US refuses to sign declaration protecting the Arctic

The US refused to sign an agreement on challenges facing the Arctic due to its wording regarding climate change. The refusal puts global cooperation in an effort to stop drastic effects of climate change in jeopardy.

Eight nations that border the Arctic, known as the Arctic Council, met in Rovaniemi in Finland on Tuesday in hopes of framing a two-year agenda to balance prevention of further damage by climate change with the sustainable development of mineral wealth.

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As it should be

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Those that were making a fortune selling climate change must be really devastated the USA is no longer throwing billions at them anymore. Time to find a new scam.

You'd have to ve retarded at this point not to see that climate change is indeed real
However, its also clear all of these climate change agreements are also massive scams meant to line peoples pockets
Their roadmaps seldom even make sense or look remotely realistic too. It's all one big waste of money either way

When did the US ever sign any international agreement that wasn't to its direct benefit.
The usual process is:
1. US refuses
2. threatens anywhere else that refuses or goes against it slightly with (((sanctions))) or nuclear war
How about making an international agreement that the US will be nuked from orbit immediately.

That would be harmful to the environment.

There's always some kind of catch with these deals. Usually it's some kind of tax on regular people that ends up directly in the hands of billionaire corporations who "promise" to work on climate change in exchange for your money, aka government subsidies and grants. More robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

There is no such thing as global cooperation, just global politicking.


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Climate change will help Russia and China.

The USA never so much as threw millions at the issue, to say nothing of billions, to say nothing of the TRILLIONS they throw at the military-industrial complex.

His companies are private, so not funded by taxes. Now if you had said NASA, you might have had a point.


I'd rather that people study the activities of the sun than to accuse Americans of creating climate change for producing exhale. The sun is most likely in a phase of higher activity which will lead to a phase of lower activity which will then bring a long overdue ice age.

Climate change has become a buzzterm to scare people into throwing money at profiteers who use fearmongering to become wealthier.

Focus more on fighting against Asian pollution against the Pacific Ocean instead.

There have been treaties signed for a long time that nations agree not to exploit the resources in the Arctic and only settlement for the sake of research or scientific purposes is allowed. The reason that the US gov refused to sign is apparently because the phrasing of the treaty wasn't agreeable.

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Currently the US has one of the lowest carbon footprint per capita out of all industrialized nations. If you want to reduce emissions, talk to China and India.

Research money alone is in the billions before even considering grants for "private" tech firms working on "solutions"

As far as musk and Tesla go the second they accepted subsidies and federal loans they do not get to claim to be a "private" company.

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Don't worry, the socialists/collectivists, the jihadists and illegal immigrants are winning the war of ideas in America. It won't be long until we're 3rd world status, and no one will complain about the US ever again. How often do you complain about the "Democratic Republic of the Congo"? You wouldn't because it's an infested place of living hell where only the people living there are suffering.

Someone needs to gas these retards obsessed with destroying nature before they gas us all in the name of (((capitalism)))

It redistributes wealth to the developing world by only inhibiting carbon use by 1st world countries. The UN has admitted that this is part of the goal. Multinational corporations profit regardless of course.

Fuck per capita. They both have a billion more people and keep growing like mad. Even if each poo and chinaman produced a quarter of the carbon of an amerimutt, they still have us beat from their sheer numbers They also are never held to the same standards that these (((agreements))) would impose on us.