Marijuana for depression and insomnia?

More than half of Ohio’s population could become eligible for a medical marijuana card in June if the state approves five more ailments as qualifying conditions.

Among the proposed additions: depression and insomnia, which affect hundreds of thousands in the state.

An advisory committee for the state's medical board began studying whether medical marijuana could help the ailments in January. The three other conditions being considered are anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and opioid use disorder, a formal term used for opioid addiction.

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please approve this, gubbamints. it will legitimately help people

The Unconstitutional Federal (((Communist))) State that dictates the United States from D.C. does not want to reclassify Marijuana because it would destroy the Industrial Pharma Complex that is exploiting the American people.

The Federal Government is going to use force to insure that we are dependent on industrial chemicals.

These big pharma patented chemicals kill an estimated 106,000 American "patients" annually.

The United States is 5% of the Global population, and we consume 75% of the globes pharmaceuticals.

Tylinol accounts for more than 56,000 emergency room visits, 2,600 hospitalizations, and an estimated 458 deaths due to acute liver failure each year.

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It's very good for insomnia but it exacerbates depression.

didn't do shit for my insomnia. All I got was a trippy hallucinogenic buzz that kept me wide awake and my heart rate increased.

Are pharmaceutical antidepressants any better?

Do pharmaceutical antidepressants kill people routinely?

You smoked the wrong strain dumb ass…

Nothing about marijuana today is natural.
Nothing you're told about marijuana today is true.
Marijuana is incredibly unhealthy.

That's not what the science shows. THC isn't good for depression, but CBT is. It's all about the strain

So if nothing I'm told is true about weed, your statement is a moot point

Just legalize it all completely for everyone already. marijuana for everyone would be great. Just making SMOKING it illegal. that will cut back on the degenerate trash, while still allowing everyone to use it responsibly by making cookies with it or eating the thc rich oil, or adding it to smoothies or salads or making tea out of it, or body oils and body lotions. The uses are endless and it's extremely good for people and the economy. JUST LEGALIZE EVERYWHERE.

As a former pothead I can say, with full confidence, that this would be a mistake.
I lost sleep every time I smoked pot and tried to sleep.
As for depression, it may make you euphoric while you are high but it doesn't cure the depression. The depression is still there, just masked because of the temporary euphoria. Like an alcoholic using alcohol to "cure" his depression, the "cure" is temporary in only makes you dependent on it. Soon whenever you feel a bout of depression coming on, you'll be jonesing for marijuana. And when you don't have marijuana the depression will get much much worse.

CBT and not CBD, right? can you tell us more user?

People who take medical marijuana are still on a federal government list for essentially breaking the law as marijuana is still a federal offense (even if it is a statewide legal offense).
This means those who take even medical marijuana can no longer apply for federal positions, can no longer buy a firearm, and have their name on a national list that can be used at any time to procure a warrant.

Weed is the most overrated substance in the world, both on the good side and the bad.

Comparing weed to coke is like comparing 8 years old to 80 years old. Long story short, if your father was like Homer Simpson but worse then the reason is coke. If your dad was a weed head but nothing else then he's more like the guy in Office Space after he gets hypnotized to stop caring.

Hahaha fucking no. You're going to lay down in the middle of the day and have a nap, not even caring enough to watch japanimation or play internet fights. The running joke that weed would cause world peace happens because a world drugged globally on weed wouldn't even have functioning governments let alone armies. And that's exactly why the whole world DOESN'T get blasted on weed all at once, because the first person to sober up would be an emperor.

I always hear people talking big shit about marijuana damage. I always see cases where the person in question was never anything worth mentioning in the first place. Weed isn't the reason why 20 year olds can't pass a middle school math exam, unless both of the kid's parents had neverending congers for the past entire 20 years. More likely the dad is an alcoholic, or he wouldn't have been letting his growing kids smoke weed while living under his roof anyway.

see above

*chongers, meaning blunts the size of paper towel rolls

Cannabis is linked to dui and heart attacks.

If you have not tried weed you really should before you die.

100% of DUI is caused by giving licenses to people who don't deserve them.

Fuck libertarianism, require qualifications for everything that routinely causes mass public harm. If there were half as many people given the privilege of driving on public roads then there would be 10% as many road wrecks.

