All Telltale Games Will Be Removed From on May 27th, 2019

A member of the team informed the community via the GOG forums that all of Telltale Games’ remaining titles on the storefront will be delisted and removed starting May 27th, 2019. If you already own the games you’ll still be able to play them, but if you don’t own the games you won’t be able to purchase or download them from the store after May 27th.

The news came via a short and sharp post explaining that if you already own the game before the delisting takes place you will be able to keep playing those games, however, all of Telltale’s games are going the way of the dodo…

>“The titles are as follows: the Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, the Batman series, Sam & Max series, Puzzle Agent series, Tales from the Borderlands, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.”

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why even bother ?

just because nobody reads your threads doesn't mean we don't know who you are.

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Sooo… nothing of value wast lost. Great!

Two things.
1. These were never games, just interactive media.
2. Copyright…all of mankind's creative output will end up in the hands of the richest jews, which will end creativity in itself. By making "intellectual property" into a commodity they were able to steal it away from the human race, like the stole everything else (wealth, morality, architecture, nature, freedom, science, education, health, dignity, strength, politics etc.)

You sound a bit obsessed. Maybe jews aren't the source of your misery. Maybe it's you.

Two things.
1: you actually know enough about video games to differentiate one from 'interactive media'? I wouldn't admit that to anyone if I were you.
2: your perspective on copyrights clearly demonstrated that you've never created anything, and instead you wallow in the meager realms of the user end

No way, from birth the jew has been attempting to ruin my life. The first jew to threat my happiness was Ari Goldstein, my next door neighbor and evil jew, he was the same age as me and we always had a rivalry, which was fine, but the jew always played dirty. I remember when I was first learning to ride my bike, my father had built the bike with me in our garage and the next day we were to learn the basics. The next day I woke up ran down stairs to the breakfast table and bolted towards my father in hopes I could start my bike lessons early. As my many pleading requests to begin my bike riding training hit deaf ears I began to wonder if he was asleep. I grab my father's hand to shake him awake. To my shock his hand is hold, the shake turned knocked down the newspaper resting on his face, pulling the cadaver to me in the process. I let out a great fleeing howl in fear and grieving anguish. In the midst of the emotional roller coaster the doorbell rings. Distraught I run to it and open it immediately while still bawling my eyes out. Behind the door is noneother than Ari Goldstein, who then points at me and yells "HAHA I PRANKED YOU HAHA DUMB GENTILE HAHA I PRANKED YOU!"
I'll never forget those words. Ever since I have kept a keen eye out for the Jew's tricky and deceiving ways.

the typical consumer, self-entitled, and convinced he deserves a free ride on the coattails of creative individuals efforts.

lol @ been attempting

kinda like how water has been attempting to be wet?

You would know

you're god damn right I do.

our parents and grandparents explain the entire situation to us when we are kids.

(that's why we become men at age 13, while you have to wait another five years to 'imagine' you have become a man)

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and with the exception of how willing and eager your people are to be our puppets, we actually have more respect for black people than we do for you.

at least they have a modicum of pride and unity.

Telltale Games

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It is true. The negro may be ungrateful, unintelligent and violent. But at least it's self-destructive tendencies don't come from the self-loathing and need for humilliation white people show. You will blame the jew for feminism, but oh haven't whites so lovingly embraced it. Pathetic.

Creativity should be shared, not consumed. The copyrights assume creativity is sold and consumed, which limits expression and kills further innovation. Shared creativity grows exponentially. The gatekeeping and hoarding drains it.

Character assassination attempt without any form of argument.

Unlike you I'm not defined by public approval, therefore I can spend my leisure time on the achievements of others, without any emotional attachment or without wasting a second on what others may think.

I self publish for over two decades and my biggest regret was to sell the rights to my early works for money, because now I have no chance to ever get them back, while the publisher withholds them from the public. Anyway the problem with copyright is not how it's advertised (security from property theft)but the reality of what happens to all commodities under capitalism…it will end up in the hands of rich criminals who have no interest whatsoever in any form of creativity. Meanwhile the human race was robbed of the achievements of their ancestors, and the few future creators with any creative traits won't have the entry fee to use these achievements, which are needed to be creative. Instead they either have to create something new (almost impossible) or just regurgitate garbage (happen globally since 2007)

Copyright drowns these creative people in money, which destroys their creative output instantly (it's called a sellout). Then they lost the rights to their own creation, while being contracted to shit out mass produced garbage (they are getting milked), and finally their entire career will fizzle out into an afterthought, while keeping afloat by royalties. Meanwhile no new artist can build on his works without paying absurd amount of renting fees to criminal psychopaths.

As for free ride…I never had a problem with piracy because the quality of my work attracted enough loyal costumers.

My problem with white people is that I don't exactly understand what are they superior at?

