The Qatar-funded Al Jazeera news network published a video questioning the Holocaust and implying that Jews have benefited from it.

Then, when Western media caught them and published translations, Twitter agreed to censor the westerners’ translated versions, invoking Al Jazeera’s copyright.

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New conspiracy theory: Jewish people created the holocaust and did it to themselves on purpose for infinite political correctness victim points. Nazi's literally never existed and the false "history" is shoved down our throats every day in school since the moment of birth, not to convince us of other things, but to convince us that the nazis were real. The holocaust wasn't faked, it DID happen, but the nazi's never existed.

Best. Theory. Ever.
would make a great movie

Doesn't fair use apply when it comes to excerpts for the purposes of journalism?

Well, colour me shocked.

the holocaust is bullshit
some invalids and pedo's died and a group of people that supported soviet russia and communism got thrown in jail and starved, if they were illegal they were gassed immediately, this is only news if you live in the west.
the "russian citizen's" that supposedly died where more likely to die from being unable to flee their homes thanks to Stalin than nazi's the people who are supposed to be "german soldiers" but are actually politicians

wtf i hate qatar now

The holocaust didn't happen to jews user.
Nazis were realy. No one fucking makes the claim that Nazis weren't real. You should climb into an oven. Your schizophrenia is showing.

Zero jews were gassed by the state of Germany in the WW2 era.
Zero ANYONE was gassed by the state of Germany in the WW2 era.

Based and Sandpilled

how would one take over the world with just the populations of germany and japan to get soldiers from? lmao… guess what… you can't.

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This! The Jews created both Communism and National Socialism, then played both sides against each other. The Holocaust did happen, but the victims were not Jews, they were eastern Europeans, whose bodies were conveniently destroyed to make it impossible to identify them. Holocaust denial is just a big smokescreen, anyone who questions to narrative simply gets tossed into the crazy corner.

Pro-censorship kikes btfo by goat fuckers.

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Hapa mods deleted this. Wtf where is dylan roof when you need him.

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For thousands of years prior to the holocaust* and for decades since the orthodox Jewish community have shunned members of their community that had conditions, diabetes, homo, crippled, mental health problems etc, this is soft eugenics (hard eugenics being killing ones you don't like).
They also shunned Jews that they fell out with, say if an important member of community was owed money and another Jew wouldn't pay then he'd get shunned by the whole community, and any Jews that didn't fit in, dressed the wrong way, had their own opinions different from what the leaders of the community told them.
It isn't always just the individual that gets shunned, their family may get shunned also.

The Jews are hypocrites to say it was wrong of the Nazis to get rid of them as its not that much different to what Jews do to their own kind.

The holocaust is a fucking lie man
The 6 million thing is a fucking fantasy for Jews because it apparently fulfills some prophesy of theirs and they've been trying to push it since the 1800. Hitler was the perfect scapegoat.

Yea people just stopped farting in ww2.

9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan war didn't happen

It's not a coincidence that Soviet soldiers were defecting in droves. Entire units went over, command staff and all. If things were so much worse in Germany it would've been the other way around.

Fun fact: an army of well funded, well organized jew shills patrol the internet in effort to shut down any counter-jew discussion and to promote the globalist jew agenda.

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Jews did benefit from it, the benefit from it even now.

How are you this fucking retarded? There was NO Holocaust. At all. Ever. Some prisoners died of disease and starvation after the allies started bombing supply lines, but that's it. There was no intentional mass killings or genocide. Not of Jews, not of Eastern Europeans, not of anyone.


LEWIS BLACK: I garuentee you'll never see this show. its a family show. its jews. He's an accountant. Shes as JAPy as they come. Its Nazi Germany. Its Hitler and his wacky posse. Its the sitcom to end all sitcoms. Its, "Holocaust, my ass."
We take the premise that many idiots have, that there was no holocaust, and watch the hijinks ensue as the Nazis try to live with all those crazy jews.
COLIN QUINN: No, Lewis, its not that we don't think there was a holocaust. Its just we think the figures were a little high.

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Anybody have an mp4?
Can’t find the video anywhere.

Reject degeneracy, remember tradition.

Fucking based

Nazis did exist and do continue to exist
Askenazis that is

Clearly the subversion of the west is more complex than just Jewish financiers.

The US backs most of the censorship involving Holocaust denial because they desperately want to keep their puppet state in Israel alive and well amidst a horde of Islamic countries.

When will all this bullshit ever end?

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This sounds true because I read it on the interenet and it fits my predetermined world view

Be my leader?

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they exist

what's to become of us

Never forget the 6 million Lice that died in the Holocaust, user.

you spend too much time on the internet kid

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Obvious schlomo is obvious.

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no plan to exterminate jews ever existed and the nazi soldiers themselves didn't know anything about that. The photos you see of skinny people are the result of dimished supplies near the end of the war due to Allies bombing of civilians and the mass deaths are attributed to dysentery, not some ridiculous gas chambers that, for some mysterious reason, only the soviets "discovered".

That the nazis were genociding jews was war propaganda meant to incite you into action against germany.

Islam is not to be trusted in any sense …
Rid the world of this false religion will make a better world.

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XD look at that child mob and the effigy.

Disagree. The world will be far more better. A system that is better than any currently implemented, including the current “Islamic” ones mixed with democracy and/or Marxism.


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Just look at this as a warning.

In fifty years, anons will be talking about everything you respect and know to be absolute truth as if it was all a hoax, and some made up bullshit that you and your people fabricated to advance your own selfish motives.

Well it's only fair if jewish people/their supporters can silence others through holocaust denial laws and other actions.

The onus of proof then is on you/those making that claim to prove that such never occurred.

I;m not saying those that deny/try to revise are all liars/wrong necessarily….just that if deniers can claim the evidence is all faked then one can also say the evidence by deniers/etc is also faked.

We live in a society.

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There is no evidence beyond hearsay and a few tiny ovens. No mass graves have ever been found.

Its funny, will new youtube policy kike the muslims or allow the muslims to kike the kikes?

Death to holocsust niggers

What Benefits?

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God i love this website

Yeah I wonder (((who))) is behind this article and behind this post?

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Keep your mongrel yid fiction to yourself, kike.

No, you must prove my guilt.

as new as a wheel

Islam is the only religion that has not sunken in the sea of modernity and not compromised to every whim of the (((West))). You are a moron.

white supremasist finally try to get along with muslims and this happens
it's funny that jews are so hatefull and disgusting that hating them is the only thing that makes all peoples of the world brothers


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Pastor Steven Anderson questions fake jewish holocaust
(too long to webm or mp4)

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