Google automatically delete your location and web history

Google on Wednesday announced that it will soon let users automatically delete old location information and web history it has saved on everyone who uses Google services.

Currently, you need to remember to visit Google and delete this information or turn it off completely. But if you turn off location or web history, that can hurt your experience, as Google might not know enough about you to recommend things you might like.

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nice one

google keeps everything indefinitely no matter what you "delete". just stop using google.

We did it!

Congratulations gentlemen.


…Which still hasn't been working. So safe to assume, not much will change after this new "update".

Idiot. Learn how things work

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Did what? Fuck google. I don't use their shit or give them any info. I already switched away from YouTube and Gmail, it's too late. I don't want to give any money to anti-free speech corporations.

That' pretty naive of you to think that a company wouldn't keep the data even after saying they won't. It's practically google's lifeblood to sell people's private data.

Their systems to delete and even for disabling this shit in the first place is so broken, slow and disjointed.

Android is the best example. They have the most comprehensive and intrusive suite of apps for everything you can think of, but when you try to disable tracking features, it uses a webview. Why? to make it less fluid, more buggy and more annoying to disable tracking features.

Only now after >10 years of recording everything opt-out only do they make a phony "effort" to change.

i bet you also think there is nothing wrong with it because you agreed on page 369 of their "i agree to the terms" checkbox a decade ago.
let me know when you finish "deleting" everything


This garbage article is so damn deceptive, whats with all the big govt-tech firm shilling on this board? How about reporting about the massive Instragram hack that exposed 14 million users' private information and Zuck laughing about it?

I checked that shit, I literally only had like 200mb of shit to download. I don't know how everybody has so much.

most peoples are inflated by youtube uploads and google drive files

but 200mb of text/json/xml is significant for 1 person

Google. The internet king of Phone soliciting.
Need your carpets cleaned?

Only way to actually delete your google data is to bomb or EMP all their data centers. Nothing short of that will do it. NSA probably has backups for them though.

That place probably a decoy the real backup is most likely
deep underground in a mine or something… Would be easier to tunnel in

They probably will delete it from the cloud

Doesn't mean they cant copy it before they do and keep that elsewhere

If it's underground, it can be flooded. Electronics don't like water.

Retarded boomer.


google is allowing people to delete information from the servers BULLSHIT that is utter and complete BULLSHIT they will still have a copy of of all your data that you will never ever be able to delete.



Calling a boomer what they are is somehow a 4chan thing? Enlighten me to the cool Zig Forums way of doing this, unless you're just an illiterate faggot.

More like just choosing how long they show you your history. They are still keeping it in a database somewhere for selling to the highest bidding kikes.

Why is that funny? Also, how does that hurt my google experience? I don't use google at all.

In other news:
Zig Forums still sucks
News at 11

I'll make sure to turn it off this weekend after my planned mass shooting :)

Your money is in the mail, faggot.

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Here's how it works. You have two data caches, one on your personal computer, related to your router's number and the transmitted data that's copied for Google's use.

You can delete your personal cookies, but the data on the other end of the line has no way to be tracked, there are, however, records of data requests from Google that go straight to their servers. The activity of these servers cannot be tracked, since their processes are internal and you'd have to go to the server to figure out what's going on.

Second, you might ask how they'd deal with the sheer amount of data that's being tossed around, which is a good question. The answer is "The Cloud" aka the peer to peer system that provides processing power and storage.

See, the internet is made up of a shit-ton of computers, including yours, and the recent singularity has been internet storage. Google Drive and so on. Google actually stores your data on the internet, completely accessible, and the only thing they actually have to store is the link to the generated site that contains your data. So each person has one link attached to your identity and name that stores all of your data.

Anyone can access this. The only security is that it was unknown. That is no longer the case.

Not only is google storing your data to sell, they're also making every private email, all information related to your bank, all information you put onto your computer, even the keys you're typing right now, in one file, on one individual site, using everyone else's computer to provide the data space and storage, completely and utterly accessible for all to see.

And the only reason I can't fuck you specifically right now, use all your data to deplete your money and send it to myself, to sign you up for whatever I want, to doxx you and send leftist hate groups after you, is because you're posting on this board, obfuscating your actual identity.

Remember your passwords.

you forgot your s
They aren't using everyone else's computers to store the data, they're storing it either on (probably public) AWS buckets or on their own cloud storage system which is horrifying enough without throwing in easily debunkable bullshit about them hijacking your computer to store someone else's files.
okay sweaty