Pamela Turner, proclaimed pregnancy before being shot by officer wasn't with child

A Texas woman who screamed “I’m pregnant” before she was fatally shot by an officer Monday night – amid a struggle over his stun gun – was not actually pregnant, the Baytown Police Department said Tuesday.

Baytown Lt. Steve Dorris told Fox News the department has confirmed the 44-year-old woman was not pregnant, based on autopsy findings, but those findings haven't been officially released yet.

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It would have made me happier if she were pregnant. But good riddance, nonetheless.

could have gotten a twofer

Video of the shooting

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It really doesn’t matter if she was pregnant if she had reason to believe she was pregnant.

It means she was lying. What reason did she have to believe she was pregnant if she wasn't? The fact she had a gunt bigger than one of her numerous basketballs? Being a fatty doesn't mean you are pregnant.


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To be fair this is probably one of the rare times she wasn't pregnant with someone who's name she doesn't know's kid.

The coroner can’t cut up a dead person and see if they were lying.

Ok but why did the cop shoot her? Is this yet another case of a pussy cop with an itchy trigger finger?

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Didn't listen to orders, attempted to struggle with police officer. Every time. They don't listen to orders because they're retarded.

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Her being pregnant would have given the officer further justification, not less.

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I'm pretty sure they're simply not very smart

Shes barren m8.
Shes 44 thats twice the maximum age a woman should be having kids.

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Who cares she's just a yank.

She tried to steal a stungun.

She lied and said she was pregnant so the officer would hesitate. He did and she took advantage of this to get his stun gun. When she tried to use it on him, he put her down.

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Either that, or she genuinely thought she was pregnant and lost her composure and did something irrational. Whatever the case it’s impossible to know her side of it because she’s now dead.

No one knows if it was a lie, and we never will unless some actual evidence of deception emerges.

She can't fuck and breed anymore. Even at 44 somebody could have knocked her up.

Anybody got some original video (links or WebM uploads) of this lulzy funfest?