CNN: Beto Beats Trump by 10 Points

Beto O'Rourke emerges as the most electable Democrat in poll that shows he would beat Trump by 10 points – and the only front-runner the president would beat is Elizabeth Warren

In a new poll, former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke emerged as the most likely Democratic candidate to beat President Donald Trump if the two would go head-to-head in 2020 elections
52 per cent of registered voters said they favored O'Rourke and 42 per cent said they would vote for Trump over the former Texas congressman
Of the six front-runners, Trump only came out on top of one in the poll: Senator Elizabeth Warren
Former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Kamala Harris also beat out Trump
33 per cent of registered voters who participated in the poll are Democrats, and only 26 per cent are Republican, the rest say they are either independent or third party voters

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Yeah, and there was a 99% chance that Hillary would win the election. We keep fighting and we keep marching. Ignore the jews, both when they say you have lost, and when they say you have won. Only stop when their bones are in museums with a tag reading "extinct species."

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He could not beat rat face
Trump beat rat face
The decline of the MSM is slow but steady.

Only 10 points? In a CNN poll?
Wasnt hillary supposed to beat him by over 90%?

No, you fucking retard.

Wait till the first debate and Beto will be old news.

Here we go again.

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The same polls that said Hillary would win by a landslide? Yeah, I'll believe this when actual results are in.

Isn't this the Irish-American guy that thinks he's a Latino?

Polls are all skewed and screwed.

They are worse than Nielson ratings.

Trump should just send out anothet mass text for the 2020 census so we can all participate . no one cares about the amish

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He's the guy who couldn't even beat Ted Cruz.

I'm sorry I hate Trump but this is fucking fake, Biden is easily Weinsteined off, I'm fucking shocked he's a frontrunner

means nothing without the independent stats.

This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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Spoiler that you mongoloid not everyone is out here trying to consume jewish filth

Actually this

stop being gay

stopp…just like clinton did.. right?

that shitty moment when you realize you have nobody to vote for on either side of the line and no independent candidate also.

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Lol, you got him bro.

Oh wait-

he can however count cartel cash very well

Wake up