LGBT school lessons protests "We are not Homophobic People"

Schools across England have received letters opposing the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE) and LGBT equality, the BBC has learned.

Protests started in Birmingham and letters, predominantly from conservative Muslims, have been sent to a number of schools elsewhere.

One campaigner said relationship lessons due to start in schools in 2020 "proselytize a homosexual way of life".

Supporters of the lessons said there was a "lot of misinformation".

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The promotion of homosexuality in schools is wrong and part of an agenda to normalise the abnormal. Section 28 should not have been repealed. There is no such thing as 'homophobia' because if there was, it would mean fear of one's own, so in other words the sex that the person themselves belonged to. Nobody is genuinely afraid of their own sex. Anti-homosexual is the term and there is nothing wrong with that. Almost all of humanity till recently would be classified as 'homophobic'.

It's part of a population control scheme that was planned out in the 60s and 70s. That's why they want to target young children, so their plastic brains can be altered early enough to have permanent effects.
Anyone doubting whether repeated exposure to something at a very young age, as in 5 as they are suggesting, has a lasting effect, think of what all the other studies about all other exposures state. Expose a child to habitual violence, it will affect his mind permanently, expose a child to indifference and lack of emotion and he will grow accordingly, expose a child to improper rewards - placating bad behaviour with treats, and he will grow in that way and it will be permanent.
Social scientists on behalf of governments were holding symposiums on population control methods for a long time, it doesn't take much to look them up.

Oh look. The third world subhuman shitskins - that are by and large full of faggots - say they don't like faggotry.
How are the white cucks ever going to rationalize this?

By blaming it on alt-right. That's what they always do.

I agree. Until the age of 13/14, mind is in a state of equilibration. It is "plastic" and can be shaped accordingly. Once it reaches equilibrium, conditioning won't be as easy or effective.

The absolute state of the UK in 2019.

Homosexuality is genetic, people. Go find the gene like we told you not to do so we can peg y’all with the gay-inducing bioweapon y’all fear so much.

I'm surprised the media is openly blaming Muslims for homophobia. Here in burgerstan, the media censors the race of criminal niggers and terrorist arabs and pedophile jews

interesting thought: in the UK its terrorist niggers and pedophile arabs

If humans are honest enough, bio- and cogni-tech offer separate overlapping routes to immortality.

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Homosexuality really isn’t just rooted in pedophilia - it’s more that people so broken as to be pedophiles have no capacity to defy their enslavement enough to be honest. So they’ll defile themselves in any miserable way and proclaim any kind of suffering as pleasure rather than redeem themselves. They aren’t good at hedonism.

Teach us more about your people, user

Wasted quads.
Your technology fails to reach the sheer power of Spirituality.
Immortality of the body (as Souls and Spirits are already immortal) is best achieved through Spirituality.

If they want to teach kids to avoid pedos, prostate cancer and aids I'm ok with it.

No thanks, i choose life.

Abortion is evil !

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The plan was formulated much earlier than that. Brave New World (1931) wasn't a cautionary tale, it was a call to arms/manifesto in the form of a novel.
Aldous Huxley seemed prescient but really he had inside knowledge via his family and especially his brother Julian Huxley, the founder of UNESCO and depopulationist eugenicist.
Nothing in principle, but men and women have always separated into pairings largely based on genetic quality (castes) , so a formalised eugenics is not needed where traditional values are still present.

But what THEY mean by "eugenics" is really genocide of native Europeans. Controlling bad blood and negroes was just bait so that the Whites would swallow it.

tl:Dr a certain group, assisted by White traitors has been working on this for over 100 years, and yes the homo, trans and hiv agenda are all aimed at driving down fertility.

If you think this is cool, just wait till they start launching faggots off the roof tops.

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no it's not. remember that gays can't have kids.

Finally, the minority olympics has started. They have gained so much ground, that they are finally facing each other on the battlefield, it would not take long.

It means that homesexuals have passed their laws in schools, but now muslims have enrolled their kids on those same schools. It means that the weapons used to oppress whites have achieved their goal, but now are running wild in the urban landscape. I'm already waiting for the muslim/transexual themed school shooting. Please god, make it happen!

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