Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

A fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Monday afternoon, a spokesman from the fire department said.

Smoke could be seen billowing out from the top of the medieval cathedral, as flames leaped out besides its two bell towers, a Reuters witness said.

A major operation was under way, the fire department added, while a city hall spokesman said on Twitter that the area was being cleared.

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The imposter pope just earned another sack of shekels for his ongoing effort to destroy the Catholic denomination.

It's fucked

Standing since 13th~ century.
Just burn it down.

If, and only if, this is a terrorist attack then wait and see what will happen in UK MEP elections…

Bump for truth. We need Urban II back to remove the cancer

Part and parcel

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No, what we need is for the White man to gaf about his history and his people, THAT'S wtf we need.

A lot do. None are in power. The Usa along with Israel could have come up with this.

Staged for EU elections.

Varg !!

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the cathedral doors closed on the people escaping, someone did this intentionally.


No one has died dufus.

CATHOLIC PRIESTS IN a Polish city burned a number of books they claim are sacrilegious over the weekend, including some from the popular Harry Potter and Twilight series.

In a Facebook post showing photographs of the public book burning, priests in the city of Koszalin quoted Old Testament passages. They urged believers to destroy the enemies of God, telling them to “burn their idols in the fire”.

If I were the French state I would execute varg and all his family immediately.

Told you guys to not oppose me BTW. Catholic Amerimutts and now Frenchmutts are always so fucking dumb about it.

Likely it was a fucking muslim shitskin that scaled the scaffolds that were left unguarded, and poured petrol all over the roofs.
No way would it burn like this from an accident or a single source. It wasn't made of paper.
The fucking lunatic cultist freaks have already been shown blowing up every single monument and work of art all over the middle east, why would they stop when flooding europe.
They are going to do this to every fucking single piece of history we have unless we kill them all or kick them out of europe.

Let’s not spread crazy conspiracy theories. The Paris prosecutor is opening an inquiry into the matter, to determine whether the fire was an accident, or an arson.

They seem to be quite happy.

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Yea, just conveniently ignore the fact that most of the reacts on that post were “crying” reacts.

The Paris prosecutor has opened an inquiry. The French government is investigating the cause of the fire.

Let’s not antagonize each other or try to blame anyone. Let’s remember these people instead. This is Holy Week, after all.

nobody missed that you apologist retard. fuck back off to reddit queerbait.

sometimes an image tells the whole story

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lol, that's fucked, needs to be spread far and wide.

I'll take the fire as sign and God's final warning to cleanse the earth of our enemies. Deus Vult

Based smugbros

No, it wasn't made of paper, it was made of wood that was hundreds of years old and thus very dry.


and was maintained for 800 years. Only during the mass migration of the last 8 does it burn down

wtf are you talking about?
do Americans really think there were no muslims in Europe until Syria?
this problem is unfortunately much older than that

The amount of Muslims in Europe outside of Turkey and its satellite states was practically nonexistent before Syria yes

you're fucking retarded, go back to reddit or educate yourself on the dynamics of cultural assassination and population sizes as they migrate.
the numbers were so small before they were forced to integrate into the larger french culture, the english culture, ect, when fucking hordes of barbarians invade they keep to themselves and you get shit like china town and paristown…jesus fucking christ, what the fuck are you even doing here?

assassination works too though

France had millions of muslims already last century (ever heard of Algeria?)
Sweden has been taking them increasingly in at least half a century