Blocking Hate Sites Like Zig Forums Only Makes Them Stronger

Like the gunman who killed 50 worshippers at two New Zealand mosques in March, the man who killed one person in a Poway, Calif., synagogue on April 27 announced his intentions on Zig Forums, an anonymous online message board with a reputation for violent extremism. In the wake of these and other murders, calls to shutter such sites have only grown louder.

Several Australian ISPs blocked Zig Forums right after the Christchurch, New Zealand, attack. There have also been suggestions for ways websites like Facebook could stop linking to these spaces, as well as demands for censorship or taking the sites down completely.

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Wat? I didn't hear about that.
I heard about some fed up lad do the right thing and end 51 parasite's lives.

Find a partner
Raise a child
Be the future

So cnn, msnbc, abc, nbc, fox, twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook, gab, patreon, google? *.com

for every child you raise and support the muslims spawn 10 little future welfare terrorist parasites and the spics have 5 little pacos to welfare gib

the only solution is creating an ethno state.

Prohibition effect.

That’s the typical reaction to any failure of society these days.

Rather than address the societal factors that push people over the edge and cause them to shoot up schools or synagogues or mosques or concerts, we just double down in our efforts to silence or suppress these people in the asinine belief that getting rid of the the Klebolds and Tarrants and Holmeses and Paddocks will stop the problem.

We think that the problems behind 9/11 can be fixed by stopping boxcutters on planes and Christchurch can be fixed by stopping anti Islamic communication on Facebook. It’s not surprising that the first impulse is to shut down Zig Forums and it won’t be a surprise if that happens and another mosque gets shot up some day without the site being involved.

I actually figured out the correct solution.
Meanwhile, "being rich" is passed down from generation to generation.

The Muslims and Mexicans will be poor and enslaved while the Americans will just surf the wave of their disputation.

The Democrats can have Socialized healthcare or they can have mass immigration… they literally can't have both without toppling their own Elitist con job.

Check fucking Mate.

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Actually it just gets rid of them. I support blocking this site. As you can see from the posts above me it’s just a cesspool of angry little white losers who lack empathy and intelligence.


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Yeah but what stops them from just being replaced?

Every time you convict or kill a mass shooter another one pops up. Every time you eliminate a shithole website another one takes its place. Eliminate the whole concept of a *chan and all the creeps will eventually figure out some other way to get along. You could wipe out the internet and they’d just start using CB radios or smoke signals or some shit.

He thinks of them as hate platforms because he identifies with the aforementioned outcasts.

From his perspective it looks like the world is all fucked up. Because it is. And the answer is not to eliminate Zig Forums any more than it is to eliminate the Jews.

He’s just unlucky enough to be on the unpopular side.

Clearly a filthy kike

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Playing interference for Facebook this hard.

I hope the feds kill this website forever. The edgy retards from Zig Forums deserve it I hope they kill themselves too

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It ain’t doing anybody much good. I don’t want anyone to kill their self but nuking this site wouldn’t be terrible.

Then, why the fuck are you here? Aren’t you one of us, technically, if you’re here?

Everything is censored… The information is controlled from the top down…

The feds are allowing a long leash for us to choke ourselves with.

We aren’t doing anything illegal… they just hate us because the FEDS are literally Communist enforcers without knowing it…

The FEDS put the “Special” in Special Agent…

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It does play into their natural paranoia and makes them feel persecuted. The NatSoc types on Zig Forums LOVE acting like everything in the world is against them even if they had all the advantages and they just can't admit their own life failures.

Personally I'd block/prosecute only insightment to violence (which of course Zig Forums and sometimes other parts of 8ch ARE guilty of, but not the hatefagging you see from most basement dwelling hate mongers

See its people like this turd that will be responsible for any restriction of free speech

Can't make a paradise without a new generation

I would bet half a shekel that that casket is empty.

Thank you for proving my point angry little loser

Yeah but we do get rid of murders don’t we. Make em use smoke signals at least then these losers will have to go outside.

This, this this this this. Ethno state the whole way and not one single brownie gets in for any reason, maybe we could have a catch and release neuter program because these scum can't control themselves, also and no sharing this time, brownskins can invent their own shit ( I know, lols right) and stop cheating their way out of wild, cant trust those abos.

The not so amusing part about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING you mentioned is they ALL HAD JEWISH POWER BEHIND THEM. Your that brainsoaked by the jewish media you actually think white people are the problem. Moron! As in child, as in intellectually stunted child, as in retarded. Dickhead

The major reason why this type of censorship movement is gaining strength is posts like yours where obvious hateful lies are spread as if they are the truth.

