5G Danger:Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide

Even though many in the scientific community are loudly warning about the potential health effects that 5G technology could have on the general population, Verizon and AT&T are starting to put up their 5G networks in major cities all across the nation. Today, the total number of cell phones exceeds the entire population of the world, and the big cell phone companies are making a crazy amount of money providing service to all of those phones. And now that the next generation of cell phone technology has arrived, millions of cell phone users are looking forward to better connections and faster speeds than ever before. In fact, President Trump says that 5G networks will be up to 100 times faster than the current 4G networks that we are using right now…


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Solution, install 5G next to the homes of politicians that want 5G for all of us first as a test to see if it's safe for 10-20 years, and then we will decide if we would like that for the rest of us after.

So this will cause web pages to become 150 times more bloated and unnavigable. Great.

In 10-20 years 5G will be as relevant as dialup internet is today.

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still, install this next to politicians homes.

line your house with lead plates and buy potassium iodide, that's what i did

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I never said that. And I never said otherwise either. I just pointed out the silliness in a 10 year trial of a cellular technology.

You want ferrite or copper plates. Lead is only effective at shielding certain types of ionizing radiation because of its nuclear mass. RF shielding works mainly because it has conduction band electrons. Lead is a so so conductor and it’s super heavy.

Why is 5G so bad but 4G seems ok
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No idea. Could be bad as well. Big corps want us to think EM radiation has no effect on us, but that is blatantly untrue, as the entire universe is built upon EM radiation, including the human body.


Important bit:

5G is MMW

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When it comes to EMR, which is the same animal as sunlight or xrays or Bluetooth or heat from a fireplace, there are really only two variables, field intensity and frequency. Being exposed to “a million watts” could be awful or no big deal depending on the area that power is spread out over or the amount of time you’re exposed to it.

Frequency has been going up since the earliest days of radio as the technology to generate and process RF grows. So historically we have not been exposed to millimeter wave energy; it pretty much didn’t exist.

The reason it’s different now is that heretofore wavelengths have been measured in meters or centimeters. Physical structures resonate and absorb energy on the scale of the wavelength of that energy. So your body, being a couple meters long, tends to absorb FM broadcast energy at a wavelength of about 1-2m. Smaller things are ”invisible” to that energy.

With millimeter wave energy, the physical structures that best absorb energy become more interesting. Now your nerves, sweat glands, retinal cells, heart muscle fibers, DNA molecules, and all sorts of things inside you start acting as antennas. Most of the time this energy is absorbed and turned into minuscule amounts of heat; but a lot of cellular functions involve electric charge. You probably already know a little about what happens when nerves are stimulated with electricity.

We don’t know what the overall effect is though, because outside of secret military labs people just haven’t been experimenting with 10 GHz radiation and its effect on living tissue.

On the bright side, although the frequency keeps going up, the intensity keeps going down, because at higher frequencies there are fewer natural sources of radiation. It’s much “quieter” above 5 GHz so less transmit power is needed to break through the noise. So while there are indeed higher energy photons being emitted by phones and towers, there are fewer of them than before and batteries last longer and downloads finish quicker.

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