The Democrats can’t let go of their Big Lie about Trump

No doubt you’ve heard a Democrat or two declare that President Trump is a “threat to our democracy.” Joe Biden used his campaign launch to up the ante, saying that the 2020 election is a “battle for the soul” of America and warning that if Trump gets a second term, “he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

Ho hum. The suggestion that the president is the personification of evil and is destroying all that makes America exceptional has become so routine that it’s easy to ignore it. In fact, it’s a ­extraordinary charge, even for our nasty, turbulent times.

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He is indeed a threat to (((their))) democracy (btw, the USA is a republic, not a democracy. Similar, but not the same.

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Democrats: Trump's election was illegitimate because of Russian hackers!
Also Democrats: Why should we do anything to prevent illegal immigrants from voting? There is no evidence of mass voter fraud by non-citizens!

Out of interest, do you think the Dems are ready to get the same kind of treatment when they next get a presidential win?

I cant imagine a male democrat candidate being able to run for office again without a torrent of rape accusations. Which they will take seriously if the woman is a good actor and cries.

Ignorance has taken the lead. greed is now second.

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if anything he's proof that democracy works. You might not like how it has all turned out but if nothing else his election has reinvigorated the American dream

the bitch got info from russian agents to say trump was a russian agent. she either got out played from the start or she was working with the russians from the start. the line that the russians didn't like hillary doesn't hold true after the uranium deal.

It’s not so much that Trump himself is a threat to the institution of democracy. He’s not an evil dictator bent on destroying free will. His appointment as president threatens the nation because he’s a fucking moron. Or a “useful idiot.”

He could listen to his advisors and sit in the chair and sign bills and he’d do a fine job. He’s proven that he has what it takes to be successful in front of the tv camera. But he would rather spend most of his time bragging and talking shit on Twitter and calling people stupid, and saying idiotic shit like you should sweep the forest floor to stop wildfires or that vaccines cause autism… Also, he lets himself get jerked around by foreign leaders, and not the good foreign leaders, the murdery ones like Putin and Bin Salman and Jong-Un.

People generally don’t hate their own four-year-old children, but at the same time most people can understand the danger of going on vacation for a month and leaving a toddler in charge of the household affairs.

And the fire in Notre Dame has given the French an opportunity to modernize its decor, too… but maybe there was a better way to arrive at this juncture.

hey as long as they're paying him directly. trump isn't in it for america, he's in it for trump. whats shocking is there's people who actually believe someone who's been a corrupt piece of shit since the 70's lies. like trying to think mitch mconnell isn't the swamp

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The problem Trump loves the Jews. His daughter is an orthodox Jewess.

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Trump 2020.

Most of our congress and senate are Israeli agents. The ones that aren't are the only ones pushing for American first agendas and you can see how well that's going for them.

Look at it. Everything the Agents do, they do for Israel.
Pelosi knocked off her impeachment song and dance when the Israeli masters reminded her that there's still a bunch of things Trump still has to do for the country.
It's not even a (((coincidence))) anymore. They're just slapping the American people in the face with it and daring us to say something about it. We the American people don't have another country to run away to when shit hits the fan. When the real shit happens, they'll all flee to Israeli, close up their borders and bunker down for a decade.

It could happen. There’s still a lot of dumb fucks out there who don’t know how the electoral system works.

No surprise!

The problem is they're trying to derail it in many states. Don't know if this will be legally challenged though, it could become a big Supreme Court issue in the near future.

Well I’ve no doubt he’s committed tax fraud, and I kinda regret that he even ran for president for that and other reasons. I’d feel a lot better if we had a less scumbaggy president. But I also feel like any of his past crimes are less pressing now that he’s actually in office.

Even if a president commits election fraud, the rest of the government bears some responsibility for not catching it and electing him anyway.

Illegal immigrants live here, and pay taxes through things that they purchase. They have stake in the state of the country and contribute to the economy. Russians do neither.

