French Student Leader: “I Swear to Allah We Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass” About Notre Dame

The Vice-President of the French student union at the University of Lille reacted to the Notre Dame fire by tweeting, “I swear to Allah we don’t give a rat’s ass.”

“How much are people going to cry for some bits of wood? I swear to Allah you like French identity too much while we don’t give a rat’s ass objectively it’s your madness of little white people,” tweeted Hafsa Askar.

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Wish to see them when Mekka will be in a fire… Biach!

Glorify white race and never forget who we are!

Whereas we are supposed to give a rat's ass about the incoming libyan refugees. The right thing, said at the right time, m'lady.

Let's have some mosques burn down and see who's crying. Or how about that silly cube in Mekka. By God, I would laugh at the tears.

Maybe Brenton was right after all. These things deserve bullets.


The only thing he did wrong is 50 was not enough (but a good score given the limited time scale).

Keep up the idiocy

Zig Forums can be annoying, insensitive, and wrong, but I've never seen anything there that's pist me off like dis bitch right heah

Whoa, buddy. I didn't need her to hate muslims. :J

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wow, 8ch is so hypocrite! one thread you're all laughing at notre dame, the next you're upset when someone else laughs at it.
Get fucked, you indecisive pricks. this proves you're just trying to be "edgy" with the insensitive garbage, but deep down you're just a normie like everyone else. fucktards.

Because 8ch is a hivemind with only one valid opinion for everyone.


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We should nuke that damn cube with the most powerful nuke we have.

Social media as well as mainstream media is full of semites of both groups laughing at and downplaying this, plenty of selfies taken by shitskins smiling about it at the scene even.
Not one of them should be allowed to be in Europe.

How/why is the vice president of the French student union at a French school named something like Hafsa Askar?

Also why does a French school have a French student union?

Oh god yeah… imagine what might happen if a mosque was attacked.

Fucking retard.

Good, now show this to as many normalfags as you can. Fuel their hatred. Make them question the ideas of forced diversity as much as you can.

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Al noor mosque should be turned into a reinactment made of solid gold

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One of these days that cunty kind of talk is going to result in that big black cube getting air-bombed by a country that's had enough of their bullshit.

The French are about as anti integration as anyone could get. Except maybe compared to some people here.

Lets see here. Ok, so we have a French (((student union))) leader, Muslim of course, really fanning the flames of Muslims vs Christians tensions. Somehow the work of the YV movement vs the (((bankers))) is now overlooked in favor of the Muslim vs Christian looming street battles. Clever work again for the jews. Those batards really have the art of divide and conquer down to a tee.

La reconquista. Spain managed both at the same time and also discovered America.

Except in Paris where its filled with blacks

I still don’t get why there’s a French student union at a French college, or why a student of middle eastern descent would be the vp of said union and not, say, the Islamic student union… nor why a foreigner would believe for a second that the rest of the Twitterverse would think that she speaks for the French when she obviously is not French.

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Racism protip: black is a skin color. French is a nationality.

You’re thinking of the integration in the US that some Americans are still butthurt about. There is a rich history of French black culture that doesn’t involve slavery going all the way back to the first European efforts to explore the world.

Now this I agree is the most concise response to that moronic statement.

Whatever helps you sleep better, cuck

Compare French-Haitian relations today with the average American southerner’s view of African Americans and I think you’ll see what I’m getting at.