Teen sues Apple for $1B after its facial recognition software led to his false arrest

with a $1 billion lawsuit after he says the company’s facial recognition software led to his false arrest.

The suit filed Monday alleges that Ousmane Bah was first wrongly identified as a thief at one of Apple’s stores in Boston last May after someone used his learner's driving permit which did not have a photo to pass themselves off as him when they were caught stealing more than $1,200 worth of merchandise. Bah claims he lost his permit, which may have been found or stolen by the real criminal.

Bah then claims Apple took the perpetrator at his word and programmed the man’s face using Bah’s information into its security systems.

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Why did the criminal have HIS learner's permit?

Dont fucking worry about that.

So it's stolen identity.

This has NOTHING to do with Apple face recognition at all. If anything it exonerated him.

Boo fucking hoo, this is getting dropped immediately.

It's a 32 iq negroid, what do you expect.

1 billion is a bit much and hard to take seriously, but I do agree Apple's system fucked him over.

Except it didn't, read the article

It didn't. The guy registered with his name but used his own face. The apple face recog explicitly DIDN'T ID the kid. The lawsuit is bullshit and the article is misleading

The facial recognition software was improperly used and led to the police arresting him. God you fuckers are bad at reading. No it wasn’t psychic and no it didn’t identify him as a thief by his face. The software performed its duty and prompted an arrest. If the software hadn’t alerted the store to contact the police it never would have happened, unless an employee recognized him from the original location and was ballsy enough to say it was the same black guy at all locations.

They're saying that like apple products aren't overpriced and you couldn't hit that stealing a single thing.

You can only get 3x lost damages in pain and suffering…? A billion??? What the fuck

No I think I will worry about that because it is very suspicious and the key aspect around which this whole situation developed.

Might as well sue the DMV while he's at it because they don't put your photo on learners permits.

Better yet sue the united states government itself for being retarded enough to use drivers licenses as the de-facto national ID.

Can’t imagine how a 17 year old might lose something like an ID or a wallet, or be distracted enough that someone might take it from him?

Or maybe he tossed it because he got a real license and someone rooted it out of the trash

Can't imagine how a 17-year-old would be so traumatized from having to wear cuffs that he'd need $1 billion.

He stole 60 usb hubs. Basically he emptied a peg into his coat and ran.

I think the point of the lawsuit is that Apple should not be free to take your personal information off of a government document, however they get a hold of it, and add it to a permanent database of people that they control and distribute. Especially when they fuck it up, put someone else’s face on it, and tag you as a criminal. Think of how big a company Apple is and how widespread the use of that database could become.

They may have had every reason to believe that was his ID, but they had no evidence and no right to report a crime based on it. If you witness a criminal act and make a report to the police identifying the perpetrator, you can say you think that’s who it was, but you can’t claim the person was positively identified when they weren’t. That is a false accusation of a crime and it’s illegal.

Read the article, that did not happen. The address was gotten from the permit. The face recognition pointed to that name and address because someone who registered their face with that name and address robbed a few stores. Read the article

Apple is not at fault. If you steal something and while doing it told a witness you live at an address that actually isn't yours, and the cops go to that address because the witness told police, the witness is not to blame. Apples ID system isn't word of god, fraudulent users can be erased. The only person at fault is the criminal

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Isn't the bigger problem that they charged him without even confirming his identity or that a crime had taken place?

They didn't charge him. READ THE ARTICLE.

Uhh I think you better read it.

Twerp has no case. Probably just hoping Apple pays out his nuance suit to avoid the bother of court

Don’t set your sights on law school.

Too late, I passed the bar a couple decades ago.

Yeah I’m sure of that. :/ you must have a shitload of junior partners doing all your work if you’ve got the time to hang around here spouting halfassed armchair legal punditry.

Go back to Reddit, Nick.

Did he print a mask of the face?
Does apple not use security cameras at their stores?
If apple is going to give user information like your face to the police, wouldn’t GPS coordinates be useful too?

programmed the man’s face using Bah’s information into its security systems.

The store didn't take a pix when they originally caught the thief

They used this Ousmane Bah's id with out a photo to look on social media to get his(Ousmane Bah) photo

They should have taken a picture of the original thief

Apple errored

100k for him and 100k for the Applebaum & Applebaum

Oh yeah I don’t think this is a billion dollar case, but it’s definitely a case of violating privacy.

Well, also the incompetent police force who needed to bring someone all the way back to the station before noticing that he looks nothing like the guy on the warrant. Here's a fun fact: police can pull up your ID and photo right on the computer that is in their car. It's a no-brainer and so the fact that they cops went through with the arrest proves they have no brains.

A lot of cops are nogs

The point of the lawsuit is a shitskin wants gibsmedats and some jew lawyer wants a cut.

Who fucking cares, you fucking mong? Why wouldn't you be rooting for this molly-coddled fuck, given who he's trying to sue?

Can't imagine why you'd lose something that important. Can't imagine why you wouldn't file a police report if it was stolen. Can't imagine why you'd throw a document with your personal info on it out instead of destroying it.

Again how did the criminal get hold of his permit? It's not Apple's job to make sure you aren't a bumbling retard.

user AT MOST you should NOT CARE

This is why the classic pin-code is good enough for me…

Or the android swipe-lock thing…

So like…. since you’ve never been to earth I’ll fill you in.

We have these things called teenagers here.

They’re high on drugs most of the time and the rest of the time their minds are addled with sex hormones.

They think they know everything and they fuck up all the time in all aspects of life.

Sometimes they lose their possessions or make bad judgment calls. Including throwing out a learners permit or dropping their wallet and saying oh well I’m turning 18 in two months so I’ll just not drive til then.

Oh I've been to earth motherfucker. You see I just grew up in a part of it where parents imparted the idea of personal responsibility and morality on their children instead of letting them raise themselves into degenerate barbarians.

But please tell me more about how it is the governments and companies responsibility to pick up the slack where shitty parents left off.

You sound like the attorney who popularized the "affluenza" defense.

By the way, in Massachusetts they DO put your face on a learner's permit. They'll usually just use that same picture on your license once you pass the test too. So I honestly don't even understand what this fucking story is on about. It was either a fake permit or all of a sudden they don't take your picture anymore after having done it for decades. And yes, you're supposed to report it missing and get a replacement, just like a driver's license, if it's lost or "stolen".

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Do they practice a thing called age of majority in the part of earth where you grew up?

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s when children under 18 aren’t legally permitted to enter into legal contracts or be charged with certain crimes or consent to sex because they’re not considered mentally developed enough to do so.

I just googled “learner permit without photo” and learned to my surprise that it does in fact happen.

Maybe it just happened in Boston but he came from a state that doesn't do it? That's the only thing that makes sense to me.


I think it’s kind of silly to question the facts and circumstances regarding his permit and how he lost it and whether there is a photo on it. It ignores the matter of whether or not Apple inappropriately used the guy’s ID. It could have been his library card; the question of whether it’s ok to report a crime with facial recognition software remains.

Or to use it for anything, really… Suppose you visit the Apple store frequently but never buy anything more expensive than AirPods and iPhone cases. Do you think this might help salespeople to ignore you and other broke people and focus more of their attention on the big spenders?

Or how about they just ask you to leave after you’ve been in there 15 minutes without spending money so you can make room for more paying customers?

Or what if they use it to recognize when you come into the Genius Bar to pick up your repair, but if you send your wife in, she has to stand in line for an hour because there’s no check-in kiosk anymore?

I can think of lots of uses for this technology beside just loss prevention.

I actually hope he WINS this one.