Dearborn city worker accused of racist online post about Muslim model

The city of Dearborn has the largest Muslim population in the United States and a city employee's racist comment on social media has him under fire.

The man is accused of making a disparaging post about a Muslim model on another news organization's Facebook page under the photo, saying "Cute picture should be on the cover of Camels are us."

It was attributed to Bill Larson, a part-time employee with the city's engineering department, and was directed towards Halima Aden, a Muslim, Kenyan-American woman who became the first model to wear a hijab and burkini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Leave him alone. Free speech is free speech period.

I’m Arab and I’m not offended at all. I think it’s pretty funny.

Who cares what he says behind closed doors. It’s HIS feelings… HIS thoughts. I think all Muslims should worship some deity other than Allah? They propose that only Allah is the right thing to do. These are my feelings… my thoughts. I’m I to be fired next?

Free speech but the dipshit doesn’t have the sense to keep his racism to himself when it’s obvious it’ll endanger his job.

His boss and everyone on the city council and the mayor might agree with him but they’re still gonna can him because you don’t say racist shit like that when you work for a government.

Good for him. He was obviously stupid and now they have a shot at replacing him with someone better at his job.

Hi Zig Forums. When are you going to get a job?

Never going to happen.

How is that racist? islam isn't a race.


Literally nobody cares, sandnigger.

You mean some ghettobese borerline-literate duhbersity hire right?

As you continue your #tolerante #progressive lifestyle, ask yourself whether the third worlders will stop curb stomping you while you explain what an #ally you were, after they take over your town.

Stop offending the feelings of camels, you fucking bigoted leftist scum.

Missing the point this badly.

It would be a very jewish stretch of the law for them to legally fire him for this.
Had this been on a government account then absolutely: fire away.
This is his private account.

Free speech is say what you want and people are free to judge you on it. Free speech is not say whatever you want with zero consequences.

I know, you want to be able to be as racist and bigoted sexist horrible people as you feel like without anyone calling you out about it. That is not reality.

Be a dick. get called a dick. That is free speech.

This technically isn't racism. But anyways, the only thing I see wrong is it was a bad joke.

I don’t know what the disconnect is, guys. I don’t say shit like that, nor do I ever feel the urge to say shit like that, and I don’t have problems with other people.

Read what this guy said:

The government doesn’t prohibit saying shit like this. It also doesn’t stop your community from ringing the mayor’s phone off the hook and demanding your dismissal when you shoot off at the mouth and embarrass your city government. And it doesn’t prohibit employers or government agencies from terminating an employee who demonstrates conduct that is unacceptable in the workplace or who represents values that conflict with good citizenship or just generally being not an asshole.

I bet that tweet’s still there too, unless that guy deleted it himself. So his right to free speech wasn’t infringed.

And yeah..

Someone smart enough to shovel dirt AND be polite around other people. It won’t take much. Maybe you need a job and are probably qualified. Call em up.

It's a bad joke indeed, but retard deserve it for using facebook in the first place, yet alone his OWN PERSONAL ONE

And stop shouting free speech you fucktards because nowdays it doesn't exist. You must be a bigger retard to still believe that in 2019

Oh ok, does that mean that we can get illan Omar removed from office for downplaying 9/11, calling our troops oppressors (while in said congress) and being an overall antisemitic hypocrite . (accusing jews of dual loyalty, while wearing a hajib completly bucking separation church and state) Does that mean we get Linda cockroach de platformed for saying absolutely repugnant things. Oh thats right they are different. Rules don't apply to them, right?
Thats what I hear from you.

Sorry I meant read what THIS guy said:

And yeah it’s definitely racism if you make a camel joke when you see a middle eastern person. Islam exists on every continent but generally, Arab descended people and camels share the same geographical distribution. Read the tweet. Nobody said anything about Islam.

Don't worry the pakistani with a degree from Certified Pakistan Engineering University London will easily replace this piece of shit whiteboi.

