California student 'shooter', 19, wrote an anti-Semitic manifesto and claimed he was inspired by the

Police are investigating a manifesto apparently posted online by the suspect in a San Diego synagogue shooting that left one dead and several others injured.

John T. Earnest, 19, was taken into custody without incident following the shooting at the Chabad of Poway Jewish congregation around 11.30am PT on Saturday, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Killed in the attack was Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, according to a family friend.

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Damn, I've glossed over the manifesto and it seems so right that it is wrong. It smells funny, I think the ZOG is coming for h8chan, but for what? Nothing goes on here besides tranny mods censoring everyone.

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i think the fact that kikes are getting shot now instead of camel fuckers is a good sign that "it's working". keep seeding the truth boys.

WHERES the god damned manifaggo?

Hardly, hell be an instant hero to the white brotherhood and get protection

I hope this young man gets the help he needs. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.


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Hatred has no place in this world and our future as a human race. Stand up now to condemn this action and preach respect and tolerance and love for your human brother and sister


Post a link to the manifesto. The guy just threw away the rest of his life for it. I’ll give it a read. I’m not all in on the Jews run the world thing, maybe a few like the Rothschilds, but not the average Jew. Number one target should be traitor politicians and muslimes! And if you can pink mist a Rothschild, eggcelent!

You people are sick in the head and need to get better educated on how the world operates. Jews do not “control” the world. They only make up 2% of the world population. Facts do matter…

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Mossad Op??
Johnny was a half-ling…go figure.

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His gun jammed and he only brought one lol


If it was fake why didn't they claim he killed 50?


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Because "antisemitism is at all time high". They want to show to the world that whitey couldn't get the job done to convince others to not even try…. Granted it will backfire and there will be more next week, but that's neither here nor there.

Seriously how did an 80 year old Rabbi manhandle the semi from a 19 year old? Why did he give up like a pussy after writing a long manifesto?

its funny how y'all are so delusional that any rational thought is immediately considered bait

What the fuck is wrong with all of you? You want random people to just die? They did nothing to you. I am a Jew and proud. I will tell you anti Semitism will not win. We were here for thousands of years and we will continue to be strong for who we are.

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Why would you target intelligent creatives who contribute to society?

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Murdering piece of shit who did exactly what the glowniggers wanted. Hope he gets raped to death in prison.

It's also some senior citizen that gets killed in these synagogue shootings.

He did a shit job and failed big time but at least he tried

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This isn’t fake, I actually know the synagogue and personally know the woman killed. You need to stop with the conspiracy theories.

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a 1 Isaiah 65:17
b 4 Isaiah 25:8
c 16 That is, about 1,400 miles or about 2,200 kilometers
d 17 That is, about 200 feet or about 65 meters
e 17 Or high
f 20 The precise identification of some of these precious stones is uncertain.

New International Version (NIV)

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Neu/nu/new names mean country neustria
Jews stupidly think it's a Jew name just because somebjews have it, 99% of people with such surnames are not Jews which is no surprise cuz it's a European country

No it's people like you that are the losers, ppl that do fuck all other than troll and post Menes and think you're doing something but you're a pussy to really do anything in real life unlike people like me and tarrant that have both done serious stuff and got in trouble for it

Not so sure. Aryan Brotherhood lets Mexicans and even Jews in. Some of their leaders were kikes. They are degenerates concerned mainly with making money.

Anyway, does Zig Forums have any thread watcher function, and archives?

He is a skinlet.

You need to stop lying on the internet.

Do you feel like you might be next?

I only speak the truth, I have no reason to lie. This tragic event hit close to home for me. I just can’t stand trolls who try to start false flag conspiracies on the internet just because they are afraid someone may require them to register a gun or make it harder for mentally ill people to purchase guns. And no, not afraid that I will be next. I pity the poor soul who tries.

Fuck your government gun regulation bs.

Sounds like you are afraid….

Shocking. Lazy dumbass failed at everything he ever tried (including his intellectually lazy world view) and couldn't even commit a mass murder correctly.

Imagine failing at literally fucking everything you try - even the easy things.

he can go here i bet

The racist prison gangs don't really care about race politics, they're just like other gangs with a special theme. The only thing they care about is money and power.

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journalism was an inside job

Jews literally make up 2% of the world’s population and it seems like a good number of you think they possess some sort of puppet master mystical power. Why the hate in general, but really, why all the Jew hate specifically? We’re all humans here —what’s this really all about?

Nice try, Moishe.

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I hate to say it but I think the Jews won this round.

I mean really, this kid is fucked. If he didn't kill anyone he might have been able to wriggle lose from the law and claim it was temporary insanity and he didn't want to really hurt anyone, etc. But with someone dead he is just straight up screwed. If you are going to kill one person you might as well kill 50 because if the cops catch you, you aren't ever going to get out of jail.

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Jews do run the world, but that's really just because they are better educated and typically have a higher IQ. The antisemites assume that because they are so successful, they must be evil. There's the flaw in their reasoning.