LGBT rights in Europe

Several countries in Europe are for the first time "moving backwards" on their policies over equality and laws in the LGBT community, a new report has found.

The report, conducted by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) in Europe, found that regression was specifically seen in countries revoking existing laws and policies.

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Do not get sidelined by talk of tradition. What these people are saying is that they want the right to discriminate against a group of people on the ground of their sexual attraction. This is something that gay people were born with. These people want their hatred to be supported by the law.

Love is a terrible thing to hate…

Why should normal, healthy humans support mental illness?
Why should normal, healthy humans support groups of genetic fialures that chose to spread AIDS other STDs and live degenerate lives that irreparably damage innocent children?

Once upon a time homosexuality was considered a mental illness and up until the gay mafia managed to use their influence to get the government to ban psychologists from classifying it as such.

The fire rises

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LGBT doesn't need rights because they'll turn out to be like the property owners. As soon as you give them more protection than they need, they'll put a fence around it and offer everyone's freedom for sale.
This isn't LGBT rights this is just asking for a right to fag prostitution.

Stop raping kids then and we might castrate you instead of burning you alive when the day finally comes.

t. Bug chaser

I notice you focus on fags but not about the other parts of LGBT.

Lesbians: Dont exist
Gays: have too much privilege now
Bi: Women trying to tittilate men
T: Personality disorder

Why do parents have to sacrifice their lives slaving away for ungrateful children just to be mocked and ridiculed by the left, but the FAGGOTS get to spend their lives on selfishness and lust so that they can be praised like some kind of heroes.

Meanwhile the left is on a baby slaughtering crusade, claiming overpopulation to be an issue; while they want unlimmited immigration from nations that are certain to exponentially fill the population void that will be left behind.

If overpopulation is an issue, you can't possibly be supportive of mass immigration of cultures that have 4-5 children on average…

If overpopulation is not an issue, then you can't possible justify hating selfless parents.

It’s catholics that rape kids not lgbts

Lesbians don’t exist? You are one stupid retard.

“Gay mafia” lmao

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Gays are normal healthy humans. Retards like you are genetic failures.

Won't help them one bit unless they speak up against the elephant in the room…jews ethnically cleansing European cultures, nationalities and races to make slaves out of the human species. But since logic is off the table we might as well congratulated them to outlaw driving children into depression and suicide or let the sodomites fuck each other to death on tax payers dime. Instead of moving backwards, how about questioning what forced you forward?

Totally. Hammering your penis into another mans asshole, while defiling the natural act of procreation with sterile lust is such normal behavior. Dying from it, becoming drug addicts, whoring themselves out to hundreds of partners, sexually abusing children as a hobby while mentally corrupting them to become part of the suicidal gay lifestyle, all kinds of depraved sexual deviancy just for the hell of hit and let's not forget the art of being a fucking faggot. This sounds all so normal, especially since it all was forced upon them by the jews who for thousands of years forced sodomy on the gentiles. Always leaving death and destruction behind.

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You are right. Time to collect some gastro-intestinal parasites by rimming some hairy assholes, I guess :^)

same thing for pedophilia lol

Being gay is a choice

there are more incidents of gays molesting and grooming children than catholics raping. The big main difference is gays target the most vulnerable, after grooming the children then they feel like they have a friend and fall in love with the molester. But after the child realize that everything was for using the child for sexual gratification it can lead to depression even suicide just like my half-brother after he got groomed.


Are you fucking dense? Even if that was true, and it's not, being gay is not a worldwide institution, an incredibly wealthy and powerful institution. This was a known secret in the Vatican for decades and they covered it up. So if you're really concerned with protecting kids, sure, go off on gay people. But maybe you should consider literal worldwide conspiracy to molest kids and hide the culprits as more dangerous.

You have some kinky fantasies and ancient Greeks and Romans were gay it has nothing to do with your retarded anti Semitic conspiracies


You could do that with women or have a non sexual relationship with another man. This gay = whatever degenerate fantasies you losers want to project thing is retarded

yeah like stopping the lgbt community.

Those are jews (((/leftycuck/)))

Is this board literally reddit?

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Marriage is gay. 

Whatever. Who am I to judge? Go and have your fun.

Finally some good news.

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user really? That was mockingly satirical.

At the cost of everyone else?
At the cost of innocent children's lives?

Precisely how are you going to magically acquire a gastrointestinal infection doing normal things with another man?
And no. I won't get that with a woman. I'm not a kike or a nigger. I don't' have a shit fetish.

Do not get sidelined by talk of equality. What these people are saying is that they want the right to discriminate against a group of people on the ground of they're the same sex as them. This is something that gay rape victims have to suffer. These people want their hatred to be supported by the law.

Stop this retardation you fuckwit, what they did was basically at most was akin to Billy Herrington, you never saw same sex couples just sex flings

So I don't exist then

You act as if we support the Christkikes also
Go fuck yourself kid diddler

Why do regular people not get born with it ?

jews are not semites user.

The largest amount of hate to exist in the western world, exists solely within your deluded little mind. Imagine looking at some of the most healthiest traditions from our time on this earth and mistaking it for anything hateful. Something of a measure for identifying the mentally ill, eh?
>>>Zig Forums
Better yet, for all our sakes, seclude yourself to the wilderness and let nature correct your faulty perceptions of the world.

I see someone finally understands. To begin with, homosexuality makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective. But women in particular will say or do anything to gain attention. I knew a literal nigger who engaged in pick up artist degeneracy, and many sources backed up that the ape was fucking "lesbians" on the regular.

Gee. Wonder what gave it away? Maybe all the rubber dicks?

citation needed faggot.

If we go back to throwing all fags in the bog muh vatican wont be a problem any more

So sex with infertile women is bad as well?

Agreed about the dissonance. Overpopulation's a problem but thinking that low birthrates can be solved with importing savages from African shitholes are fucking dumb.

You'll need a big bog thou

We are going to need to terrafrom our own planet eventually. Bogs serve double duty as a carbon sink as well as a fag disposal. Might as well make some artifical bogs. Lets start by leveling San francisco as a test run. Two birds one stone and all that

Jesus loves you.

Repent. Please.

please douse yourself in gasoline and strike a match

Are you fucked

That is the highest form of protest. If you are really serious, and not getting the attention you deserve. This is the way to live forever in the consciousness of everyone that sees the act.

Great news. Some push back against the kikes is always great news.

You're losing the culture war reddit.
You got an inch in 1919 and you've taken fucking light years. The pendulum is swinging back and it's goning to swing back much farther than you can possible conceive.

Because the gay is natural population control, you stupid closet faggot.

"LGBT Rights" is basically Government-Promoted Homosexuality and Mandatory Special Treatment for faggots.
With "LGBT Rights" in place, they will never ever be "Equal."
They will be "Equal" only when they start acting as "Equals."

Bring back the bog treatment.

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Here's how it works:
1. feminists, and LGBT leftists vote for immigration (because having borders an sheeiiit be racist)
2. Muslims rapefugess come in large numbers
2b. lots of women and fags get raped and/or killed
3. Muslims vote against feminist and LGBT rights because that's haram
Conclusion: leftists are useful idiots, whose purpose was only to destroy white civilization.

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