Manhunt underway after 13 injured in 'nail bomb' blast in French city of Lyon

manhunt is underway in the southeastern French city of Lyon after more than a dozen people were injured in the explosion of a "nail bomb".

The blast was caused by a "home-made bomb" in a case containing "an explosive charge and nuts and bolts", which went off at 5.30pm local time, said the interior ministry. The explosion occurred in the centre of France's third-largest city outside a boulangerie in rue Victor Hugo.

Prosecutors have launched a terror probe into the attack.

Police on Friday night issued an appeal for witnesses, publishing a grainy CCTV photo of the “dangerous” suspect, who is wearing large dark glasses and appears to be masked.

It said he was “wearing a dark top, light shorts and could be moving around by bike”.

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Terrorism is part and parcel of city life goy.

What's the point of cameras everywhere if they're in 240p?

The sick thing about this incident, beside the perpetrator's intentions, is that authorities made no attempt to describe the man himself; not wanting anyone to use their common sense and be on the look out for a faux French nigger or sand nigger. Would not put it past them to lighten his skin tone to further obstruct any actual progress.

At least they have a rough photograph of the suspect. Without that they wouldn't have anything.

I doubt the original is that shit, it has likely been run through a filter to hide the identity.

The mayor's statement was "there is no danger, this isn't serious lol".
It's a muslim then.


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released picture for manhunt is probably just á cutout from a larger recording. suspect probably just peeked into the surveillance area of the cctv camera…

suspect is suspect wearing fucking dust goggles and shemagh / balaclava :-? yet not concealing forearms ? O_o

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I got a scoop on the perpetrator. Here's his ugly mugshot. Now get the guillotines out and show the world some justice.

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can we clean this image up a little bit?

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Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a city, kaffir.

Its very simple .. Kill all Muslims and no more problem!!!
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I reckon most security cameras, primarily in shithole countries, are at least a decade old by now and they just don't upgrade them for the quality because they don't have the money. Probably didn't even have security cameras at all until everyone in the west had HD ones. Or, you know, like said, but I've never heard of police blocking the image of a suspect they're trying to find.

Now why would (((they))) do that?