Anti-vaxxers banned from raising money on GoFundMe

Anti-vaxxers have been banned from raising money on GoFundMe in an attempt to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

The crowdfunding platform announced it was carrying out a “thorough review” following reports that one campaigner had gathered nearly $80,000 (£60,000) in donations.

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Why the fuck would anti-vaxxers need money in the first place? It doesn't cost anything to be an idiot like them.

Part of me likes the idea that anti-vaxxers are literally dying off, but the other part remembers that it's mostly children being affected so.

Less so than vaxxers, now go back to Reddit.

Don't trust doctors.

Right up there with gay marriage, abortion, and feminism. Pillars of the war machine destroying us from within.

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Only the braindead are anti-vaxxers. This is a good call by gofundme.

It cost a family in Oregon (or taxpayers probably) almost a million dollars to be antivaxers last month.

With reasons 1 and 2 being people not trusting doctors or not going to the doctor at all.

I think people in general know fat people dont live much past 60. It doesnt take a doctor. Everyone around you who cares about you should be getting you in shape. A doctor cant fix your fat ass, gotta do that for yourself.
As for the cancer
Caused by not trusting doctors? Please. Cancer kills degens, old and weak. Mostly healthy, active, drug free people are not getting cancer. Remember, if I tell you everyone has a 35% chance of getting cancer I can scare you into being my useful idiot. If you do some research and see 35% of these people are degenerate: bottom of the barrel DNA, old, or have heavy substance abuse issues.
You might not feel like paying for their mistakes, or putting brand new underresearched, manufactured chemicals in your body like vaccines when human DNA line has been doing just fine for the previous 500k years without your extra shit.

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In the US, healthcare is fucked. We have ads on TV for products that consumers shouldn’t even know about. We take antibiotics for the flu. We even have politicians tweeting that antibiotics will prevent measles deaths. Insurance companies run the show, and frequently counter the decisions of doctors even though their appointed medical experts have never seen the patients they’re treating.

Obviously a whole nation of ignorant people participating in health care leads to a lot of deaths. But that doesn’t mean you’re better off avoiding doctors entirely. You should avoid the doctors that are incompetent; or whose hands are tied by HMOs or insurance policies. People do that successfully all the time.

When you spread bullshit like “doctors are all frauds,” you end up with epidemics of diseases that haven’t affected life since the Middle Ages.

If these anti vaccine people are so irrelevant and farfetched lunatic conspiritards of fake news, why are they consistently shut down?

(((someone))) wants to spread disease

Because half the people in the world are fucking stupid and believe that shit.

Better take this booster shot first.

This doesn't really address the study I presented. Perhaps you should learn to read? Or maybe lurk more?

Yes it does. All I did was enter the authors of the authors of your study into google. That was the first result. Keep reading.

Big red flag there.

Sorry, the *names of the authors.

My mistake, he doesn't start making direct reference to the study until about halfway through. Now watch me rip your arguement apart.
>"No one wants to publish this study" is a really shit arguement that puts to much faith in the (((journals)))
>David (((Gorski)))

Your blogpost by a literal jew is not going to do.

Okay, well in that case, do what I did (and what you should always do if you’re not a medical professional and you are curious about the validity of a medical study): google “mawson ray bhuiyan” and see what kind of results come up.

Maybe you’ll find a non Jewish source among the wealth of results calling this study out for quackery and fraud. The scientific community’s reaction to Mawson’s work may be part of the reason you had to cite an archived web page. Sometimes people realize they’ve been supporting fraud and reverse their stance.

Weird. When I put it into duckduckgo theres the same article you posted, hosted word for word on two different blog sites right on the first page. Literally surrounded by a bunch of other sites hosting the original study in it's full context.
You're going to have to try so much fucking harder if you'd like to discredit this study mate.

Like I said if you’re not a scientific professional you probably aren’t equipped to critically digest the contents of a journal. They’re not written for lay people.

I am not going to have an argument with some anonymous skinhead on Zig Forums over this. I’ll take a few minutes to explain why I don’t believe this study, but that’s as hard as I’m willing to work.

If you want to post a link to a legit journal that’s published this study, I will take the time to browse the peer review section. But I already skimmed the list and stopped looking when I saw how many people are criticizing a theory based on an internet survey of homeschool moms.

Besides, how the fuck do you tell which homeschool kids are autistic? I thought homeschooled and autistic were the same thing for years.

I am kinda bored right now so I did you one better and searched DuckDuckGo.

I’ve never used the site but I read that it’s known for unbiased search results and I’ll give you credit that it seems fairer than google in that respect.

But… if you’ll take note of the results you see (which according to DuckDuckGo are the same results I see), you should find that they’re all blogs, either written by/for antivaxxers, or crafted to make fun of them.

No serious publications are discussing this study.

I only said that the full paper is out there, not who was hosting it is credible or trustworthy. I'm not going to take the time to dig trying to find a reputable journal that has published this paper because quite frankly, I dont think it exists. Even if it did, I doubt we could agree on what constitutes a reputable journal.
Now let's set done stuff straight before I carry on with my day. Vaccines are potentially good. They are also potentially bad. To phrase it simply, we don't really know.
If you think our medicine or technology has come to any real understanding about how our body works, much less works with constant outside influences like 80+ vaccines before age 5, then you're fucking retarded. We have a long, long ways to go before we can truthfully claim to understand literally anything.
I would say any deviation to the status quo, even in the field of medicine, is severely punished through many means. Censorship is one. Isolation is another. Just look at what happened to the lead scientist of the human genome project when he said niggers where different from white people on a basic level.
A medical degree sure would be helpful in sorting through some of these studies. However, I'm not a retard. I can understand graphs, charts, and data just fine.
So take your "leave it to the professionals" back to wherever you came from.
Lastly, I'm not antivax. I just think they very realistically have downsides. When my children are born I will vaccinate them against a handful of harmful, life threatening, or life changing ailments. I will not do the full course which is almost a hundred vaccines, often a dozen or more per injection, which btw is up almost 200% of vaccinations over just 20 years ago.
Also lastly, mind your own fucking business. If a parent doesn't want to vaccinate their kid, that's their fucking problem. Dont take away someone's rights because you're afraid of an infectious disease that doesn't even kill people.

Also, learn to fucking archive shit and use non cucked search engines. You're obviously new here. This place is going down hill. Do your part by actually lurking before posting.

if you get sick then you're weak and fucking deserve it.

"When my children are born I will vaccinate them."
All vaccines are toxic, cuck.