Japanese school pupils told: dye your hair black to fit in

Japanese school rules that force children to dye their hair black so they fit in with their classmates are facing a growing backlash, fuelled by a viral video campaign and a fast-growing petition.

Some 60 percent of public schools in Japan requires that all pupils submit a document called Natural Hair Certification, which confirms the natural color and degree of curliness of their hair.


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Why is it the school's business if people dye their hair?
As I understand it your hair is a part of your body, and not a piece of apparel. Are they also going to start proscribing the length of hair they are allowed?
Will they require all students to be bald like Buddhist monks next?

Schools all over abide by length rules for guys, at least when I went to high school. I think dyed hair for guys wasn't allowed too

Uniformity is a good virtue to achieve but I don't blame anybody opposed to being required to dye their hair to conform to a dress code because the chemicals in hair dyes can damage it or seep into your skull and damage your brain.

It's called uniformity and it's the first process in brainwashing kids to see the authority of the state above their parents and tribe, as well as having commonalities with strangers outside their tribe.

The liberals and progressives will attack this, but will implement it themselves with the label of "equality"

It's called a slippery slope and unlike you, the nips are high IQ enough to understand that.

How come there are never any spree shooters in china and japan. I could see a frail little chink snapping in that environment almost daily.

It's worth mentioning that this is a FOREIGN company pushing this campaign, not the Japanese themselves. When will gaijin fuck off? P&G have always been a pandering company, here's an excerpt about another of their campaigns:
P&G's "My Black is Beautiful" campaign released a new video last week called, "The Talk." It "depicts the inevitable conversations many Black parents have with their children about racial bias to prepare, protect and encourage them" across the decades. The ad plays as a kinder, gentler version of Black Lives Matter propaganda.

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ah what do you know, it's about selling hair dye

All japanese have black hair in the first place. It's exclusively telling you not to dye your hair or do flamboyant fag haircuts. The entire origin for Bleach is that having blonde hair means he dyed it to inform everyone he's a gang member.
Just like smearing on self tanner and short skirts are Kogyaru, those basically open to prostitution.

Whatever you maid dragon consuming idiots smoke when you are indulging on your paedophilic cartoons should be classified as biological hazard.

Take your Zyklon B.

Saw the title and thought those fucking gaijin scum were pushing this for sure.

It does happen, usually mass stabbings though, but it gets covered up by the authorities. But it is still very rare because East Asians are conformist low-T herbivore bugman soyboys, and also, there aren't many niggers in Asia

(((foreign))) company. Kick the jews out of your country while there's still time.

That's a great thing. This represents order against a world full of self destructive hedonism. Their minds should be occupied with education, not fashion or cosmetics. Also any form of self styling to impress the outside world translates to "Look, I'm a better slave of capitalism than you are" or "I follow capitalism like the rest, therefore I'm an individual"

Does South Korea count? Check him out.

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You have to have some context behind this policy to understand it. Historically, dyed hair has been a sign of gang affiliation, or degeneracy at the very least. Imagine saggy pants on a nigger.

Or, imagine dyed hair.

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while I understand the reasons why they would have this hair control it is going overboard having a student be forced to dye their hair the color that they deem superior even though they might be naturally blonde or ginger or have brown hair. Sounds really commie and fucked up.

It's been decades since I went to school but there were no restrictions on hair for boys or girls when I did other than safety requirements for gym/shop/etc which related to securing your hair if necessary

It's basically whito piggo goaa home!

Based and redpilled.

You’re a sociopath. You’re not even wrong about the brainwashing things, but tribal loyalism is an archaic tactic for insulating corrupt leadership while making broken sociopaths kill foreigners rather than “allies”.

Lololol, nothing should feel good! Down with all righteousness, it feels too good to be righteous! Death to philosophers and the joys of the life of the mind! End currency, for it is traded for pleasures! Hey wait why did productivity just fall to zero? Why is everyone dying of hideous plagues?

Dye is not a natural part of your body.
And yes, they do proscribe the length of hair allowed for guys.

All actions have consequences, and hedonism is against nature, thereby it will lead to negative consequences, which under natural law always aim towards death. It's all about balance, user. And a school environment should not be a place to practice hedonism. Case and point…the US school system aka the terror jungle.

Anything above crew cut is for faggots. I mean why would any intelligent man waste precious lifetime on hair? I need five minutes every week to trim my hair by myself. What did I miss out on? Fleas? Sodomy? Loosing my balls?

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hair dye is very unhealthy and causes much harm. Much better to see people as they really are.

The more discipline a school has the less distraction. They probably had a buclnch o people dying with garish colors.

Spoiler: Asians can have naturally red , orange and brown hair - -the same occurs in Black , Slavic and Hispanic people.

