Buttigieg: Trump faked being disabled to get out of Vietnam

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg on Thursday hammered President Trump for in the past saying he had bone spurs to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War, saying he faked the disability.

“Well, I have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privileged status to fake a disability in order to avoid serving in Vietnam,” Buttigieg, an Afghanistan War veteran, said during a livestreamed interview with The Washington Post.

“Yeah, at least not that one,” he doubled down when asked if he thought the condition was faked. “This is actually really important because I don’t mean to trivialize disability, but I think that’s exactly what he did.”

The South Bend, Ind., mayor has shot to national prominence in recent months following a media blitz that has included various interviews with national outlets as well as more niche publications.

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In this "equal" society we live in, women had "oppressive gender roles" and are now free, while men still have "responsibility". Not an ounce of mud was slung at Shillary Clinton for having no part in Vietnam.

Conscription is now considered unethical isn't it? It hardly matters, this is yet another media attempt to disparage the president and alienate his supporters. Anyone with a brain realized long ago what those rats are up to.

It's a bit weasley, unightly, but I can't bring myself to care. Tons of people dodged the war this way, especially the rich. Is there really any honor in being shipped off to a slaughterhouse over a cause that amounts to little more than a dickslinging contest against the Chinese? I don't think so.

oh shit they are learning

Since corruption matters now this mean Hillary is going to jail now, right? Right?
The media needs to earn trust before this shit is worth listening to. Boy who cried wolf etc. Even if it is real, who cares? Why only care about the corruption that exists on the less filthy side of politics?

Take down the traitors who are openly hostile to the continued existence of the west and I'll care.

well yea maybe you shouldn't be human garbage and you wont be treated like some
"oh i'd run and stop school shooters myself? what that there's one here? oh i feel my bone spurs acting up again"

Buttigieg eats da poo poo, and drinks da pee pee

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She couldn't have enlisted if she wanted to so why would that be an issue?

Personally I don't care if Trump dodged that draft. Most people in the end thought it was wrong and draft dodgers were pardoned already.

Don't give a fuck.
Don't give a fuck.
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Don't give a fuck.

Don't worry. Most millennials can't even point to vietnam on a map

I thought democrats hated vietnam.They literally spit in the faces of returning soldiers and accused them of burning down villages and killing infants.
Why is this suddenly an issue to democrats that trump didn't go when so many left wing "intellectuals" dodged the draft for far dumber reasons?

not a bad idea considering his supporters are all idiots!

No refunds

This. who the fuck cares at this point? Joe Biden is a fucking PEDOPHILE. NEXIVM donated to the clinton foundatin. Issac Kappy was suicided, ect, ect, ect. Like Buttplug would have jumped at the chance of going to fucking NAM. Haha KYS OP.

but he paid for that butt gig… he's from south bend….

Dumbing Down Of America CONFIRMED: New SAT Exams Allow Students To Cheat Their Way To College

Students who take the SAT exam will now be given a secret ‘adversity score.’

SAT exam takers will be given an adversity score between 1 to 100, with a higher score signaling a higher level of adversity.

The adversity score will be determined by 15 different factors, including: The crime rate and poverty rate of the area where the student is from, the household income of the student, and the quality of the student’s high school. Students will also earn a higher adversity score if English isn’t their first language.

The College Board said the adversity score will not consider the race of the student. However, many critics of the adversity score have pointed out that the score seems to use many factors that are heavily correlated with race.

This fall, 150 colleges plan to use the adversity score in their admissions processes.

This new policy has received major backlash from Americans who believe that college admissions should be solely based on academic performance.


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They are trying to destroy this whole country!!

you're fucking scum

Getting out of military duty is awesome moral cred, I wish all politicians had that kind of integrity. We don’t need broken soldiers in power!

That’s the opposite of dumbing down, you shortsighted fool. By getting disadvantaged people into better lives, epigenetic factors that keep lineages stuck in stupid criminality will be fixed up. It’ll also get people directly networking in an environment tuned to advances, so if new therapies are somehow invented for epigenetic injuries those injuries (with associated stupidity) will be cured IMMEDIATELY. You’re incorrectly protesting a pro-science policy.