This is a false equivalence. Not that I'd expect you Trumptards to understand such things.

Bill "Barr's father was born Jewish but later converted to Catholicism, and Barr was raised Catholic. His mother is of Irish ancestry.[2][3]"

So what, they pay sales tax. So do cross country truck drivers; yet they are not entitled to vote in every precinct through which their truck passes, or every county in which they buy fuel. They do not have "a stake" in the state of the country. They are not legally here, they are not paying the same taxes as the citizens. (And by dodging taxes and regulations that hinder working Americans, they can and do undercut wages and steal jobs Americans have/would/are doing.)
Drug dealers also "contribute to the economy" as do liquor store robbers, ponzi scheme charlatans and criminals of every other stripe.

They simply have no right to even be here, much less cast votes in our elections. So KYS.

Whenever a member of a group takes a political action they necessarily authorise all other groups (including their opponents) to take the same action against them. At this point the Democrats have now told the entirety of the planet that they are OK with people lying about their politicians, filing malicious and fraudulent lawsuits, open violence against their members (including some pretty fucked up shit), the unprovoked assassination of their elected politicians, openly advocating for assigning them a second class citizen status, and agitating to deny the rights that Democrats care about.

It's like some kind of sociopolitical Mutually Assured Destruction and it's vital for maintaining civilisation - and in that context the Dems have launched multiple unprovoked first strikes, that have achieved fuck all, and can only be waiting for retaliation at this point (except that they're delusional maniacs and probably think that it's 'OK when we do it!" but that nobody should ever be that evil to them). I'm looking forwards to the next US elections.

Then all we have to do is nuke Israel to get rid of them once and for all. And they might have a couple subs with nukes too, but fuck it, it'll be worth it to wipe them off them from this planet.

Democrats want our souls
fuck you democrats you can't have it

The truth isn't the truth.

I have no doubt that nearly every billionaire and politician in the country has committed tax fraud and probably worse.

LOL!!!! Bro, this made me laugh SO
HARD!!! God Bless you.



me too! There's tons of evidence backed by 19 security agencies for one, and zero evidence of the other, yet trumptards see a false equivalence. it's mind blowing how stupid people can be.

Trump voters believe this whole-heartedly. They believe that Mexicans living in the US illegally risked walked up to voting booths to have their citizenship questioned before casting a vote… millions of them did this. This is the stupidity of the right. Do they not understand how this scenario makes no sense? I know Trump is stupid and most of his die-hard supporters (not all supporters, but the die-hard ones) are amongst the stupidest people who will believe any lie Trump feeds them, but this is beyond moronic. Illegals get nervous around convenience stores with outdoor freezers because they have "ICE" printed on them. Santa Claus is a more believable fantasy than the illegal voting myth (which has been debunked by authorities repeatedly)

But muh drumpf is a russian agent that peed on a bed that obama slept in, who has a bromance with Vladimir Putin, and is a complete racist that has actually dated black chicks in the past, not to mention that he hates all immigrants despite that the First Lady of this United States is in fact an actual LEGAL immigrant……honk honk niggers


Actually melania was illegal, working here illegally, and then got legal when trump married her. If trump followed his own policies, she would have been kicked out of the country and 8ch would be calling her a foreign bitch stealing jobs from americans that needs to be deported.

>implying (((democracy))) is a good thing
dems, not even once

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>this has been debunked by (((authorities)))

Idiot thinks millions of mexicans obtained fake IDs and were willing to have them examined at an election booth, again, risking their stay in america.
Idiot also doesn't believe things when they don't follow his desired narrative, despite extensive proof.
Idiot thinks that actually obtaining citizenship does not make you a citizen.
What other idiotic things does idiot believe? Ask him, he'll tell you!

Yes and they dodge virtually all other proper taxes and leech off of our welfare programs all the while multiplying like rodents

FYI, mexican immigrants contribute billions more to the economy than they take out. By the time their second generation comes along, (the multiplying "rodents") the contribution increases dramatically more than the 11billion estimate. Trump never told you that part, so I understand your confusion.