Just because Evola pointed out that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were veracious, does not make them any more authentic. The symptoms described in them are just the natural consequence of liberal capitalism and an almost excessively developed civilization. No need to blame the Jews.

Even if the Jews control the media and spread degeneracy, it's literally as easy as saying "no that's just a subversive propaganda campaign and here's why" to counter it. They don't literally control your bodily motions and thoughts.

Are you even trying? Why not get your head out of the talmudvision and actually do some damn research.

Also, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is labeled as a forgery. Which means an original copy of it exists. Might do you some good to brush up on your english too.

Fuck off and die filthy kike

It's Jews like you that are gonna get it first

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You have a big mouth but no balls. You will never leave the safety of your mommy's basement

Morons like you hate the truth

See you're fishing for the next Tarrant, eh?

The authorities file on me and the time I've served imprisoned says otherwise, I'm not a larper like most on here.
Also I'm currently under house arrest.
Shows how much you know.

No i hate filthy Jews like you.
Hope your in the synagogue in the future attack.

Post you're identity and address and we'll see whether I'm the dirt that duz stuff.

Tarrant wasted bullets, he should have tagged Jews, one Jew is worth 100 Muslims.
The synagogue shooting in San Diego didn't waste billets

“Muh every site and organization except cancerchan and maybe the daily stormer or whatever my motivational reasoning tells me are all hate groups!!11!1!!1 I’m an oppressed little dumb fuck man boy who only believes narratives of race realism and the zog conspiracy to subvert the white man to duh international global kikery. Im NoT HaTeFuL I jUz WaNnA GaS DuH jEwSLuMs. Hurr durr Hi ShLoMo, Hi MoIsHe. BuT mUh TaLmUdIc LaW. WoMaNs ArE dUh RoOt Of AlL eBiLz. God forbid any of you fucking losers ever accepted any personal accountability rather than being the right wing’s opressed sjws. “JuZ AcCuZzzE HiM oF BeEin IdF Reeeeeeee. SEIG HEIL ALL CAPS SO DEY KNOW IM 4RIZLA REEEEE”

Can you really force the site to be shut down? How would they go about it?

Plant CP on site owners computer then arrest him, blacklist the site from DNS, and/or require ISP's to block said website.

nope wouldn't work. Still got VPN loser. Can't do anything with VPN or ISP. Over paranoid fat autistic stub dick. Go kill yourself.

Can't do shit with DNS either faggot

Nope they can't do shit but screech like a little leftist pussy, mental gymnastics, and goalpost moving followed by patting themselves on the backs for accomplishing nothing with their sorry ass lives.

Yeah made the world a slightly better place ridding the mudslime scum. Leftists just have to ass kiss these goat fuckers because their cult told them to. The mudslimes would've and support doing the same to everyone else so hardly sad they got a taste of their own medicine for once given all the real churches they massacre and burn.

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Really nigger?

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The man couldn't stay away from people's children so they laid him in his grave where he belongs. Good stuff actually.

You are correct. They certainly wouldn't waste the good meat and marrow.

Mate, terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city like Christchurch.

He's a filthy Jew, ignore him.
His kind want to replace you.

You shouldn't be admitting it's a hate site dumbass

It was a false flag and the fact that the NZ government is using the attack as an excuse to block websites, undermine gun owners' rights, and undermine due process shows it.

I say the US should just allow New Zealanders and Australians who don't believe that possession onto itself should be a crime and who don't believe in censoring online political ideas through government to move into the country freely as refugees.

Kiwi and Aussie refugees welcome!

It wasn't a false flag but they're taking advantage of it for sure.

Shhh. It’s too late. Let them censor everything - it’s all fuel.

The rules are simple now: Everything burns.

Nah, block em and they have nowhere to go but the depths of the web. How does that make them stronger? Smaller audience means less psychopathy spreading among the mentally healthy.

Keep in mind twitter allows ISIS to have accounts. Anyone want to do a quick head count on how many people some crazies that posted on an anonymous board that doesn't require an account and now many ISIS have killed?

Twitter USED TO allow pro-ISIS accounts. They’re gone.

Do you really feel accomplished typing out this gibberish? Do you think it makes you seem intelligent?

They want to block freedom of speech websites because they don't like what people here say. That's why they label 8ch as a 'hate website' which it isn't. On a hate website the other opinions are not permitted. Nobody is stopped from sharing their opinion on infinite chan because anyyone can create a board. That is why a portion of the site's users are discussing far left ideas. The sad 'investigation' by the mainstream propaganda agents who embarrassingly call themselves journalists leaves a lot to be desired. Just because some people say nigger online doesn't mean it's a hate platform, otherwise Xbox's online services would be a 'hate speech' platform.