White House Asking Americans Censored on Social Media to Share Their Stories

The White House launched a new system Wednesday to collect stories about free speech censorship on social media.
“SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH,” the website reads. “Yet too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies.”


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I did it

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Dumb idea. Does he expect that Stormfront should carry equal space for BLM articles?

So I got this right… our president, who was sanctioned by twitter for blocking American citizens from speaking their opinions on his feed, is now behind a crusade to give victims of internet censorship a voice?

Have you not seen trumps video of him speaking about it?

No, but you are certainly still butthurt.

I have not, but I bet it’s the most outstanding, most watched, and highest energy YouTube video ever made.

Me? No. I don’t use Twitter.

I just think it’s hilarious when celebrities and politicians get butthurt and have to block nobodies from their social media feeds so they don’t get their feelings hurt.

Theres a difference between blocking someone from messaging you and blocking someone from messaging anyone you fucking mong

I was banned for speaking out against prostitution and how people won't let me have sex with farm animals for free.
I was basically violated for speaking in favor of freedom, because all these people think I should pay them to spend my time with their animals when nobody else wants to even do that for free.

I was discriminated against for speaking out against bestiality pornography and how it interferes with my rights to free practice of my beliefs in sex with farm animals, because nobody will let me do it for free when they're all trying to whore themselves out to porn producers for money.
Basically my rights are being violated because all these people want to be undeservingly paid, when I should be the one getting paid but I willingly refused because i would rather just want to enjoy my rights to have sex with animals.
My freedom if speech is being censored because I'm not making guilty people look innocent.

If someone wants to block another individual account because they dont want to hear from them thats fine. If you couldnt do that, we would have spam 24/7.
The problem is twitter is blocking communication between people who do want to talk and hear from each other.
Simply because the account holders dont share the same political ideology as the guys who run twitter. That is wrong.

This guy gets it

What about my freedom? The first amendment covers more than just the freedom of speech. It isn't freedom if all they let people do is talk, because what's the point of talking if we can't do anything to talk about?
I want to have sex with farm animals because that is my right to free practice and then maybe I'll have something good to say about these people who are turning out to be more like worthless trash. These people are trash and they talk to much and thats what makes them worth less the freedom they preach.

Your point is moot because you cant have sex with farm animals over twitter.
I wouldnt be too surprised if they added that feature in future though.

Your twitter feed is a public form you supermong.

President Trump barring a user from replying to his feed removes him from the conversation.

And if you didn’t put 2&2 together, the president embodies the government which unlike twitter itself actually is subject to the first amendment.

I’m glad you have your priorities but there’s really nothing stopping you from enjoying a little barnyard buggery, unless it’s other people’s farm animals you want to screw.

Twitter wouldnt allow me to use my freedom of speech to pursue the rest if what I'm owed as an American citizen.
Your point doesn't know how to read or understand my rights.

What's wrong with having sex with other people's farm animals? It's not like I'm bringing them home and keeping them for myself. You know there's a real problem with people who can't allow me to spend my time for free.
Most people get paid to handle farm animals but suddenly people forgot I'm being generous. I don't think people belong in this country if they think their ownership gives them the right to infringe on my free practice. That's sex slavery and it is illegal.

Meanwhile all these other people are looking for excuses to take people's animals, take people's money, take people's property away…but somehow people things there's a problem with letting me not take a person property by letting me have sex with it?
These people must be really two-faced and fucked up in the head to have faith in stealing while complaining about it.

No its a privately owned forum that has a monopoly.
If it was a public forum it would be illegal to ban or censor US citizens at all on the platform.

I don't know what the animal owners are losing over anyone having sex with their animals, but whatever it is they must not have been entitled to it in the first place. This is just a case that the animal owners are afraid of not earning something thats not earned.

You must not watch the news.

Twitter is a vehicle. That’s it. They don’t control the content that Trump (the commander in chief) puts on there. He can write a memo on paper from OfficeMax. That doesn’t make OfficeMax the owner of that information.