The only thing people are missing out on is the initial rush when they try medibles for the first few times. I would try people to try ___ instead because it causes less direct physical harm, but I *don't* because people who don't have any skills or connections will just get it from mobsters/cultists and then their life will go to shit for reasons other than intoxication.

… and I truly do believe that WE ALL KNOW where the heart attacks in the developed west are coming from. Well we SHOULD all know.

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Second the other guy. Try reading up on leafly. There are hundreds of psychoactive chemicals in weed and each strain has a unique balance of them. Some are very up and lively and some are great for going to sleep.

In the long term I found that weed doesn’t go well with anxiety or insomnia. Smoke it for days on end and you start needing it to feel normal. It’s best when you have some in the house, know when to use it, and especially when to take a break.

It also helps not one bit for chronic pain. I’ve tried a shitload of varieties and all of them are less effective and have more side effects than Vicodin. It just makes it more enjoyable to be in pain.

go overdose and get run over by a truck you drug addicted burgerkikes.

You should google some things my friend.

Look around. In this age of tyranny and Zionist state oppression the laws against pot are falling all around you. You have more important things to worry about.

that may be true but still i need to remind you all that drugs, no matter the kind are degenerate.

weed is for niggers

Why do white growers from predominantly white regions consistently produce the most and highest quality pot then?

The word “drugs” has a definition that changes on a daily basis though. Are you telling me that whatever the government calls “drugs” is bad for me and I should avoid it? Or schools? Or the church? Or you?

Is it okay if I just educate myself and listen to all the opinions out there, and review the evidence available to me before making a conclusion?


I think allowing Marijuana is more of a way for Governments to quell populations into submission. The more dumb the population is the easier it is to control and manipulate. Also marijuana hinders ones motivation, making people even more depended on the government to solve their problems. Its a smart play by democrats and liberals.

White farmers are better at agriculture overall, in terms of yield and quality they just utilize better techniques; potatoes, corn, tomatoes…

Ill tell you more. I got some CBD bud recently and it really clears my head and makes my body relaxed/helps me sleep. I would only have small doses of hash in recent years as the THC can be maddening. Im not sure what medicinal uses THC can have tbh, feels like CBD is the medicine plant and THC is the "fun" part.

speaking only on personal experience, smoking a lil bit of weed on a regular basis stops my depressive cyclical thoughts about killing myself.
but sad part is that i am too poor to buy weed on a regular basis.

Oops, no, that was a typo. The two main active ingredients in pot are THC and CBD. After several years of experience with THC pills being less effective than weed it started dawning on people that they were using the wrong active ingredient.

Newer research suggest that most of the therapeutic value for pain reduction, depression, and anxiety comes from the CBD and/or balanced CBD/THC blends. The "good stuff" that gets you blasted (high THC, low CBD) is ineffective or counter productive therapeutically.

At least that is the initial research. It will be years before we have a really solid understanding but where medical weed is sold that is the basis most doctor's are prescribing under.

So since it does the same thing you want to ban alcohol right?

Lifelong stoner here: Weed amplifies emotions. You can't use it to change emotions. It will amplify your depression.

Weed is good everyone should try it.

For a lifelong stoner you obviously don't know much about weed strains. You just buy whatever random shit "your guy" has right?

Dogs aren't natural either but god damn it we made them work

Yeah, it's more potent. Just like how all of our vegetables are like 5x the size of what they should be. We grew them bigger through splicing and cross breeding them with different plants. Banana's used to be filled with seeds.

I've been depressed to the point of considering suicide daily. I started smoking weed. Every time I thought about shooting myself I'd smoke a bowl instead. My bad mood lifted pretty fucking quick and I'd instantly become productive. I have weed to thank for becoming a grandmaster in sc2 and losing 150 lbs.

Thats the plan nigger

it should be considered

Go ahead, try and point at some scientific studies that back up that silly claim you have made

lol well if you are against alcohol you are at least consistent. Your nonsense was tried in the US a century ago, it didn't work or make sense then either.

You have a point people will still get their fix regardless of legality, but, If you look at how many lives alcohol has ruined, including property damage, and bodily harm it makes perfect sense.

No, it does not make sense. Do you plan to ban salt, sugar, and fat as well? How about force exercise at the point of a gun? All these things would save lives.

take notes people, this is a standard response to weed