Notre Dame’s golden altar cross seen glowing as images emerge from inside showing fire

Its iconic twin bell towers remained visibly intact as a symbol of hope that from the ashes Notre Dame could be rebuilt after an inferno engulfed the iconic cathedral.

Inside, amidst the rising smoke and rubble, the golden altar cross was seen glowing as firefighters made their way into the fire-ravaged cathedral to survey the damage.

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When the building was on fire and they took items out of the burning building, that cross was one of the items they claimed to have saved, now they're claiming it was in there throughout the fire and was saved by miracle

BS propaganda story

Fake news

Alternative facts

So many Dumb sheep believet hese kind of stories

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God is on our side.


I'm into Odin, but gotta say, liked the first pic I saw.

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No sources

It's because it's the religion of your race, right? You realize that if you base your religious beliefs on something material like race, you don't really believe?

I'm not the quoted, but it's more about ancestral thing, and even it's not, christianism is jew thing, not European, not America or any place in the world, just jews, then, I'm out.

You're missing the point. You are saying Christian "God doesn't exist because I'm not a desert jew" and "Odin exists because my ancestors were Vikings"
Your ancestry has no influence on which gods are real or fake

they are all fake btw
inb4 (((atheism)))
satan and moloch worship is not atheism

Christianity is explicitly anti-semetic. "I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9 NASB

Who told you that?


I don't believe anything unless an authoritative third party tells me it's true, either

Christianity is explicitly Jewish. Jeshua the Christ, the anointed one, king of the Jews was sent to redeem the Jews. The Jews, whose God sent Moses to lead them from Egypt sent Jesus to lead them in Rome. All the "anti-jew" shit you retards use to defend your kike religion is there only to shame Jews who didn't hop ship into doing so. To be more clear, the entire religion was constructed by the Romans as an attempt to integrate and pacify the Jews. It's a runaway psychological warfare tool and you're letting it do its work on you.

brb using it for my new Jesus metal album cover

I can believe that. I was lead to believe that, before Constantine, Christianity was viewed as the Scientology of its day so how was a religion viewed as a wacky cult back in the day supposed to pacify and integrate Jews if Christianity could not integrate all that well in the Roman Empire?

Wait, so you're a satan worshipper then? I don't see how that's any better.

Cults carried a different connotation back in those days. There were Christian Cults, but also cults to various Gods and Goddesses that were not considered art of the mainstream Roman religion. Cults were fucking everywhere and were a part of plebeian life in the form of various underground subcultures that the Patricians and Imperial Cultists didn't recognize.

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You wouldn't.

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