Russians helped leak hillary’s emails means the votes don’t count :v)

I'm not even touching this. I'll leave you to huffing your own farts

you're not touching it because it completely contradicts the narrative you've been fed by your idiot leader (and swallowed from that liar, hook line and sinker). Unlike most anons, I backed up my words with proof.
Trumptards don't know what to do when faced with actual facts. The just run away from imageboards to go cry in a corner.

boy you should ask trump how much taxes he paid in the past 30 years AHAHAHAHA trumptards complain about paying taxes is making a stake in the country while voting in the most corrupt piece of shit who brags about not paying taxes

They're only mutually exclusive when you want them to be. American exceptionalists have no problems about "bringing democracy" to small countries around the world. America is both a representative DEMOCRACY and a flawed Republic, clinging to a document that its national founders wanted to be in constant flux, but is now a gravestone.

Day of the deport for dems when?

when you stop projecting like an imax

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Mexicans mostly shop for products made in Mexico, thereby helping the Mexican economy while living off American taxpayers, and sending money back to Mexico as well. Obama made it so they get refunds on taxes they didn't even pay in the form of credits for being low income.

They only pay sales tax you fucking mongoloid. Its like robbing a store but putting quarters in the meter for the getaway van

We had hillary get away with all that bullshit when a guy who takes a selfie inside the submarine he's working on gets sent to fucking leavenworth. All intelligence agencies interfere in elections. The "interference" at play here was telling the american people the truth about democrat corruption. Get the fuck over it already.

Speaking of false equivalences, Tax mitigation != Tax evasion. Anybody who is not a drooling retard would do the same. I make basically nothing and I still make sure I keep every possible cent out of kike hands that I can without breaking the law.

The living document meme. I dont think the founders had removing parts of the bill of fucking rights in mind when they thought up the amendment process.

Trump lied about billions of dollars that he had in order to get bank loans (which is fraud, btw) But you think that the ONE thing the most compulsive liar was telling the truth about was his taxes? I'll use your own phrase, but you'd have to be a drooling idiot to believe that. Not only did he use loopholes that shouldn't be there, but I'd bet that he cheated on his taxes too. Is that why he seems to be perpetually under audit, and why he won't release them?

No faith in trumps word, just faith that the obama DOJ would have buried him if they could have. Would you not do the same if you had those resources ? I'm sure he exploited the same loophole bullshit that the whole ruling class uses to get around paying out their shekels, but that does not constitute a crime (I comment your attempt at shifting the fucking goalposts). We have texts from people in the FBI at the time who promised to stop him and they couldnt. He wont release it because it will make him look bad politically. Try using occams razor and your brain please.

they live outside the system, their names aren't in any of the registrars, they have no ssn.

the same ones that parroted weapons of mass destruction during the bush era. They aren't exactly reputable.

DemonRats LOSE

Learn your history. It wasn't the intelligence agencies that said there were weapons of mass destruction. The source for that was one single informant, a friend of bush, and the conclusions and reports about WMDs were made by a SEPARATE group that Bush created specifically for the investigation. In other words, cronies who would write up a fantasy for him so he could justify finishing the war that his daddy started.
You're either russian, or one of those traitorous americans that thinks the thousands of americans who pledge to uphold the constitution in their work are all somehow corrupt. Get double-fisted, asshole.

Let's get this straight. You believe, like Trump, that all 19 intelligence agencies got it wrong, and that Putin just saying he didn't do it is all the proof you need? That's what you're saying, right?

t. putin

Lmao in 10 years democucks will be getting grilled in debates for this shit the same way recucklicans were for birther shit

so obama is putin now?

I just don't understand how anyone could vote for a Democrat after everything we have seen over the past two years

You can't get ANY FUCKING WELFARE without a social security number, among other requirements. What, do you think they just hand out cash in homeless shelters to any fucker who walks up? You're a COMPLETE RETARD.

