Julian Assange Arrested

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police Thursday moments after Ecuador announced it withdrew his asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.”


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it's a shame that Zig Forums can't get any replies on your lame ass threads.

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the other 8% only get maybe 5 or 6 replies


i literally can't even right now



Should be getting some crypto keys soon (dead man's switch).

Don’t you usually carry people out feet first, so you don’t bang the old nugget, and why was he carrying a book…about the formation of the CIA.

It's a sad day when Johnny Neptune beat you at the game of Journalism….

He broke the story 45 minutes before you

let me guess………

You saw Johnny Neptune's article, and in a knee-jerk reaction, you hurredly tried to post a lookalike thread?

got it

I feel bad for him and his cat. But Jesus look at the guy. They probably got sick of his old man smell putting them off their empanadas.

If he’d have showered and combed his hair and volunteered his time to clean the place up after hours they might have let him stay there indefinitely.

Bad boy bad boy
Wat u gonna do
Wat u gonna do wen thy cum 4 u

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Is it that important that Johnny Neptune is involved with every news story? I don’t know who that is and I first heard of the story from this thread.

For an anonymous image board this community sure does suck a lot of non-anonymous dick.

It all looks like a show, the bail charge was made up, because he went into the embassy and couldn't leave…they vitiated that charge …cancelled it altogether, then he had immunity the whole time in the embassy, the swedes dropped all charges….the US dropped all charges until last year when they put his name into a sealed indictment. when the news channels all say the same thing, its a conspiracy. It all looks like a show and if Q and Q+ don't make him a freeman….the whole Q-Alliance crew are traitors and should, probably will meet the same fate. If Pompie cant handle the truth, then he should step away from the door, drop to the ground and put his hands behind his back. Karma is everyone's bitch. He should be put up in a suite in Trump's hotel. Keep him safe with lots of space….

Arrest date 4.11
Dial 4-1-1 for information

There's a Q- and Q+ now? kek

Q+ is POTUS.

Actually drop the fucking nukes.

Boomers just unwittingly ruin things by trying to inject their "personality" into the interaction, not realizing that abandoning your identity is the only way to get anything of USE from places like this.

It's all Johnny samefagging.

Free Julian Assange

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Isn't there supposed to be some kind of Dead Man's Switch that Wikileaks was supposed to activate after Assange's arrest?

Someone spilled soda on it. It's stuck, hold on.

Which mainstream media CEO ordered his arrest? Corrupt bastards

It didn't happen, check the video, hair and beard is from another man, and his face was photoshopped later on.

Was coming eventually.

talk about a shitty roommate. Doesn’t pay rent, steals all of the bandwidth, doesn’t shower. No wonder kicked out.

Cookie cutter response we've heard parroted 100 times from every other mindless dipshit with a keyboard. Go on and make fun of his beard next, you simulacrum cuck

The fact that he was as disheveled as he was proves that he was being mistreated in the embassy. He must be under some sort of secret gag order or injunction because he would have come to the window otherwise.

Assange’s arrest planned ? Misinformation is absolutely needed ! Thank you Q and god bless

smear poo on the walls apparently

The Mockingbird Media Will Soon Fall


Hi jonny. Just for that I'm bumping this thread.

Q is watching.

Julian Assange will spend time in jail



Arrested for real journalism and the fake government controlled “journalists” are praising his arrest.

Call me crazy but I doubt the boomer autism crew will have any sway on the fate of a man who's admitted to and been formerly pinned with high level criminal espionage by the US government. I can't imagine what the hell they're gonna do with him

If he did press ups sit ups n squats for those seven years steada wackin off to anime toddies he'd hulk smash them cops and be away

Our boy just got sentenced 50 weeks in London jail for skipping bail… Tomorrow May 2 he meets with American investigators via videolink about his extradition To US

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