'The Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel And Ungrateful': Trump Slams Omar And Pelosi In One Swipe

President Donald Trump continued to slam Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Monday, claiming that she “controls” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump’s tweet comes after Omar was widely criticized for comments she made that appeared to trivialize the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, saying “Some people did something,” to describe the events of that day.

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fuck burgerkike shabbos goy trump and fuck every migapede that still supports his traitorous offering to the satanic lands of isreal.

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Trump is a zionist. Lets see now:


If Trump doesn't defend Israel and kikes the (((Federal Reserve))) would increase interest rate a few percentage points causing a recession and that would make Trump to not get reelected. Like a good goy Trump is protecting his masters.

naw dog, cnn told me he is an antisemite

It funny listening to Jews complaign/brag about Drumpf the same way some cock-carosel thot complains/brags about how terribly troubling how her boyfriend always wants her for sex.

lmao this kike puppet and his party had complete control for two years and did nothing but pass tax cuts for billionaires and give the poor little Israel even more of American tax payer money yearly

American politics is a shit show
how the fuck do so many of you still vote?



God you euro fags are really asshurt about your 1984 level country.

jews offend every single living thing on the planet
this does not make mud your friend

The Notre Dame Fire was most likely a Mossad/CIA operation to focus attention on Muslim vs Christian tensions and fan the flames of conflict. Taking the attention off the Yellow Vests and their fight against (((globalist))) bankers over the past several months. (((They))) will destroy anything and everything we hold dear.

Honestly; The rest of us don't have a "homeland" like Israel to flee to when the shit hits the fan. The traitors in our goverment need to be deported back to the country they're supporting over their own people.

Ungrateful for what?
America's enemy?

Trump must die.

user. That's like saying 2+2=4. That's a statement of fact. All living things must die.

I think you Zig Forumstards are 12 year old kids.
You seem to have no concern for economy, jobs, or any real world shit.
Its always about the kikes and kikeland.
I like Trump because he's rectified unfair trade, is tough on illegal immigration and is economy focused.
My problems have increased.

Somehow in your childish mind think that a president going full 1488 wouldn't have massive repercussions that would make harder for everyone.

Trump's done nothing to China.

Trump's done nothing to stop, but rather increased illegal immigration - somehow - to it's highest point in many years.

Yeah. To giving niggers, spics, jews, and mudshits white's money. Great (((user))).

Then you haven't paid attention or like I figured you're an ignorant child.
Yes its Trump that is doing that not Brazil, Venezuela and Honduras going tits up.
The fact that he even ran a campaign on it was amazing, dems want illegals for votes, and GOP get lobbied to ignore them.
Which is why for 30 years it hasn't been addressed.
Again you have to be a child not to see this or comprehend.
>Yeah. To giving niggers, spics, jews, and mudshits white's money. Great (((user))).
How does that make sense?
People can find a well paying job and somehow that's bad to you?

Again idiotic child.
If you're actually a grown adult your posts makes it even worse.

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Yes because someone in there 50-70s would be posting here and not on Yahoo.

Go to sleep Jamal, you have school tomorrow.

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