation must have an organizing value of-course, even false-nations. Blood and Soil is not available for false-nations so they chose another "value". This value was the worship and veneration of the "white woman"


From that naturally flows anti-paedophillia.

ANYONE opposed to child brides for men IS an apostate and an enemy of YHWH and is commanded to be killed when they entice others to follow another power.

For one to be free, another must be a slave.
America IS free: FOR WOMEN.

NOT for men.
And WHITE men would NOT have it _ANY_ other way.

Afghanistan _WAS_ free for men.

When you're a sex offender of any kind you lose all rights. (Even when it's something as simple as public urination.) When a child is involved in any way (such as witnessing that urination), you become a target on top of that, and the system will conspire to destroy you.

Defacto banned for all men in the US anyway: the woman can imprison the MMMMAAAAALLLLEEEE at ANY time.

Men just won't destroy their CUNTtry.

This is what you get for turning away from YHWH and worshiping MUH WHITE WUUUUMMAAAANNNNNNNN.

YHWH allows child marriage.

This government is a government of FREE white women.
It EXIST to ENSURE FREEDOM for it's People.
(White women).

That requires others to be enslaved, stopped, controlled, and disarmed.
Those "others" are all men on earth.

Not allowed to have relationships?? The state doesn't have that power.

They'll use your internet history and convict you in a secret court. They need to be put into place.

Coming from people who ignore the law and rob people of human rights. Hilarious.

So if you had the option of some old dude sucking on your penis and being stabbed to death, you'd pick being stabbed to death??


It does.
America is a Free country.
A free Cuntry.

Not a nation for men.
For one to be free, multitudes must be slaves.

When you pop a bottle after programming on your opensource bullshit all day (for fweee), where do you think the labour came from?

While his police rape every little boy they can and steal every dime they can from the men of the districts.

That is not enough for him. He wills to deny the men what little pleasure they have inside their adorable child brides.

Sad it doesn't happen to the anti-child-bride afghan policeman.

American men are golems. They do not think. They just feel.

Look how mad the American golems are when a Man executes a heretic for opposing his marriage to a little girl:

This is almost as good as when Putin had his muslim friend's friends kill that feminist woman reporter.



Devarim commands you to execute anyone who entices you to follow another power.

Avicii clearly opposed the law of YHWH and wanted the

America is a woman's cuntry.
White men wouldn't have it any other way.
Why do you think everyone hates you and _WILL_ nuke you the second you falter?

Men all around the world, who are aware of their own faculties, want little girl brides, not whores.

More angry American golems:

This video accurately portrays EXACTLY what has to happen to get this fucking planet back on track.


Q is not going to do shit. Its a psyop to make us all think that someone is actually going to do shit. Trump is suckin Zionist cock and was known to have traveled on Lolita Express and hung out with Epstein a few times. Congress is filled with this fucking filth and Trump has done FUCK ALL to drain the swamp. NO ONE and I mean fucking NO ONE is coming to save us and more importantly the children.

Total fucking war is the only option.

Demands total war on pedos.

Obvious heretic.

Pedos should slaughter heretics.

Remeber: YHWH allows child brides and demands the death of those trying to convert you to follow another power. Which is exactly what the western white males and the women that they worship do.

American golem angry that avicii wasn't allowed to live his adult male homosexual lifestyle while also preventing men from having girl brides.

White men are scum. Enemies of all.

Like I said these videos released same day!

Video starts with…
True Stories of AVICI (without the other i) translates
True Stories of Hell!

Started out with nothing and I still got most of that
The world ain't give me much, I'm positive that's a fact
Everybody said be cool, you be payin' your dues
Make a long story short, I got nothin' to lose
Working my money 'till I get gold
Monday, Friday mornin'
Working my money 'till I get gold
Cause I can't get no more
Working my money 'till I get gold
Monday, Friday mornin'
Working my money 'till I get gold
Cause I can't get no more

[Earl St. Clair:]
Try to make a dollar out of 15 cents
But I ain't understand how the money was spent
My mama told me, "Boy you ain't got no sense
If we put it all together can we pay this rent?"
I've been some places
Places I never should've been
I caught some changes
Changes that made me who I am


Convert to Islam. America is your enemy.
The global enemy of men.

Wait, they can tell you not to have a romantic relationship? The fuck is that?




Everyone do the opposite of what this cuck says
The fate of all muslims and their enablers is death

Behold: how Superman prime feels.

It's a probation that's designed to fail. You're not intended to make it through, they expect you to eventually violate their insane terms so they can put you back in a cage.

