Oklahoma woman confesses to spray-painting hate messages 'to scare Jewish people'

An Oklahoma woman has reportedly been arrested after confessing to a spree of racist vandalism that targeted black and Jewish residents in two towns.

Johnson is expected to face more charges for similar vandalism in Oklahoma City, according to the Post. The newspaper noted that police said Johnson has admitted to scrawling white supremacist messages such as "every race but white will die."

Other messages reportedly indicated support for President Trump, including some that read "Trump 2020."


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every time

As if a woman would take such autonomous action.

She was probably a progressive woman that was false flagging.

It's literally the "hey rabbi, whatcha doing?" Cartoon.

Now let us all wait for the arrest all of the jews that have done this.

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Typical white nigger.

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What a retard

Isn't Oklahoma City a major hub for sex trafficking? Could this be related to that?

I don't see what's wrong here. Just a little harmless graffiti with an uplifting theme


Definitely a (((fellow white person)))

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All women are, if not most

it's JEWS

Agent provocateur. Throw her in prison and waterboard her. She is a henchmen, an instigator, agitator and needs to be punished by losing her freedom for many years. These kind of people start wars which kill 60-100 million men. This bitch is every bit as dangerous as an enemy soldier.

Oh heck I remember hearing about her

Goldwater is taking over King of the Shekel, thanks (((Jim))).

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I'm sure it's just a (((coincidence))) goyim.

definitely not a false flag

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It's like that "What'cha doin' rabbi?" meme came to life again.

At least the swastika was straight, still backwards though, Moshe step up your game

what does that even mean
does she think nazis say the word nazi at the beginning of sentences like a nervous tick or something

When you're so retarded you believe invisible nazis are all around you, this is what your brain outputs

at most this smearing is on the level of a puberescent dyslexic retard
just the old, planted behaviour targeting white ethno-nationalists
uhh a swastzika a symbol of an long gone expanding world power everyone was so scared about…
uhh 1488 a secret crypto underground code sitting beside the swastika, normal people would suggest the meaning that the swastika was invented in the year 1488…
i mean for the rest you need to have at least some leaflets flying around to explain whatever the fuck was meant by it…

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sick lady

>an anti-semite that supports (((ZOGnald)))
How organic

You guys literally suck.

Y'all need to get out under your rocks and observe the world around you and see it for what is really is. Stop reading un-proven reddit threads for ur news like jesus fuckin christ

Lot of inferiority complexes on here, blaming others for your own miserable existance

these seem to fit in a little too well with the culture here to be written off as a false flag
also the fifth picture is clearly done by someone else. Don't believe me? Why are the colors and handwriting different then? Compare the lowercase "g" at the bottom left of the fifth picture to those in blue in the second and fourth. The blue "g"s' tails extend to or past the the beginning of the head, while the red "g"'s stops short.

in fact, if you look there are other traces of multiple vandals, so why was only she arrested?