After vlogger Matt Watson released a video that showed how the comment section of videos with minors in them was being used to exploit children, YouTube was forced to take a stance. In March, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said, “We are no longer going to allow comments on videos that are featuring young minors and older minors that are engaged in risky behavior.”

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How can a comment exploit someone?
And no I'm not reading the article to find out what the answer is, because I already know:
It can't.

Why is YouTube being so incompetent for the last few years now? Can't they even learn how to function a company any more?

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They'll never go after the content creators. It'll lose them buddie business

I'm just going to go start killing people.
I just want to have sex with farm animals but people are letting pedos and their boylove faggots and shit pass anti-bestiality laws against my practices. Oh yeah people think pedos are a problem but people will use the law will do anything for them.
Since when have you people ever persecuted pedophiles when you're all fucking your own kids life up? What they aren't worth anything to you but free cheap labor when your done fucking them, you only fuck them harder right?
If you're all not pedos then you're child rapists, grooming kids to be raped as adults discredited as childish. This is why I want to kill people and I don't see anything wrong with it.

Congratulations on making a post more retarded than most yt comments.

For all peope who watch porn please stop watching porn movies and please repent your sins follow GOD and JESUS CHRIST and read the Bible Kjv

Youtube and Google are kike controlled. Kikes are behind almost all porn and pedo shit. Wouldn't surprise me if they are paying directly to produce it. Which in a way they are through monetization. . Sounds like a good case for a prosecutor or the FBI, but they won't touch it because they are into pedo shit as well. There is only one solution to it really

Agreed! Areas where porn in more freely available have less rape than places where porn is illegal, and GOD and JESUS CHRIST want you to rape! It is a sin not to rape!

Of fucking course, an attention-whore would make a dumb video like that.
Speaking of which, is that Laura on the right?

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Shoot your local pedophiles with an AR to make your neighborhood a safer place.

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Nah it would be far easier to shoot the kids who are making these saucy videos.
They wont shoot back.

Even if you’re not religious, porn is degenerate by nature and is not accidentally aimed at killing your morals.

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Link me to these videos so I can investigate!

You're an aberration in the gene pool. In a just society, you would be executed. No one is under any obligation to let you live, let alone to facilitate your aberrant behavior.

They aren’t functioning as a company they are functioning as a filter. Duh

hey faggots

Bestiality and Pedophilia aren't acceptable. Doesn't matter. The only reason pedophilia is even being pushed is because it's based around a city based, money backed marketing campaign from cities like Hollywood, and most cities in California who have a huge pedophilia and sex slavery ring problem.

The reason bestiality is getting fucked up more then pedophilia isn't because of pedophilia pushers, that's just a natural extension of normal morality.

Pedophila will also get the same treatment since no matter how you try to push it on a nation, it is on the majority constantly and consistantly considered disgusting, which it is, and no amount of brainwashing will change that.

The pedophilia pushing is coming from a rich minority, not a majority. And money can't push either of these, it can only claim a small amount, who either get killed in the process of prostitution, or are rescued and act as advocators against it.

Because pedophilia is ultimately a one way street that fucks over someone else, 100% of the time, and bestiality is a practice where you are consorting with the absolute wrong shit, and is the actual reason why AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are even in existance.

Both practices are disgusting, vile and are actively detrimental to society as a whole.

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I wonder why (((youtube))) would allow (((pedophile communities))) to flourish.

BPD, borderline pedo disorder.
How do you say fart in spanish, PEDO!

8ch's pedophile community is also thriving but nobody seems to give a shit about that.

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The same reason this place does

oh sup didlier sax

red tape is important for a deep state conspiracy sharon

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Why the fuck should kids be allowed to upload such videos? I feel like nobody's addressing this issue and yt needs to be called out. Hell someone should make a fucking documentary about "why are children engaging in risky behavior?" or something like that. Where are the yt wizard anons when you need them!

