Trans swimmers protest from Orthodox Jews

Transgender swimmers will be granted full access to Hampstead Heath’s ladies’ pond following a local authority ruling which has sparked protest from feminists and Orthodox Jewish women.

People who identify as transgender now have the right to bathe in the women's-only pond in London which is used by celebrities including the model, Kate Moss and actresses Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham-Carter.

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Can't wait until some based Brit with humongous hairy testicles throws on a wig and goes for a skinny dip while those uppity celebs are trying to enjoy a swim.

I'd rather just take a giant streaming expired milk and out of date eggs diarrhoea shit into it with all of those fucking cunts looking.
Never heard of this thing before, why is there a women only swimming pond in the first place.
They shut down all the men only clubs a few decades ago, cunts.

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At least two people in that pic are men (whom identify as men).

If you put newts in it and let them breed there then the pond will be reclassed as not for humans, and as a nature reserve (newts are protected).


They'd realise it when I take a liquid shit in the pool.

Don't use "whom" if you don't know what it means.

On the contrary young knave it is ye sir whom does not know what whom means.

There's a men's pond a minute away

Learn English yank

I guess using whom there sounds a little awkward. It would sound smoother if it said "At least two people in that pic are men (all of whom identify as men)"

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Those ponds are definitely preferable to public city pools, which are absolutely disgusting.

Ya remember that bathroom panic? The people who thought trans people might creep on others had reasons to think people might creep on others, if you know what I’m saying. Trans people are fine. It’s “conservatives” you have to watch out for.

You mean "white men"

Do these kikes really have nothing better to do? Go back to cutting up and sucking newborn baby penises you paedophiles.

It's a shame Hitler didn't finish the job.

Kind of? “Antisemites” are a more specific target that still aims correctly. People who imagine dipshit things and then become terrified or pissed about them have to have some reason to believe a real person would really do a specific horrible thing. Often that’s because they’d do it themselves if they had the power.




Men should troll the women’s pond as transwomen to twitter their salty tears.

What about trans-jews?

You're correct, anyone with a working understanding of English grammar knows that he should have used "whom'st'd've" in that post.

It's a bitch when (((schemes))) backfire, isn't it?

What are you even trying to say?

First the muslims protest against agenda globohomo 21, now feminazis literally being triggered by trannies.

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men is already a plural reference, and the referenced is already specified as a pair, therefore not only is the use of "all" redundant, it is rather awkward indeed. original sentence is still the best one.
This is still the best. If you want to fuck around though
Is also acceptable. But maybe you're just deliberately furthering bastardizing the language intentionally. But mabes just dummo.

Im English, we wrote in English rather than American English hence we say these things a lot:
- whom
- hence
- such as
- colour
- rumor

Continue to bastardise our language

Meant rumour not rumor

based trannies and based jews

TRANNIES GONE WILD at Hampstead Heath's Ladyboy Pond

britfag btfo

EU in a nut shell if there ever was one.

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Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)


how about if all the trannies and the jews were killed.
problem solved.

It would take you 5-10 minutes to look up what the word means, instead of just flinging guesses based on what you overheard at the bus stop on your way to retard-therapy.
"whom" was utterly incorrect in , it can't be used in that context, it is wrong.
Saying "whom" when it 'feels right' doesn't make you sound clever, apart from to people with less knowledge than even you.
Just look it up, find out how to use it, forget how to use it then never use it again in your life.
Or look it up and try to remember how it works, because then you can at least be smug and accurate, instead of just a noisy useless cunt blowing hot air all over the place with no basis of understanding whatsoever on the subject.

Extra bonus information: to understand how and when to use 'whom' you will have to first understand how sentences work, which will require some background learning and understanding. It really isn't for everyone, which is why most people can't use 'whom' properly. It is barely useful anyway, due to having been almost eliminated from modern english within the realms of the common tongue, and is reserved either for academia or pomposity, guess which one was the cause for it popping up in this thread.

Trans are not fags!

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I am a man who identifies as a police officer.

Where are my rights

I can't have a unretarded baby with that.