All third worlders are high IQ productive workers.

Turns out she isn’t even from the Middle East. Who knew.

Anyway yeah freedom of speech just means the government won’t stop you from saying whatever you want. It doesn’t mean they won’t protect you from the consequences of pissing off other people.

Well maybe if you white supremacists want to stop the influx of lesser workers into our economy you can learn to behave in public.

user plz.

So you just get to change the fucking goal posts to suit you?
This is not racism by any sense of the word.

See dark skin and ethnic attire and crack a camel joke.


The Islamic community are the people who were offended by it. That doesn’t make it nor racist. And if the word racist isn’t good enough then substitute “bigoted” or something appropriate.

Point is he was an idiot for posting that.

You will continue to "be polite". They will continue to demand more free shit and positions of power.

You will lose the rights, freedoms, safety, and advanced civilization that allowed you to be so polite and generous. They will not care how much you helped them.

Who gives a fuck if some subhuman, genetic, incest freaks are offended?
inb4 hurrrr durrr white southerners!!!

Mudslime model, actually leftists token piece that will be discarded once used up and they have no use for her.

Apparently enough people in Dearborn Michigan cared. Also Michigan is not a confederate state.

I love it here and I paid my dues with an enlistment contract. I’m willing to fight for their rights and yours too, and I’ve been given amazing opportunities in this country. I have no complaints. I respect your right to blather on an image board but I am not the least bit worried about the future you’re so terrified of.

Maybe if the only freedom you care about is putting other human beings down you can find a new place to live that’s more in line with your philosophy. The USA was founded on the principle of equality. What I don’t get about white supremacists is why they feel it’s so important to throw away the constitution of this nation and push their agendas here, when there’s so many other places in the world where it’s normal and acceptable to think that way.

Actually we want to stop the influx by hanging every kike. cause they are the reason the mudslide started. What kinda fucking ivory tower you live in?

shut the fuck up pozzpushing traitor. Your beliefs are gay and are leading to us being colonized.

Kindly frag yourself.

Hey I’m Irish. My ancestors came here from some different place where it sucked and people were getting murdered for their culture and beliefs.

It’s not like now that I’m here reaping the benefits they sowed by uprooting themselves from their homeland and risking everything in another country, I feel like the gates need to be closed so I can keep it all for myself.

Ideological blinders are one hell of a drug.

So what’s the ideological blunder responsible for the dream of an all white utopia uncontaminated by inferior breeds?

Your vision is just as shitty as anyone else’s. You only care about what you personally want. Once you have a nation of all white people you’ll just find something that separates you from the white people you don’t like and find a way to justify exterminating them.

Blunder, blinder.. autocorrect actually got it right this time


you can only do whatever you want behind closed doors if it includes homosexual intercourse

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They are also free to not judge you on it you literal colored boy.

Western civilization, and its rights and freedoms, are an extreme exception relative to the rest of the world and all of history.

There is no magic dirt here to turn hostile third-worlders into productive citizens. Your suicidal altruism will not score you any points as your safe neighborhoods become Detroit/Baltimore/Chicago/Philly/New Orleans/Oakland warzones.

Bring Somalia and Guatemala here, and that's what we'll be.

His joke doesn’t even make sense “camels are us” like toys r us? Is he calling her a child? Should have said playcamel or jihad illustrated or something better.

THe propoganda of MSM has wittled people's intellect to mush.

If anything he's guilty of having a dumb sense of humor.

third world nations are focusing their efforts on agriculture and infrastructure, and we're putting our best and brightest to work on cryptocurrency and intellectual property and smart phone apps.

arguably, we have a lot to learn from places like somalia and guatemala. I'm not 100% convinced that the US has reached utopia status, or even considers it a goal.

agreed, and it's such a pitiful effort that he deserves to lose his job.

You're joking right? First world do-gooders keep doubling the carrying capacity of places that can't develop, but the hordes are still attacking their "saviors", whether it's farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa, or ebola medical centers in Congo. Then they flood into wherever offers them free shit.

