Father killed Infant Son After Losing Video Game

A Kentucky father frustrated over losing a video game was charged with murder after punching his infant son, investigators said.

Anthony Trice, 26, was watching the child alone on Friday at a home in Louisville when he began losing a video game and threw the controller, according to an arrest citation. He then struck his 1-month-old son in the head with his fist, causing serious physical injury, police said.


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Let's see that little shit try to beat his dad at a video game again with a lifelong brain injury.

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Well the brain injury did last the rest of his life after all.

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Well what was the game? Can't judge unless I know.

Imagine trolling someone into ragequitting a game so hard they kill their kid
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This. Perhaps Superman64?

Coulda been single player.

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it being intentional, not accidental.

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what fucking game? are there court filing that ref the game?
if it was multi, can we get the logs, whose spicy bantz drove this man to ragepunch a babby?

Peggle 2

Further proof that video games are degenerate.

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