Let, P = porn
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fap = porn
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work in progress

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Oh gee, user… That couldn't be because this actual kikesse happens to be the CEO, could it?

HP, Yahoo, JewTube… I've yet to find a tech company run by a vegana that isn't a clown show.

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I think we all understand that jewtube not only allows this shit, it ENCOURAGES it.

I've fapped to Laura so many times.

Begone, Arius.

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Based double dubs of truth.

Wait, hol up, so she's sayin that that they're not allowing comments on lewd vids of kids, rather than saying they don't allow lewd vids of kids?

Love this

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If they took the videos down Mr. Shekelberg wouldn't have something to jack off to.

I watched the original vid by this Matt dude. Anyone else get the vibe that this dude's a closet pedo? The way he overreacts is so extreme, it's like he's hiding something.. there's somethin he doesn't want people to piece together.

You fucking "8ch has pedo posts" fags have fucking had it. The main difference is that 8ch at least makes an attempt to remove pedo stuff…even moreso than google/youtube. And I wonder who has more funds to throw at the problem hmmmm?

loooool you just single handedly ripped youtube a new asshole. gg

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20 |

Alternatives to Google (for news)

Alternatives for Twitter

Alternatives for Youtube (aka (gun tutorials)

Alternatives to Facebook

They’re not lewd vids. They are talking about how pedos find nip slips and shit like that in family videos and then comment with timestamps, or all the gross shit they’d like to do if they were left alone with peoples kids. Usually it’s the kids themselves posting the videos which is even worse because they start getting messages from all the perverts on the whole internet. That’s the main reason for the “no comments” thing as opposed to taking the videos down. Without the pedos there’s no problem.

It’s also not really a “sinister pedo community,” but a passive participation scheme.. kinda like leaving chalk marks on houses with unprotected WiFi. So it’s difficult to identify which users are jacking it to your kids.

YT has always tracked which parts of your videos are most played, tho, so if you look at your analytics and people have watched the same 3 seconds of a 20-minute video of your daughter on the beach over a million times, it might be prudent to look at that clip yourself and see why.

The entire community shouldn't suffer for the (alleged) actions of a few. By all means have guidelines but one can't legislate against every possible eventuality based on someone else's sexual fetish. Nip-slips, up-skirts and the like are not sexual in themselves and don't need to be censored. It's shit like this that sexualizes children early and creates havoc with the internet. Stop meddling.

Children imitate what they see.
And what they're bombarded with becomes normal to them.
What have they seen?
For the last 20 years is that by being a whore , sexualizing yourself and lying about your age, you too can become rich and famous.
Get knocked up by the right guy? Instant stardom. Dancing sexy on youtube and someone famous likes you enough to fuck you? You're a star now kiddo.

tl;dr :You don't need pedos to groom children, leave them alone long enough and they'll groom themselves due to the society we live in.

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kys christfag

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Being sexually into children is natural why are you moralfags this much of a crybaby

It’s not really that they’re into kids that bothers me. Perverts quietly enjoying someone else’s videos in an inappropriate way is beyond my control, and it’s better than molesting someone else’s kids… but when they put gross/disturbing comments on the video it crosses the line.

I’d propose that anything you’d say about my children that would elicit an immediate punch to the face should also not be expressed as a comment to a video. It’s common sense shit really.

And yeah I could avoid social media entirely, and I do that now, but this also makes me the one weirdo everyone knows who’s “paranoid about Facebook” or “thinks people are spying on him.” A lot of stuff happens in my extended family and social circle that I never hear about, because nobody writes or uses the phone anymore.

Johnny nigturd went to prison because he sent this photo to a 12yo boy.

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Your heart has hardened enough that you are already dead inside. The 10 year old version of you knew god was real you just forgot.

The only sinister thing going on here is the systematic suppression of inconvenient speach by state and corporate entities.

At ten years old I knew god and Santa Claus were stories people told each other to make themselves feel better.