The ones sucking the welfare tit are the legal residents in shitty Red states that are addicted to heroin and cocaine and as white as that cocaine. Go visit rural Tennessee or South Carolina sometime; there's entire fucking small towns where literally everyone is on welfare and most of them are tweakers and can't hold a job for more than a week, and they don't care to because in those places (unlike, say, in California) a welfare pittance can pay all your living expenses.

I like how in this thread I've made a few replies and I'm just so damn good and BTFO everyone here that they either can't reply to them, or end up leaving some lame reply that doesn't address anything.
lrn2debate you stoopid millenials, or at the very least, stop supporting trump, who at this point, will go down in history as one of the most laughable periods in american history.

Can legal citizens also avoid general taxes and get taxed on what they buy only?

Your elections and election system is a fucking joke. Fuck you and your future

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Ummm, like being the illegitimate prez from Kenya?

Do you launder money for Russian oligarchs? Mueller never touched motive, leaving us to wonder if Trump is not owned by Putin, why does he behave like he is?

The United States is a democratic republic. Stop getting your talking points from Steven Crowder, you jingoistic poseur.

Their are no idiots in politics. Only bureaucrats and leches.

I don't care for Trump, but I hope this backfires. I don't even think Dems believe it. It's just a way to try to energize their base, and create fatigue for anyone else. A non-bloody (so far) war of attrition.

White = Racist~ and don't try to deny

No its a constitutional republic.
Stop getting your facts from children on Zig Forums

The United States is a Constitutional Republic.
Stop getting your facts from children on CNN
>>>Zig Forums

Old ass Democrats seem to be thinking at the same level as my childhood brain did, when I first noticed him on TV and his board games in the 80s. I actually wondered back then if he was a criminal and kind of associated the NYC high roller image with mobsters.

But no one has found shit. Even with massive government powers and media scrutiny aimed at him 24/7. I don't think people appreciate this. It's hard enough to keep the exact speed limit and mind your Ps and Qs when a cop is stalking you around in their car.. but here's a guy who is under surveillance a million times as much. And you people are still carrying on, thinking no better than I did as a kid. Seemingly incapable of adjusting to any new data whatsoever. Still thinking like a fucking child.

Remember: His name was SETH RICH

Zion Don is Israel’s savior remember? Netanyahu and Trump want to preserve democracy and make Israel and maybe America great again.

The Most Evil
The Most Stupid
Believe in fake science
kind of Moronic Party we all know and love.

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Trump is a goddamn kike puppet kill yourself you fucking QTard Boomer faggots

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go get your shinebox

well friend-o might i suggest you get on down to that border and start informing the RETARDS coming over the border that there's nothing here for them. because they all really seem to think there is.
last thing we need is more of them RETARDS, right

All i heard

A Sad Instant message Received for CA and Dad's Girls

Multiple MSM outlets in Multiple Cities received Calls Calls and more Calls from Anonymous Sources disclosing GES, our Holograms, Staged Events etc. Multiple Glitches occurred during MP speech in "VA" as well and I Guess a bunch of audience members saw.

Most of all that F'in Scares me, our Interior Innermost Bunkbed access #s, locations are Known Somehow.

Dan J. Truman Better Do Something F'in Fast bc ITS HAPPENING, and Many More are Picking and Piecing Together.

The Piers Morgan Vault I'view, entire Family/Children Photo was the worst F'in Idea. We Will Never Ever Ever F'in See the Sun again if we [4,10,20] don't mak something f#ckin happen.

Boring Bunkmate Getting back to work now. dc

There you go nigger, four examples of why you are wrong.

Allowing fires to burn at normal low levels cleans the forest floor naturally, and helps certain trees to germinate. If you don't want any fires at all you do need to find a way to keep the brush down. As far as the vaccines go, if it's settled that they cause no harm, why do we have special laws that send vaccines lawsuits to a special secret court that gags all parties but nonetheless pays out huge settlements?