This is just another dose of mandatory self-hate.


This isn't really a new story, but I'm glad they're still getting shit on for this.

Black is the norm, but some Japanese do have brown hair. If it happens to be a lighter shade of brown then you really stand out. People will sometimes even think that you dyed your hair that color and bullying can happen. There is also a stigma of delinquents changing their hair around to rebel against this system but that's changing a little.

Basically this. They are forcing people to cover their NATURAL hair color with chemicals because they don't like the differences that occur naturally in the population, and reinforcing the idea that being born with a different hair color is bad. It's a smaller, more country-specific bizarro version of "all must be coffee". Imagine if all of the people in Europe HAD to have red hair, or every person in North America HAD to have blond hair because that's how the majority perception was viewed. and if you didn't you had to buy chemical dyes and "fix" yourself. Maximum Jew.

Mandatory castration will make all students look the same, and it will get rid of sexual distractions


Why do they all look so similar, I don't have problems distinguishing between spics and niggers, It's just with Asians.

Varg is e-celeb trash with a rebellious spirit, so his haircut is a mix of pandering to his audience and defiling the norm. His cut is counterproductive in the wilderness and he looks like a homeless drifter. I've no idea who that race-mix victim is, but I highly assume that's a faggot, which makes his cut not a choice but a symptom of rampant sodomy. Nevertheless his haircut is as cost efficient as it gets, while giving him a clean look.

Yes. Hedonism means putting yourself over your collective (race and blood/family). By doing this you are destroying that which sustains your life. On a much broader scope this also describes the relationship humanity has with it's ecosystem (a parasitical one), for which nature punished us severely, as seen throughout human history.

No. All existence instinctively follows the natural order of creation in accordance with natural laws (except humanity which will perish because of that). Every life on earth has a distinctive job that collectively helps the ecosystem. Existence itself is based on the circle of life, which operates in between two fundamental barriers (to be or not to be), which dictates a set of laws based on keeping the natural order by struggling to survive, while avoiding the endless temptations of death. The latter is what humanity fell for in the beginning and what made them become parasites.

Japanese school students, you say?

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It's actually the opposite. It's jew repellent. The intelligentsia of Japan knows all about the jewish parasite and uses unity to keep them out. If everyone looks the same the parasite cannot infiltrate the public, because they will have a strong bond, not only racial and cultural, but visually too. jews destroy humanity by division, that's why unity is everything to survive .

How dare you leave out Chibi?

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That's a natural defense mechanism. Your senses are warning you about differences, because nature designed different species to different places. The reason why you can distinguish between spics and niggers is because jews used social engineering to drive them into your homeland. Your natural survival instinct was deliberately corrupted and now you can't sense danger as good as you should. That's also the reason why segregation will always happen naturally (if the jew doesn't prevent it).

We both know she skips class to hang out with the bad guys.

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There are no bad guys in SM, only supreme gentlemen.

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You are one retarded motherfucker

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Hmmmmm….how many asians in every 1000 have non-black hair? I'm guessing it's like 0.002 (and those are due to albinism).

Varg has long hair and a dozen white kids.
RuPaul is the literal niggerfaggot behind the "drag kids" trend.
My point was faggots can be bald and straight men can have long hair. I never made any statements regarding utility, rebelliousness, etc. Please look at what I was responding to.

there was no need for news to talk about this shit
everyone who reads manga knows that blondes or any other non black haired nip gets shat on by teachers for being a delinquent even if it is their natural hair color
i think i'm starting to understand why they draw anime and manga characters with all those weired shaped and rainbow colored hairdos

Genetic defects are the consequences of hedonism, because all negative consequences happening to humanity now, originated when humanity turned against nature and became parasitical, therefore hedonistic.

I just judged by visuals, and I stick to it. Why would a father waste lifetime on hair instead on his children? If you have long hair you must wash and dry it. Multiple this tens of thousands of times and you wasted an awful amount of time on something entirely unnecessary. There is no excuse for hair length beyond the crew cut.

lmao @ u retarded losers, to shatter your delusions even more, let me tell you that normal nip speech does not include recreational pig shrieking like the one depicted in your hentais.

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In China they use knives. It happens all the time. Much better scores than in USA with funs.

The state should never decide uniformity that is for parents to teach there kids and shun the pariahs

If that's true then why haven't I ever seen it even once?

Depends on the kind of Asian, in my mom's village everyone has varying shades of brown hair, a few blondes, but 0 people with oriental black hair that aren't migrants.

What would happen if a white kid went to school in Japan? Would they have to dye their hair black?

Do Japanese teachers really throw chalk at students like in the animes?

