Children saved as international pedophile ring busted

Fifty children have been rescued and nine people arrested after an Interpol investigation into an international pedophile ring.

The arrests were made in Thailand, Australia and the US and more are expected, Interpol said.

The investigation began in 2017 and focused on a hidden "dark web" site with 63,000 users worldwide.

Police believe 100 more children have suffered abuse and are working to identify them.

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I wonder if they'll release more info about the site…


this looks old


Yay for the White Hats !

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Well done, coppers!

If one is to sperg out, one may as well sperg out on dubs.

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If they were based then they would shoot the cops.

Pedos need to stand up for themselves or continue to be frequently preyed upon by the (((system.)))

And again none of them touches the mother load of global pedophilia distribution in the Ukraine. Instead another group of nobodies got busted for skimming the jewish mafia out of profits.

Or just die. Some people really ought to.
Some of us have never reached the standard to live a decent life before dying; instead we create false moments and spread our corruption while leeching on progress. The weakest human. Even non-traditionals, niggers and retards are lower down on the list of people who deserve to die when compared to those that obsess over youth and innocence.

It's not what they obsess over, it's the obsession itself…hedonism. This is the most dangerous vice a human can have, it's loosing the battle over his consciousness against his his own common sense. It's a mental disease and its the root cause of all negative human behavior.


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sexual pleasure is not love

Agreed. Pedophiles need to also harden and red pill their supporters.

It can be.

Its the common brainwashing agenda around the world, pedophilia bad, children sex bad. This isn't a step to stop pedophilia worldwide, they want to make people think that governments are working against pedophilia.
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Lol, you guys look so pathetic trying to defend pedophilia. Children aren't developed enough to give there consent and adults have to manipulate the kids in order to have sex with them. It's fucked up, period.

How did those pictures come to exist? You losers are the supply in the supply and demand.

You idiots are probably the same people who push pro life agendas.

Inb4 leftist, sjw, cuck and other cliche insults incoming


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Hopefully we'll have a shot at killing them all soon enough.

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Yes they are able. "Manipulation" is too vague a suggestion to transpose into anti-pedophilia argument.

turns out jims efforts in turning this place into the same shithole as 4chan didn't quite work, and the normalfags weep.

Hedonism is literally “people should feel good not bad,” you fool. If you’re in combat with hedonism your philosophy is primitive, your tools are inadequate, and your victories will be unworthy. You won’t even feel good about having them! If you don’t hate virtue, make virtue feel good!

Suffering is strength, pleasure seeking is death. Don't live for the good, live in spite of the bad. Overcome. Ascend.

Hedonism is primitive, not philosophy.

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Consent is meaningless, there's always a dominating force.

That's what the gays, bisexuals, transgenders, et al. always say

Imagine being so broken that you confuse predatory behavior for love. I cant wait for day of the rope. Pedos need to start getting shanked.

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So 155, 144 & 180 Chan's is kill?

Imagine being so dumb you believe the propaganda of the capitalist state and ignore history.

DOTR will have you killed.

It would be cool if they ever got the notorious Hollyweird pedorings busted. The SGA is apparently a primary child concubine grooming organization.

well, those kids are ruined for life, but at least these pedos don't get any more victims

Finally some good news. Please pray for the agents who have to investigate these cases; their eyes have to pass over severely disturbing images.

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Sex is a central part of life. Some anti-pedo idiots want to say "children aren't developed enough" when they have not asked or polled children, nor do they remember when one day while they were young they unexplainably became interested in sex

Good point. Maturity should define consent, not age.

In that case none of the millennial manchildren in the west should be able to consent, and that actually makes sense as I've known little girls in third world shitholes that could handle themselves better and be more capable of raising a child of their own than a lot of retarded manchildren on this site that would starve to death if it weren't for their mommy stocking their fridge with tendies.

The correct term is not primitive, it's "instinctual", that's because the laws of nature that govern our existence are implemented in us on subconscious/instinctual level. Hedonism means going against your own instincts for selfish gains, while ignoring the consequences of your actions.

Not everyone can be famous there's a price to pay, you don't think you can handle the cost? Then GTFO of Hollywood. You think for a second that any child actor is actually hired because they are just soooo talented? That's ridiculously naive.. the child stars we see in movies and television are the ones that know what it takes and how to play ball..

Funny how the only child stars who become drug addicts and washed up usually have are the ones who just don't age well or were too stupid to develop actual talent despite years of being exposed to it

I support the strongest sentences for child abusers, if the victim is white. It is a waste of resources and time if the children involved are non-whites, unless there's a possibility that white children could become victims.

Acting like children aren't interested in sex is retarded.. of course they're interested in it.. I know that for a fact.. I recently had a 10yr old boy come on to me asking me for sexual favors and threatening to say I'd touched him anyway if I refused.. lucky for me I kept the messages he sent so was able to prove that he was the one who came onto me.

Some kids are interested in sex, they know what it is and they want it and often know how to get it.. it definitely happens..especially when so many have access to the internet and parents who dont supervise them enough or give them the love and attention they crave.. the kid that came on to me was one of 4 in his family with a 5th on the way and a drug addict mother who couldn't care less about him.. he thought love ment sex and sex ment love.. like many pedophiles do..

Just because a kid may know of and say they WANT sex doesn't mean they NEED it.. more often than not they're like that poor kid and just want the love and attention they crave.. they just get a warped sense of how to get it usually because of shot online or pedos who brainwash them into thinking love=sex

It's not ALWAYS the case some kids, well, TEENS (post puberty) want love and sex and understand the difference and MOST OF THEM want that contact from OTHER TEENS their age

The "triforce" is just a face for the jewish distribution ring in Ukraine. It's a mainstream hub on the clear net to promote links. All these links are operating in a network with thousands of mirror sites, link shortener, image hosts, file hosts etc. The takedowns of these sites are an orchestrated scam working hand in hand with Interpol and the FBI to make it look like they are doing something, when in reality another mirror will pop up shortly. They created this whole tax payer funded report system for child abuse content as a racket that runs in circles, and that protects the original source of all that material. So even if they take down the triforce, because public pressure against those sites became too big, the network stays untouched. You can easily see through all their lies when you research the distribution source yourself (which they made illegal to do btw)…the core of it can be found at "ARTBBS" and is operating undisturbed for over 20 years (at least that's when I first stumbled over it).