Ethiopia has tens of millions more starving now than they did at the first Live Aid concert in the 80s. All we've done is double the number who can't support themselves and want to come here.

And when they overrun your neighborhood, they won't care how much you "helped".

Japan does everything better.

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You don't want to value free expression if you either want to murder or silence "wrongthinkers", antifa leftypoler. Go back to your antifa subreddit, vermin.

Clothes have a race now? Really nigger?

don't you know everything is about race.

of all the news stories you could of posted you chose this… try again op.

D-disgusting. Where is this from? I'd like to insult her further

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He didn't make the post on a company page nor do so acting in his capacity as a company employee, so what he does on his own time ought to be his business and nobody should get fired for exercising their human right to free speech on their own time.

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Meanwhile, we're told that dragging your employer into your politics and costing them a bazillion dollars while on company time, in company uniform and in a company facility, is somehow totally cool and appropriate…

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Racists against the Camel.

Anyone else notice how fucking obsessed the sjws are with "firsts?"

I don't see why race/religion should be brought into this. you are just as bad as the racist thug who violently assaulted this beautiful woman of colour.

So you're okay with words causing rape, murder, torture, and other such violence? But you aren't okay with words hurting people's feelings?
You are truly fucked in the head.





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Funny how quickly things change. Five years ago any comedian on television could have said this, no problem. Now your media and state protects muslims above your own people, laws and rights.
You lost the "war on terror". It's fine to send 120k troops to invade Iran, but you can't say that arabs and camels in the same sentence.

Yeah and a hundred some years ago it was cool to own people and a thousand years ago it was cool to just annihilate whole cultures. So what?

The party has long ended for white males its a fact, so shut up

The "firsts" are a way to claim perpetual victim status. Yes our HR and marketing departments and executive committee might be full of overpaid obese sistahs, but did you know we've never had a wamen assistant manager of level 2 call center support?

Omg first one ever, overcame so much! But there's still SO MUCH work left to do! Keep fighting!

Most of the world is still fine owning people and annihilating whole cultures, they just don't have anything more advanced than machetes and gas-filled tires to do it with.

Tell me you don't think they'll spare you once we #LetThemAllIn…


Nothing has changed, fact is still fact, and shitskins don't belong in white countries.
You can fuck off to africa and enjoy it there.

Left can't meme, and even when they try to copy it is still lame as fuck.
Go be a victim elsewhere you pathetic dogshit.

how do they pass down what you claim they never produced?

judging =\= firing from govt position.
everyone is supposed to have an equal shot at govt jobs. even nazis.

Your not fighting for anyones rights you faggot. You signed up as an american merc for money. You will be sent to the middle east to kill sand niggers for greater israel. Then the sand niggers fleeing the destruction your kind brought to them will come to the west. They will then destroy our society from within. None of that equals fighting for rights. Murdering innocent sand niggers does not provide us with rights. How retarded can you be?

they should be cannibalizing the middle east to come here, why let in all these people if they've never spilt blood for us, if they can't even water the earth with the blood of their ancestors then they don't deserve to fucking be here, they deserve to be conquered and sold into chattel slavery to do all the shit low skilled jobs before robots take over and we gas them for living on the streets

Muslims aren't a race.

The right actually believe in will to power so they pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Unlike the left, who wallow in their own filth.

You have no idea how the US military works. I’ve made a career of it. I can tell you’re passionate about what you say, but passion without knowledge isn’t useful for much.

I appreciate the career advice but I’m gonna pass. If you would like to take this opportunity to get up to speed you can feel free to ask me any questions you might have about military service, but you should stop trying to look like an authority on the subject because you’re not pulling it off.

That’s your excuse?

Islam is a disgusting, repressive cult and Bill is entitled to his preferences for women who don't have to be maidservants because some paedo warlord couldn't control his boner.