11yos are white women.

whites can choose to fuck 11yos, making them outside the rule.

That would make them "not white".
(As white nationalists claim).

If you go against the very organizing creed of a group, you are no longer a party to that group.



You're saying the Catholic Church should die?

Hopefully a crusade will be launched to burn alive the heretics again.

how tf does psychologically damaging people for life help the white race exactly?

>and cannot participate in a romantic or sexual relationship<

BUT wy tho

that's a myth.

Nature has made 14 and 15 year olds capable of reproducing. The only people opposed to "child marriage" want them to be fornicators instead.

Raping a child deserves a hanging, not 8 years in prison.

They quietly promote degeneracy for themselves only so yes, they should die.

There isn't much difference between the two.

Fuck off Ari.

As an Ex Con (who did 20 years for Armed Robbery) I can tell you that little kiddie diddler won't last a year once the other inmates get hold of him. They'll turn him out first, turn him into everyone's bitch then, when everyone who wants to has had a turn he'll get shanked and that'll be the end of him I guar-ron-tee! Yeah, he won't live to see probation and his fate will be worse than he can imagine because bull fags love to fuck up little kiddie diddling pussies like him.

Don't be so impatient! You'll get your turn "playing" with the inmates, too, little kiddie diddler!

They don't realize the morality behind voluntarism and consent and still believe propaganda. You say fags but they also don't understand abrahamic faith predate and kill fags. Tell that to them next time.

Once it's legalized there won't be prison.

Post court documents or gtfo.

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You can just say jewish.

There’s a lot of almost certainly well-informed people making many presumably well-informed judgments to produce sentencing numbers. I’m free with my intuitions and willing to make mistakes, yet I don’t feel like I know enough to gauge this. It’s above my pay grade.

Though I can probably do better than the lunatic who talked about enslaving multitudes to make anyone free. That’s like, dude, learn english. That definition of freedom only existed for a hundred years in the Antebellum South; it was a special regional lead-poisoned stupidity then and now the word is just time-traveling tomfoolery. Whitewash your own fence, Sawyer. Nobody is as enslaved as a slaver, and nobody is free while anyone is enslaved.

Generally, isn’t prison just a total waste of life? Let’s lock people up with criminals and mistreat them for years straight! That totally imbues useful skills and feels like meaningfully repaying society! How to deal with criminals is a pain to figure out, but the core objective should be healing them back into functioning members of society no longer broken to crime, not breaking them into smarter next-gen criminals.

Silly idealist. There's no immediate profit in that.

In reality the skinheads in prison are going to give him steel. He done for.

This is the best result you will get if there is no trial, which is the case in 99% of these type cases. I'm willing to bet that the prosecutors were not getting much cooperation from the so-called victims. Do you guys remember Amy Yun case in Pennsylvania? She pissed of prosecutors and police so much by not following their narrative of events, that the placed her in a school for wayward girls, where she escaped from twice. You may have noticed the male involved has yet to go on trial because, without her testimony, they have no real case against him. She is my hero.

"Whites" got mad that pro-child-marraige pro-YHWH posts were being posted here so they banned tor.

Whites" are heretics, footsoliders of Feminism. Always have been since their "race" was invented 200 years ago.

YHWH allows child brides. "Whites" never have.

Hopefully you and your kind will be tortured by fire soon enough. You deserve to be burned alive, since you reject YHWH's law and entice us to follow another Power (the US) via your actions and recitations.

Not even swedes were White according to them. The White they refer to in their documents means English (and NOT welsh, and NOT NOT NOT irish). Nothing more. You might call the followers of the Duke of Orange, Orange men, just as you might call those who fly the White banner with the red Cross "White Men"

The skinheads in prison are homosexuals who war against He Who Is.
They have no need nor desire for cute female flesh due to their own homosexuality: their desires are stated in the asses of men.

Skinheads would be immediately tortured to death enmasse in their cells were a good leader ever to emerge.

For every free person, multitudes are enslaved. That is the fact.

For all the free women, enjoying their lives carefree, multitudes of men are enslaved to them: working to support their existence.

The same is for the (small) portion of free men in the USA: thousands of men are slaves that work their entire lives to support them.

You are a fool if you cannot see that.

White men probably think "she's better off dead".

They are complete golems of the "White" woman.
Anything to increase the White woman's power and worth.

Absolute enemies of all men who would like to be free.
Now and forever, since the invention of their false nation.

The judge is probably a child molester too along with all the politicians. They will probably run this asshole for President in 8 years after he gets out.

This poor man. I will pray for him.
8 is just too much