Facial recognition technology: should we be worried?

San Francisco has become the first US city to ban law enforcement bodies from using facial recognition technology (FRT) in any way.

With police forces across the UK rolling out FRT trials - with the prospect of making it permanent - should we be worried about the technology's potential effect on our freedom?


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An outright ban on FRT is moronic.


Time to start making wearing masks in public fashionable



This. Reactionary bullshit by people who don't understand it in the first place. There are a lot of conveniences to having a 1 to 1 system as a way of verification.

Why don't we just use finger prints?
Why do we have to be tracked with cameras everywhere we go?

There is literally no reason to implement such a thing in a free society when other perfectly viable methods of identification exists.

Fuck off nanny state /leftycuck/.
We all know you love big government protecting you, but it won't happen.

I am crawling Facebook for faces with httrack now. I want to sell this shit to sombody for $$$.

Nigger with an active warrant.

Printing out the mugshots of these folks, would make the po-po zip around where FRT is used. It would be fun to flash mob the first active system with this.


Well "big government" just said facial recognition is bad so I'm not sure what you're even trying to get from this

That's not 1 to 1 identification. See people like you have no idea what they're even talking about

A telephone pole with a suspects face stapled to it will not trigger most frt software to identify a person. It’ll identify a photo of a person. Plus I don’t expect it just blindly identifies a hit and dispatches the swat team. I think a detective will see a raw photo first and be like oh that’s funny.

You can cover your mouth. It doesn’t really affect it. Unless you cover your entire face or wear Groucho glasses everywhere it won’t do much good.

Yes you should, a britbong got done for hiding his face from one.
It's worse than you think, it's for total control through groupthink.

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trump will save us

Actually subtle things could help. Like just gaining more weight around your face to send out the measurements.

obviously we will have to accelerate the acceleration. no time to waste, burn silicon valley. then we will see if the hebrews can make bricks without straw- metaphorically speaking. burn it all . as the climax of a massive week long jew naming extravaganda.

If that's your hope, I fear your future is looking bleak.

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