These fucking gaijins pushing for commieformity need to be stuck to Unit 731's research labs.


That’s ganguro, not kogaru.

Gaijin tend to get more of a pass, but bullying does occur if they're naturally an unusual color sometimes, it depends. I don't think foreigners typically get beatings from the black-hair-only stick.

The only girls with pastel hair are the ones following trends in the city or go around in costumes. Kids can get away with more "natural" dye colors in some schools, others ban it along with makeup on girls.

Stigmatizing naturally-occurring diversity in your own native population, and to sell expensive chemical dye that ruins your body no less, is indeed Jewish as hell and also fosters hate of your race's own traits. It's not at all the same as an American college roastie turning her hair into a rainbow for attention. Hair ranging from black to dark brown are normal hair colors in Japan with the black end simply being much more common.

What's the smaller price to pay? Forcing nature back or opening up to the parasite? Japan plays to long game of survival here.

Yes they do that so amazingly when they vote for politicians that allow unchecked blood shipments which results in AIDS, HiV and HepC incurable at the time.
Very few cuck nips protested the politicians were RELECTED.
Then eventually retired with a couple of them retiring as CEO's of the blood company that did the dirty shipment that suffered NO consequence because of the dirty blood.

Weebos are completely blind to how cucked japan is.

that's because weebs themselves are the primeval cucks.

Changing your natural hair color with chemicals isn't closing things to a parasite. It's just more control. If your government or job ordered you to expensively dye your hair blue every week or you'd get fined/fired because everyone else had blue hair would you do it? It's stupid and unnecessary on every level.

All of you are fucking retards. They don't force people with hair that is naturally not black to dye it. They only forbid people changing their natural hair colour.

ok virgin

they knew that already, unlike your niggerbrain ass (and your ilk) who insist that fiction should always be a reflection of reality.

Japan currently too based for Judean conquest. Must destroy Japanese culture and create degeneracy through even the most subtle means.

All the pharmaceuticals are jew controlled and part of criminal rackets to control world populations. Of course next to no citizen knows this because a) they are not allowed to and b) everyone that tries to uncover this by publishing evidence will get killed. And sites like this can easily be controlled by putting the "conspiracy theory" label on it. We are all governed by organized crime and they control the entire information narrative.

Yes it is in this case. By forcing children to keep unison in schools they have more of a chance to survive the marxist indoctrination, a doctrine that aims to not only dumb down intelligence into slavery levels, but create division in between the students. The politicians in charge cannot tell the children the truth without getting killed themselves, but they can use any legal tricks possible to secure the children for as long as possible from the destruction by the jewish cabal, and that's what they did here by something as simple as forced hair dye, because the jews don't have a law (yet) that prevents that from happening, so another generation of Japanese children will grow up with a strong bond to others instead of falling for hedonistic materialism and become a selfish drone of capitalism.

How will I ever recover from a jab like this? user, you really are a master of discourse.

So kids don't turn into faggots

worst take

lol kid, go pester other people with your faggotry.

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Who gives a fuck about their hair? If anything letting them do stupid shit to it allows the hipsters and nuts to stand out so they can be better avoided like the cancer they are.

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Do you shave your ass too faggot? Take a shower.

I'm not gonna waste time mutilating my hair.

Exactly. It's weed that you trim down, and if you make a science out of it, then you're a faggot.

Washing my hair under the shower takes all but five seconds, how much time do you waste on it, Rapunzel?

I used to have hair that looked just like this and it only took me maybe an extra minute to shampoo and an extra minute to wash. You're just lazy and that's okay, but don't try and make it someone else's problem

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First of all, if you have to dye your hair black to fit in how is that not being a slave to the black hair dye corporation by your standards? Secondly, you're creating a kafka trap where if people don't be a slave to your standards for conformity they are automatically a slave to capitalism just because they wanted to retain their natural hair color or because they wanted to try something different.

People like you are exactly the same as the globalist capitalists you claim to hate, because ultimately just as they want to homogenize the world in the name of profit, you want to homogenize the world in the name of service to some abstract masochism. You're a spiritual sadist, and I hope one day that humanity transcends your bullshit, and you get shovelled into the same pit as the communists and neoliberals, because with different ends, you are alike in wanting to make everyone bow to your abstract bullshit. Your psyops end here, villainous scum!

Sociopaths lack empathy for even their own tribe, so your logic doesn't fly.

No but they perfectly knows how to manipulate people's gut feelings to get whatever they want from them. Ergo, they push for muh tribe shit.

ok japanese kids. time to all start wearing crazy and epic looking anime hairstyles.

We have a word for this….

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Fug, someone already got here!

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>>you must
LoL goddamn, niggers are so stupid

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The Japanese are honorary Aryans for a reason.

