Canberra set to recognise animals as 'sentient beings'

Pet owners who keep their dogs locked up and do not allow them to exercise for longer than one day could face a fine of up to $4,000 under sweeping changes that enshrine animal feelings into ACT law.

Under the bill, confinement is judged on the dog's size, age and physical condition.

And anyone found confining a dog for longer than 24 hours would have to provide two hours of exercise or pay the fine.

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I can abuse my animals if I fucking want to. Keep the government out of my life. If I like hurting animals, who cares? Im not killing your pets, im not doing anything to you.

Post your address, then we'll talk.

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Oh shit, we've got an internet tough guy over here!

Humans are the alpha species, animals are our slaves, pets trophies, food and sex toys if one so chooses, those cuck politicians being in such laws are species traitors.

Go live in a zoo with the animals if that's the species you represent.

Species traitor

About time. I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing people get pets despite the fact that they clearly lack the brains to take care of them properly.

This I can get behind

All the doggos are too good for this world, and it's even a worse situation for them and similar domestic animals.

Just get rid of pets already, the meme is nearly dead.

Neck yourself, you fucking degenerate.

I'm sorry even pets can't love you

This is the shit Australians' tax dollars are wasted on?

Get on my level, scrub. I burn down trees, kill every animal I see whether or not it's mine and murder humans in cold blood. I even kill microorganisms wherever I go. All living things can go fuck themselves. Natural selection, baby.

Shit dude, we've got an internet tough guy here.

I hope they will vote. I am with the Kangaroo party. Roo reproductive health is my keen interest in life. I can't stop thinking about those tiny little roobays in their mommies little warm pocket.

Lol, who cares? Animals are always disposable

lol why should I care, I earn so fucking little I don't have to pay taxes

Reported to the FBI.

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Did you really expect the slippery slope to stop? ever since the protection laws that protect niggers, faggots and spics came into effect the eventuality that it will extend to other animals was set on stone.

Well, yes, they are sentient, but they are using it to mean sapient, and that's a different term entirely.


Yeah you are. You’re being a shitty human being and dragging the rest of us down with your depraved indifference.

You probably do a couple of other shitty things that do directly harm people, too.

Degenerate scum animals are not your sex toys you should be tortured to death

What about the people who cut animals genitals off, and won't let people have sex with animals?

This is why people should not speak for animals while giving animals "sentient being" status. Now people will try to justify slavery and cutting other people's genitals off all because they let people do it to animals who have people status.
These freaks are just using this to exert more power over people.

Animals are sex partners, because adults don't want to play with toys or vegetables.

As appealing as it is to just simply exterminate people who do sick fucked up shit, we’ve tried to go that route in the past and it hasn’t worked out so well.

I think it’s great that people who do sick fucked up shit to animals will face some minor consequences. Maybe it’ll encourage them to rethink their approach.


Civilians having military grade hardware?Must be a trumpcuck. Try bringing something like that into my city and you'll get your redneck ass sent to prison.
You won't be so tough when you are getting fucked in the ass by tyrone with his impressive cock.I'd pay good money to see that.

Meanwhile the holy police force made up of greater beings are busy shooting your dog over a plant.

For fucks sake, the guy’s not carrying an AR around at all times while beating his dog. It’s upstairs in his closet cuz he’s too broke to afford a gun safe… and he isn’t trained to use it in defense anyway. And you're never going to get your fat ass up and go do anything about animal abuse, not in his town, your town, or anywhere you can’t reach with a mouse pointer.

Quit posturing, both of you, and go out and get some fucking fresh air.

If people can persistently cut animals genitals off and pretend it's always a good thing while also pretending animals are people, then it shouldn't be difficult to exterminate people. It is a fact if they euthanize and neuter animals they would also do it to people. This is just a matter of who gets there first, the freedom or the neuter Nazis.

Basically they want us all to be smoothies, with no genitals like that child's doll that wets itself and only has a little hole and no genitals that liquid comes out of.
They won't let me have sex with farm animals because that goes against their belief that animals and people should look and act more like dollhouse toys.

You mean spaying and neutering? I mean, it was once considered acceptable to do it to little Italian boys, and it does arguably make pets and livestock live longer and healthier lives. I think the issue here is outright abuse though. Mistreating an animal and causing it pain for no good reason.

Fucking fag, I throw out meat laced with rat poison to kill strays and other barking annoying shits. Dogs are such a pain in the ass.

Neutering and spaying does cause psychological pain. Sex is one less thing for animals to think about and that's what causes obsessions.

You know that rat poison takes repeated doses over a long period of time to kill an animal, right?

Are they going to create another alphabet agency (((PPC))) that can come break into your house with a shotgun and take your dog?

What about angry neighbors making false claims about your pet ownership behavior?

What about lazy dogs? Are they going to make an exception for lazy retarded dogs? Some dogs just sit around all day no matter how you raise them…

We have severe human rights issues all over the planet, and these psychotic animal right activists want us to waists attention and resources on retarded dogs…

Those fucking psychos literally value animal life more than human life…

snake bait

Sounds like a life I want. How do i sign up?

At least use them for food you fucking wasteful cocksucking faggot

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Imagine being this shit of a baiter.
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