When he deliberately starts a shitstorm on twitter by saying something stupid about vaccines or Mexicans, he then, by the nature of how twitter works, creates a discussion platform where citizens are free to interact.

When he then picks certain individuals and blocks them because he doesn’t like their opinions, he’s using his presidential authority to knock users off of Twitter. That’s not permitted by US law.

I’m not talking about blocking people who say idiotic shit like you read here. If you call the president a mong, he has the right to mute you because you’re not meeting standards of basic productive communication. If you say that his fiscal policy is flawed because of this economic factor or that historic trend, that is not harassment.

I realize that twitter doing it is another issue. I am pointing out the hypocrisy of the White House in that it’s okay if Trump does it, but somehow a threat to the constitution if someone else does it.

If he wants to silence people on Twitter then he should not pretend to be an advocate of free speech.

Well what’s wrong with me fucking your children if I bring them home before school?

First of all maybe they don’t want you trespassing on their property. Or maybe they don’t want to risk injury or zoonotic diseases or maybe they just want them to get a good nights rest so they can perform to their potential.

Basically, as the law sees it livestock is property and livestock owners have the right to say “don’t (literally) fuck with my property.”

Is that overly complicated?

That Criminal Trump! Destroying America by letting Americans slip through the Communist censorship! That Animal!

Why would that criminal allow AMERICANS to share their opinion?

What a sexist racist bastard!
Trump has the audacity to allow women and colored people SPEAK THEIR MINDS!

Its a watch list for violent disgruntled white Christian male nationalist homophobic islamaphobic pedo bashing antisemitic oracist haters,sign up yo. imw

You mean to tell me you don't know what's wrong with fucking children?
Also, people don't carry zoonotic diseases until after theyve had contact with animals. That's why makes the disease zoonotic so people's paranoias are a bit out if control.
Another thing, I wouldn't have to trespass if people were respectful enough to give me permission to enter.

>>Basically, as the law sees it livestock is property and livestock owners have the right to say “don’t (literally) fuck with my property.

Well you don’t seem to see what’s wrong with fucking animals, at least from the animal keepers perspective. So yeah, try to verbalize what is so bad about fucking a little kid.

Say I sneak your daughter out of her bedroom, drug her up real good, have my way with her and then return her to her bed before dawn. I make sure there are no bruises or injuries and I use protection so there’s no chance she’ll get an std. and the drugs are carefully chosen and administered so there’s no lasting side effects and there is no mental trauma because she was unconscious the whole time.

What have I done wrong?

Yes I do know why they believe it's wrong. They believe it's wrong because they can't earn something they don't deserve from allowing me to do it. Freedom isn't free when you don't believe that nothing is free.
Im not receiving anything by having sex, I'm getting nothing out if it and that's why it is free. They don't understand what our freedoms are in this country, and that's why fucking children is bad because by the time the children grow up they're already expecting more from sex than what is deserved. Children form childish conclusions.

Children are not mentally fit to handle sex and neither are the people who won't let me have sex with their animals. See the similarity? Child labor never grows up.

Okay so let’s take this from another angle.

Is it cool with you if I take your computer when you’re not using it, as long as I give it back with all your files intact?

Or if I sleep in your bed or borrow your underwear or your favorite dildo as long as I put it back when you need it?

Or how about I just take everything you own, and when you need any of it, you just let me know and I’ll return it immediately?

This is an economic system that exists in some parts of the world; or has existed through history. It’s not presently used in the USA, and most citizens don’t expect it to be.. but it’s a real thing.

What about the costs of maintaining that farm animal? If I buy a horse and you want to stick your dick in it once in a while, are you willing to pick up a share of the feed and vet bills and shoeing cost and the labor to groom it and clean the stable and the work to keep the pasture free of hazards and the duty of exercising and training it? Or do you feel entitled to be a leech and reap the benefits of all my work and invested money because it’s impractically expensive for YOU to pay for something you only want to use occasionally?

Another thing, you're comparing apples to oranges.
Nobody has to kidnap and drug an animal to have sex with it. That's the whole point of my post, and you're just adding things that were never stated and never belonged.
That's no different than the people who think property rights gives them the deserving right to use their property to steal from people. These statements are just not very consistent with it's origin.