From the article:

cucked japan enforcing "communist grey" garbage


Better than being a double-digit IQ normalfag which you are
News flash: The US fought for the wrong side during WWII

And that's what concerns the english press?
Don't they have peodophile gang to cover up?

That's the beauty of it, under gommi rules you also have to march your way to the gulag in uniform too.

Everything i said is based on the jews trying to exterminate Japan by forced their horrors of globalism o them. Now the Japanese leadership can do nothing to openly go against the global cabal, without getting killed for it, but what they can do is using loopholes to protect their own citizens. One of these is protecting the schoolkids, by keeping the order intact. School uniform were use to create one unit out of the students, while keeping the distraction of individuality (a lie btw) out of the education facilities. So now they have the jewish entertainment cabal forcing their talmudic diarrhea onto the children and planting in their heads the idea of individual freedoms. That is hedonism, self destructive and the jews created an entire world around catering to hedonism…namely materialism/capitalism. That is the globalist agenda…mindless drones chasing materialism to fulfill their hedonistic freedoms. Humans who are slaves to their urges.

The reason why this is against nature and so massively self destructive, is because individuality is not real, it is a lie sold to humanity, to get control over them. Humans define themselves by their names, addresses, ID'S, bank account, social security, education, jobs, marriage status, license plates, cosmetics, fashion, sports, entertainment, hobbies etc. These are all control mechanisms given to them, and they have nothing to do at all with individuality, because everyone else is participating in these mechanisms as well. "I'm an individual because I do what everyone else does" That doesn't make any sense as participant, but from the side of the controllers it does.

So what does individuality really mean? Standing out from others. If we look into the history books we only find a few names worth mentioning, the rest is white noise. Also most of the people mentioned are only known for their achievements (which are mostly stolen). If we look at human history for individuals who are known for their achievements and characters, then the list becomes tiny. Three in fact…Jesus, Mohammad and Hitler. Two of these are unverifiable hearsay combined with superstitious fantasy, and Hitler is about the most lied about human in history. So there is absolutely no individuality in the human race, yet it is sold to us everywhere we look.

Finally let's look at what individuality really means in the context of nature…individual traits. Strength, intelligence, creativity etc. These traits are only coming from a healthy bloodline, for which one needs a healthy family unit, which is protected by a strong and healthy race (collective of family units). Afterwards these individual traits are used to boost the collective (race) thereby creating culture. A race with culture then grows into a civilization.

In short individuality is a deliberate lie to prevent humanity from following the natural order.

So you don't wash your hair daily? Yikes. Also what's up with positing those fake talmudic idols? For all we know they all wear wigs, because of all the pedophile sodomy rapes, drugs and HIV, that made their hair fall out.

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Sociopaths manipulate those who aren't into doing things that only benefit themselves. If a sociopath deems someone a threat, he will use the people around him to attack via proxy, and this is done excessively in Japanese culture. Japan has a brutal bullying issue, in that when kids are bullied, they're bullied in ways that make schools in America shudder. The cases aren't recorded enough, but instead of direct conflict, it's concentrated on social blackmail via the rumor mill to compel the bullied to commit suicide.

Since Japan's all about Uniformity, at the very least with their schools, it's a prime environment for sociopaths, because all they have to do is imply that a person is different in a way that's weird to the society in order to effectively and utterly cut them off from other people. This is done in both juvenile and adult life. The "drive" to conform is so great that it's a hugely held belief in Japan that screwing up once in college on even minor things is grounds for the rest of your life to be unlivable.

An environment of uniformity allows any sociopath to flourish, simply because all a sociopath has to do to gain power and flourish is to fit in and appear generic while sabotaging others.

In America, the bullies in both child and adult society are far more up front and simple and FAR less effective, simply because America has more then an enforced mono-culture, so the dishonest are outed easily and rumor mills are disbelieved or plain ignored simply because things in society are disorganized enough that the average American has a healthy level of distrust for shit he hasn't seen.

Japan is a pozzed up hellhole by comparison, at least on the school level. There's no gays, but the "he said she said guilty before innocent" culture is still there. Even the police still operate under that presumption.

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That is the natural instinct in a healthy hierarchy…attacking the weakest link to secure the survival of the group. Like in a wolf pack. This instinct is the strongest in children because they are the least corrupted from the predatory control of the outside world. Adults subconsciously sense this which is why they often talk about "childlike innocence"

You mean unless someone throws around the 'racist' or 'sexist' label in a half-convincing way?

Reminder that we've gone this far with cooperation and tending of the weak. It's because jocks don't outright genocide nerds that we have technological advancement.
When people like you have their way with no holding back, you obtain something called Africa.