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The Pen is mightier than the sword. When the pen cannot write, there is seriously a dangerous situation for society. By removing the ability for individuals to be heard. Humanity is left in a precarious position. People need a place to express themselves freely. It seems that few places on Earth are left for the expression of individuals. America's left. Perhaps a few more places. When the president of the United States of America needs to remind of the nations of the dangers that come from censorship. There is a big problem. This means that there already exists a problem. In the past there have been trials by the press, and Congress. Not too long ago Hollywood had a blacklist based on political viewpoint it did not require a conviction in court to be on that list. In fact when this particular pen was manufactured. There were hearings in American Congress to determined who was a Communist. These hearings are a sad part of the history of the United States. The Congressman McCarthy became Famous and a household name from these hearings. Many people that did not deserve to be blacklisted were hastily added to these lists. Entire families were refused work because of this. It is a shameful time in American history. A time I hope will not be repeated. writing in whatever color is available. Letting our freedom ring out loudly and clearly so as not to stifle the independence of our great nation is a fundamental right that Americans own! Taking ownership of our rights as citizens of this great nation is part of the national experience. It is a right not a privilege to be able to put words on paper, then share that paper with other people in our country. Even in other places around the globe that desperately need the freedom to be heard. It is not a right to have the opportunity to put your thoughts on paper and share them in many parts of the world. Those of us that do have the right, have a moral/ethical obligation to express these rights for those that don’t have the right. Many places on Earth only a privileged few speak out about their opinions. The majority is silenced. Giving these silenced members of humanity a place that they can write their political speech without fear, without penalty for having controversial views. Expression of controversial viewpoints are the most protected rights that Americans have. There are actual American battle flags with words. Words and wording such as “Don’t tread on me.” American soldiers had fought and died underneath these words. These days American soldiers still fight, and they still die. These rights remain rights because of their willingness sacrifices. These men and women are generally looked down on by the elitist mentality of some of the world's ultra wealthy individuals. Some of these folks that have accumulated more than most others will ever think to imagine to have. Some of these people control the ability period of the ordinary common man to communicate. When they have risen to the level that can actually stop those of different political opinions from expressing themselves, the temptation to do so must be incredibly enticing. Yet controlling a library in some cases the only library available comes of the certain amount Of obligation. Librarians must have sufficient moral turpitude to keep their own opinions out of the books they display for their patrons to read. Writers have died to keep their words available for readers. Authors often live under constant scrutiny and threats of death. In order to ensure the meanings behind their words are not censored, or obscured from view. Often we did not realize the difficult life that has come to those with opposing viewpoints. Folks need to realize that we as humanity are not free across our entire Earth. There will always be some evil man with an evil plan. Whether you read his words or not. He will still be evil. There are places his words may not be considered evil. Who is giving the librarian the right to decide this? Government regulatory agencies in many places do exactly this. Those places have their rules for a reason. Perhaps the religious values of some places will cause the library and to keep the Playboy magazine behind the counter. Only allowing men to read it. Than the library and will have deniability when the housewife comes looking for the magazine. “Sorry, we do not keep that magazine in our facility.” This will keep the sensibilities of our society safe from dangerous or abnormal thinking. This is been the modus opporendi of those who control the institutions that house our knowledge. Many places will refuse to have a copy of the Satanic Verses available in their library since it could possibly incite religious tension. However other places would rather see their lives brought to an end, before they would remove a despicable cartoon character depicting the prophet Muhammad. Even though they know it will enrage to the point of violence the normally quiet Muslim population. In fact the institutions that do this are glorified, edified above others for their bravery in standing up to the dangerous Muslim threat. When the page is the next and turn to another story they may not stand so tall in their glory. If someone believes an alternative version of events from World War II and write about their views than the library and may be forced to not keep such a book in the same facility that has keeps a copy of the cartoon character image of the Mohamad. Even if the librarian wants to keep that book, not because she should or because she believes the atrocities in concentration camps did not happen. It is likely that the librarian believes those awful incidents did indeed happen. However, the benefactors of the library have decided that it is alright to rile up the Muslim anger, but the anger of the benefactor will shuttered the windows and closed the doors of the library. Thus most institutions will only allow certain text to be displayed, and hopefully endure through history. It is with coordinated effort that the history is rewritten in this way. Before our eyes. Entire nations of otherwise normal folks have forgotten by forced amnesia the atrocities their own Army’s are guilty of. If you did not experience it, and cannot read about it, then it never happened. At least that is the opinion of those that are educated in that manner. Whether or not our grandfathers are guilty of the slaughter like animals of innocent noncombatant women and children can easily be forgotten. If we just don't talk

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- We all are NOT Americans, Asians, Africans, Europeans, and Australians.
- We art NOT religions, politics, groups, individuals, status symbols or commodities.
- We are NOT free, we are NOT slaves.

WE ARE HUMANS FIRST…that means before any of the above, before any of the rules, believes and regulations…our existence is dictated by the laws of nature and only by these laws. Today and for the last 5000 years the so called jew has been attacking our very existence on that natural level, and everything above this level was corrupted by them against us.

It's a parasitical relationship and it needs to end by any means necessary. So stop wasting time operating on a superficial level and start acting upon your instincts as nature demands you to do. Fight to survive.

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Nah man I’m literate. I’m not a millennial and I don’t believe in spending nine and a half minutes listening to something I could read in thirty seconds.

I mean he tried, but with just a little more effort he could have succeeded.

Good essay, much more true than not. This could be more concise and have less cliche phrasing.

Jim, I don't agree with everything you have to say, but God Bless you anyway and I hope you find time for Jesus in your life too someday. The holocaust didn't happen, but there were labor camps. The reason so many died was because the US bombed the shit out of supply routes that were used to transfer goods to the German military and labor camps…. and the Jews hold total resentment against Germans still to this day, and are lobbying behind the deliberate destabilization against the US and Europe as an act of 'holy' revenge. Thats the real truth, the untold story.

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Censorship is violence.

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What is interesting is you didn't close the browser in 30 seconds, not that you listened to it. Obviously Jim is not from New York, or some other fast talking place. However if you will notice. There is more content in what he says than some fast talking New Yorker has. This is the way people talk in the West.

McCarthyism took the communist jew out of circulation for some time faggot - get your facts straight. That information is even in Saul Alinsky's book rules for radicals. Dumbass

True. And those days were so much better for it too.



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Animals act on their instincts, not humans. We're supposed to be a step above that.

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