Chinese cops send people to ‘concentration camps’ if they’re found with Facebook on phones

COPS are sending people to "concentration camps" if they’re found with Facebook on their phones during random stop and searches in China, it is claimed.

Western social media is banned in China’s Xinjiang region where police are accused of seizing residents' phones and installing spyware.

Offenders are said to be sent to "re-education" camps to clamp down on social media use.

Mandatory spyware is downloaded onto citizen’s phones to restrict what citizens can access.

And police check mobiles for evidence of foreign social media apps like Twitter or WhatsApp.

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Its a combination of Chinese Nationalism and the governments hatred of free speech. Honestly China seems like Zig Forumss paradise


When China was still communist they were a poverty-stricken shithole. Then they made it capitalist with market deregulation ongoing since the 1980s with shit like the Shanghai Free trade agreement. In fact China is the best example of why communism doesn't work. They were shit before they made some regions capitalist. Nowadays the shittiest parts of China are the ones that the government decided to keep communist. Everywhere else is known a "East Asian Capitalism" and is based on Japans economic model.

>Chinks arresting (((Facebook))) users.
The horror.

fucking fascists
I am a bit on the fence on this

They should do this in america too



It is hilarious how many dumb ass westerners will eat this shit up and percieve it as a holocaust, jap internment camps or Native american [[[education]]] camps

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Getting taken out if your daily life and put somewhere because of kikebook is pretty bad. Actually i think you might be a shill faggot.

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Western degeneracy and imperialism is indefinitely worse than going to a western imperialism class. The Chinese government has the sole responsibility to prevent its citizens and its nation from becoming another trashy pillaged western satellite state like Latin American countries, African , SEA and ([[Freed]]) Middle Eastern countries.

Fucking based Bugmen strike again. At least these fuckers have some balls left. Anyone using kikebook should be shown to the oven

You're an idiot. If you like communism so much and hate capitalism, then go live in China, asshole. You don't have to use facebook if you don't want to. Or you can if you want. That's what freedom is all about, motherfucker. If you don't like it, GTFO and go gorge yourself on rice.

they should do this everywhere

WTF I love China now?

Let's see how you stop your daughter from shagging a nigger without censoring leftist social media.

When Russia was still communist they were a powerhouse with strong White culture and people looked after. Then they made it capitalist with market deregulation ongoing since the 1980s with shit like the privatization of oil companies. In fact Russia is the best example of why capitalism doesn't work. They were the greatest White nation before they became (((capitalists))). In 1990 the GDP of Russia was 2/3 what it was before it became (((capitalistic))). Notice the two most capitalistic nations on earth. (((Israel))) and (((America))). You think that's as coincidence?

There is no "East Asian Capitalism" and isn't based on Japans economic model of being provided with trillions by the US because the Jews were afraid of the Domino Effect.

Russia was great because they were nationalist, they were great in spite of Commienism, not because of it. And Russias massive recession and depopulation was already happening by the late 1970s and there was nothing Gorbachev could've done to stop the disillusion

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ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah the kikes are the ACLU are mad that their own spyware goybook isn't allowed by the state.

fucking retard

Why? The right of conquest was universally recognized at that point in time; Africans were warring with and enslaving other Africans for centuries prior to the arrival of the white man. Same goes for the Chinese. It is ridiculous to label westerners as "imperialists" when a fraction of their ancestors happened to be best at playing a game everyone else was engaged in. This is to say nothing of what China is doing in Africa now? How is that anything other than explicitly imperialist?

Remember; only whites are held accountable for their actions because only whites actually ended up addressing them. That's the sad way this fucking world works for some reason because humans in general are kind of fucking stupid. China will never be held accountable for their actions, because the Chinese will never address such actions. Whites had a civil rights movement and that just opened the floodgates for them to be stomped on. China has been paying attention. They will never do that.

Oy Vey Nazis are the really Communists!
Why do they hate our freedumbs to say what (((Zuckerberg))) want?

If the influence of social media is stronger than your influence as a parent, you have failed at parenting and deserve to watch your spawn get drilled in every hole simultaneously by the biggest, fattest, grossest niggers you can imagine.

as if chans wouldnt be #1, retard

China's the type of country to legalise slavery (the honest way) and cannibalism the first chance it gets when the world could care even less about their rights just so they can save some money on food and labour, they call it "progress".

I'm still confused as to why homosexuality is still about as legal as Russia over there…

What gets me is they have cops doing spot checks instead of exerting their government control over the cellular and internet providers and just summoning all social media users to report for re-education.

I mean, like… who do these people have on their friend lists? Why does the party even allow access to facebook’s IP addresses?

This is literally what statists believe though. They're not going to lose sleep over anything their sovereign state does.

Nice job, retard.

Great european/U.S. propaganda. The Chinese are actually investing in Africa as opposed to stealing from it and dehumanizing the populace.

china is pretty close to nazi germany economically with state capitalism, kek

Honestly it's too bad we don't do this in the west to people who have the facebook app.

Quality (((journalism))) as always.

Fake news never end. Oh man, you have to love the new cold war panic, this time it's the burguers the ones with the losing card.