Please read my previous post. Nobody said anything about taking anything. Don't have to take an animal to have sex with it.
Not even that but most people don't have sex with their own animals, so they're not even comparable to the pants you no longer wear.
You're comparing squares with circles here it just doesn't work.

Everything you said is both incorrect and irrelevant.
If Trump writes something on officemax paper that doesnt automatically make it an official government statement. Which is the only thing people would have a right to read and respond to. Official statements are read out by that sarah sanders wahmen.

And even if what you said was true, it doesnt change the fact that Twitter is not considered a public forum by the US authorities. They really dont want to be a public forum because all US citizens would have the right to express themselves even if they say politically incorrect things.

uh no i think you misread. that's what called a shell business. the real purpose of this is to collect emails to beg for funding

so the president going to a microphone in front of millions means he's not making a statement
american education everybody

You need to brush up on the laws my friend. When you or I tweet something we’re just a couple of assholes putting bytes on the net. When a politician or ceo or diplomat tweets something it’s a whole different story.

>>What about the costs of maintaining that farm animal? If I buy a horse and you want to stick your dick in it once in a while, are you willing to pick up a share of the feed and vet bills and shoeing cost and the labor to groom it and clean the stable and the work to keep the pasture free of hazards and the duty of exercising and training it?

I had a friend like you in college. He was always happy to hang out and share his company as long as someone could give him a ride and make a couple extra stops along the way so he could do some errands.

You have no respect for other people and you feel entitled to reap the benefits of their effort. You feel like it’s not asking much since they already put in the work and money. And really how would you know, never having had to support anyone else in your life?

I get where you’re coming from but you aren’t considering what the world would be like if everyone felt the way you do.

Ah so… Where is the sex taking me again? As far as I'm concerned I'd have to drive myself to someones farm and back again, just to make nothing if it. Not very errand-like if you ask me.
What's my actual benefit? I get to stop at a gas station and spend my money?

As an addition to this post, this actually looks like having sex is the most basic and easiest benefit that anyone could give someone. If they can't even let me have sex with animals then they are "less than a stranger" because even strangers can let strangers have sex for free.

Have you ever considered that the owner of the livestock considers his relationship to said animal as a sacred practice?
That by having sex with his animal you are defiling their relationship; taking ownership and corrupting something which is not yours is an act of depravity.
Expecting someone you have no relationship with to allow his stock to submit to your will is another degenerate act.
Your interest in the owner is not a mutually beneficial one and could even be said to even detrimental to the farmers livelihood as you do not want to give anything in return.
Your practice is degenerate in itself as there is no net benefit or personal growth and the sooner your entire nine generations dies the better off the rest of us will be.

Lol what? I live in the USA. With all these Christians around you're going to have a hard time proving they're not defiling their own religion by idolizing their livestock.
Oh and most other religions have a sacred "cow" not cow's plurally so the validity of their excuse is just that. An excuse to violate my beliefs by provoking an unfair and illegal respect of their religion.

Twitter shadow hides a bunch of conservatives who reply to Trump from showing up in the reply results, don't lie about trump.

You’re too incompetent/lazy/selfish to work for your own things and your excuse is that ownership shouldn’t be exclusive and you’re entitled to freely take advantage of other people’s hard work.

If you had ever earned anything in your life you’d feel differently about it.

Chances are someone out there would be happy to let you bang their sheep but you fuck it up by declaring your entitlement instead of asking or attempting to bargain.

If you fix your attitude you’ll find all sorts of doors will just open up for you.

You guys went to he lowest common denominator .

Wow honestly quite thought provoking, all hail the God Emperor

yeh me 2 dawg da nigga mark fuk up muh whole move on sum mark ass bullshit monica

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I honestly can't understand how the mind of anyone who is pro-censorship works. You're literally demanding that government agencies and multi billion dollar mass media conglomerates be able to tell you what information you are and are not allowed to see.