Girl bitten by snake charged $68,000 for lifesaving antivenom which costs just $17,000

A US hospital inflated the price of a lifesaving anti-venom by 400 per cent in medical bills for a nine-year old girl needing urgent treatment after being bitten by a snake.

Oakley Yoder, now 10, was on a hike during a summer camp last July when she was bitten on the toe by what was believed to be a copperhead viper, and airlifted to St Vincent Evansville hospital in Indiana.

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Capitalism Ho!

What's the problem? Make the fucking insurance earn their keep.

Right, because they aren't going to just pass that cost back to their captives.

Only true gommunism can save us!
Can we eat the antivenom before we starve to death?

That's what happens when you let yourself get bitten by a snake or in this case, let your kid get bitten. Carry a snake gun (.410 revolver) and some electronic hearing protection that enhances quiet sounds while reducing dangerously loud sounds and take out any serpent bastard that gets near you.

At least she got the treatment.

natural selection

Not a symptom at all of capitalism you dumb nigger. This is a symptom of government forced monopolies - AKA communism.

You sound like a nigger who relies on government handouts and regular police protection - as you're used to - for life.

Suggesting that the parents should have done more to protect their kid makes me a "nigger on governmental handouts and 24/7 police protection?"

Or are you just telling bad jokes?

You do understand snakes can end up in family yards, right? So you think the parents should scout their entire property 24/7 to prevent a snake from ending up on the property?

Americans pay taxes to fund perpetual wars so they can have cheap petrol for their inefficient and ridiculously overweight cars.
Other countries pay taxes so they don't have to sell their house if their child is bitten by a snake.

What should we charge?
Ah everyones got insurance no jack that shit up.

can one of you nerds please dox the people who run this hopsital and ruin their lives? I think i speak for everyone when I say it would be really neat if you did.

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Snakes run that hospital

What did they expect. Hospitals are a business

I wonder (((who))) would do such a thing.

Suck on my toes, user. You need to practice in case I get bitten by a snake.

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What is stopping a person or small group of people from copying the antivenom made by big pharma, and selling it for a reasonable price?

Google how antivenin is made and you’ll figure it out.

Her name is Oakley Yoder. Oakley Yoder.

If by "other countries" you mean European countries, your tax dollars actually go to importing as many African migrants as possible, putting them on welfare and then teaching them how to impregnate your women.

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You'll need a lot of money. And guns to shoot the (((lawyers))) that sue you for copyright theft.

Have you considered going back to school? primary school that is

Guess her life is worth less than 68k. Interesting how their complaints make this known


where do you live, chicongo?

So why didn't the parents purchase their own vials of anti-venom and inject their own daughter?
Oh what's that, medical expertise?
Sure you can
What's that? That's what doctors are paid for?
Congratulations, you figured it out.

of fucking course

Because snake bites requiring antivenom happen in Western Europe.
The European adder (V. berus) has such weak venom, that the risk of anaphylaxis posed by the antivenom outweighs its administration in all but the most severe cases of envenomation.

What was the snake charged with?

WRONG! Insurance and big pharma both worked together to lobby the government to push those regulations through. That is the textbook definition of late stage capitalism. Using your vast sums of wealth to rig the game in your favor. But go ahead and keep your head in the sand thinking wealthy elites (yes that includes Jews and Whites) aren't actively trying to fuck you over.

The government is not a magical entity that operates by itself free from influence. In the end people's apathy always gives them the government they deserve.

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Imagine being so cucked that some stingy Jew charging you 400% of what something was worth sounded reasonable.

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Its boomers who felt bad for jews and jews who took time to manipulate everyone post ww2.
Rime was not built in a day, the rules to fuck everyone over were also not set in a single year. Both capitalism and socialism are tools of the greedy elite to be used at the expense of everyone else. Capitialism demoralizes, socialism placates and both distract the bottom end.

Meanwhile in Western Europe you have no idea how many Muslim rape gangs exist because your government covers it up.