Domino's worker assaults co-worker who revealed spoiler for 'Avengers: Endgame'

Police in Friendswood, Texas, said an employee at a local Domino’s snapped at – and even assaulted – a co-worker who revealed a spoiler for “Avengers: Endgame.”

Authorities in Friendswood posted the news to the town’s Facebook page in a “Police Activity Report” posted on Monday, confirming that police responded to the fast-food outlet on Sunday evening after receiving reports of an assault.

ustin Gregory Surface, 33, of Friendswood, was issued a citation for Assault by Contact after another employee revealed a spoiler about the movie, ‘End Game’ [sic],” the report reads.

A representative for Domino’s was not immediately available to comment on Sunday’s incident, although a local resident who spoke with KTRK called the incident both “hilarious” and “insane.”

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I would have done the same.
11 years it took to tell the story and countless hours across all the movies and tv shows.
To have it spoiled would rightly piss me off.


its just a movie. calm ur tits

avengers is the most dry shit ive ever seen. I stopped watching everything superhero after thor. fuck that whole cash-cow franchise

So how's it end? Do they eat more shwarma while making cutsey faces at each other?

Jesus C. what a bunch of faggots in the Jew S of A.

The big surprise was Spiderman killing Ironman as the only way to bring back half the universe

There is a significant portion of the populace that is prone to obsessive behavior. Used to be these idiots would channel their obsession towards religion and leave the rest of us alone. Since Christianity is now toothless and sterile these fuckwits have to use other groups to obsess over like sportsball teams, movies, or extremist political parties.

Thor dies.


I saw it Monday afternoon in Dolby Cinema


Captain America is a nigger

It is so dry, that a chick set me up to fucc her while watching avengers and I slept thought the whole ordeal. Fucking terrible movie.

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I haven't watched a superhero movie since I was a child, I would honestly feel embarrassed to pay money to watch this shit as an adult. Normal cattle have no sense of shame or self awareness.

100% deserved it.

Who gives a fuck what other people think, if you haven't noticed we're living in clown world.

Does he really die? I haven't seen it myself.

Alright, well you’re a man-child and should be treated as such. Now go to bed

As a personal anecdote, the only people I've actually seen excited about these movies are Gen X and older Millennials. Most people my age (22) that I've talked to either haven't talked about seeing it unless asked, or haven't seen it.

What does this make me?

a faggot

Thanos dies, iron man dies, black widow dies, captain America dies

Mohammed lives captain america dies


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Avengers was good but now its just shit

if a movie took 11 years to tell a story, and it can be spoiled in a short sentence with minimal understanding of the series… then that 11 years was a waste of time and the story is trash.

look at any decently told story. think of any decent book/movie/series. "spoiling" is impossible if there is even some semblance of quality.
for fucks sakes, it doesnt even have to be good. for example dragonball Z is a better story. saying "goku turns super saiyan and kills freeza" wouldnt spoil the freeza saga because there is a minimal amount of depth to the story .

think about it; would learning that froto eventually throws the ring into mordor spoil the plot of the movie? would learning dorothy returns home spoil the wizard of oz? would learning sleeping beauty wakes up spoil the movie?


No he just gets fat. Iron man dies though.

*was never good
Excuse my typo

Newsflash for a bunch of you sour cunts: You're not any better or more interesting for hating something in its moment of popularity. I would've thought you basement dwelling yokels would be happy that comic book characters are mainstream since it could help you find a geeky gf.

t. soy-starved beast


What you have to realize is that all the excitement you feel, looking forward to these movies, is manufactured. It isn't real emotion, like what real humans feel. The hype was deliberately designed in a board room and planted into your heads through marketing. The reason it planted into your head so thoroughly is that there was nothing in your head before. In short, you and your friends get hyped over these stupid movies because you are mindless, impressionable cattle who do not possess the curiosity and intelligence of a human-being, capable of discovering his or her own interests. No, you enjoy whatever you are told to enjoy, no matter how empty and vapid it may be.

Iron Man was the only good marvel film.

Whoever spoils this movie should die… Like iron man did.

I can't wait for you all to see the dream psychic attack pain movie the aliens have forced my brain to be thumped by daily telepathy for 4 and a half years. I wanna know how it ends too!!

Spoiler alert: the aliens get stabbed and shot after arrival!!


This is accurate but you left out the CGI where Stan hatefully fucks Spiderman for 10 minutes.

this website isn't for soyboys

You mean 90 minutes. You just described the plot of every Marvel movie in the last 15 years.

My gf's 8 year old son and 11 year old daughter love capeshit
inb4 dating a single mom
yea I'm retarded. Sorry

How often do you molest the kids?


Its a fucking movie you dips. If someone spoils it, you insult them, punch them in the arm or just write an angry post online like a faggot, you don't go apeshit on them like some cartel gorilla.

Tony Stark gets killed by faggot Spiderman and Captain America goes home. Also Lady Thor incoming.


I know this is an "ironic" shitpost, but normalfags honestly need to learn that they shouldn't act like retarded children and overeat if they want spoiler campaigns to stop existing.

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You are far worse scum than those you attempt to make fun of.

time travel

That wasn't even a smug, GTFO retarded goon.

I hope they make a movie, with this hero played by Clint Eastwood someday.

Well there was those Russians in Antarctica…..

this (and nice dubs)

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