Asians and jews beat them at IQ and science, jews beat them at finances, blacks beat them at sports and art, and hispanics and arabs beat them at birth rates.

What are you superior at? At genocide? But russians and chinese would be literally ten times better at it even if the Holocaust happened, and it didn't happen anyway, right? You fucking failed.

Maybe brainwashing? I guess that is your forte. Such is the extent of your genetical perfection.

No, seriously, what are you superior at?

"creativity should be shared, not consumed"
proof that you've never created ANYTHING

go play another torrented video game

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Lemme Guess, Philip…….

you got those big guns playing Overwatch?

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There's Two Reasons why adult males who play video games don't get any pussy:

1: because they are adult males who play video games

2: because women aren't interested in adult males who play video games

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that's a crying shame about that Telltale Games GOG.COM deal, huh?

I'm devastated

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The entire 'videogames, sci-fi, lord of the rings, dungeons and dragons, superheroes & anime thing' is the fastest way to ensure you'll end up hearing your mother ask you 'when you're finally going to get a girlfriend' for the rest of your life.

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grow up, douchebag

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To be honest, the entire 'overlooked misunderstood lonely computer image board geek genius' routine is a sure-fire recipe for latent homosexuality.

It conditions young males to become effeminate adults, with little to no experience with interpersonal intimacy with females, and a distorted perspective of 'masculinity'.

For example, anybody who thinks the 'anonymous' thing is 'intimidating' lives in a fantasy world.

Whoever designed the Guy Fawkes mask has no concept of what visually represents 'intimidation'.

It's the most effeminate, ridiculously embarrassing sissy-assed design I've ever seen.


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Personally, I don't think we are superior. It's based on your value system for what's superior. We are however different and distinct. We have the inherent right to fight to preserve that the best we can, superior or not.

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computers, imageboards, anime, videogames….

how 'intimidating'………

(If a woman wants a child, she'll find a REAL MAN to give her one of her own)

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How's that working out for you so far?

(welcome mats used to traditionally be green)

The world grew up wiping their feet on green welcome mats with white letters

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My people didn't

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And there's a reason why we did it

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I have never seen so many nogs together

it's really quite amazing.
they we're all in ONE APARTMENT.

that apartment is a metaphor for America

whether anybody likes it or not, it's a fact

"the inherent right to fight to preserve that the best we can"

apparently, you're losing the battle?

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and don't forget these two buttons up here, whatever the fuck you faggots call them….

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God Damn, Philip


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and look where it got you

Hoping nobody notices that you still don't have a girlfriend, or realizes what it is you jack off to at night on that shitty ThinkPad Jim loaned you.

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It's kind of a self-fulfilled prophecy, more or less

validates the slogan about your 'friends'

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What are your hobbies, Johnny?

Speaking of which:

Have you two gone to see any movies together since VENOM?

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- being an asshole to humans

- doing animal rescue

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In all honesty, all joking aside….

I have a lot of respect for Jim Watkins and Diana and Philip and James.

I also have a lot of respect for you image board dudes in general.

I am very impressed with your intelligence and integrity, and your ability to articulate your thoughts so eloquently, even though many times I don't agree with your opinions necessarily.

You guys are smart as shit…..

I continually learn tons of fascinating stuff in here.
I am old as fuck, so I got to have a front row seat to witness the regrettable downward spiral of the human race. I got to witness how the internet and technology in general led to the mind-numbingly embarrassing dumbing down of the human race.

It's reached a point where the average human being can barely spell their own fucking name.

In fact, somehow stupidity became a fashion trend.

But I see the complete opposite in you guys….
And I actually admire you very much….
I envy you in a lot of ways….

I'm not being facetious when I say video games played a major role in the unraveling of masculinity. I watched a systemic epidemic of effemininity take over the past couple generations.

Thank God I got to see the world before this event took place….

But I don't dislike you….
In fact it's quite the opposite….

And now, if you don't mind I'm going back into character…

From one Tennessee boy to another….

If you ever feel lonely over there just remember that You've got a Friend in Me.

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Wow, alright, I wasn't expecting that answer. That's pretty cool.

If you unironically think videogames are part of the cause of male feminization you're fucking insane.

It all started with technology and industry. With the coming of machines, suddenly men started becoming useless. With the evolution of weaponry, violence starting having a higher and higher potential price. With the increase of standards, men started becoming domesticated.

Now masculinity is useless and dangerous. And being a man is so hard. Men never became men out of fucking pleasure. They did it out of neccessity. But what is its purpose now? Physical hardships, emotional/social isolation? What for?

Society worships weakness and feminity. Being a cuck pays off. No wonder all the biggest psychopaths are always outspoken male feminists.

of course, we come from different parts of Tennessee….

McMinnville is where Dottie West came from….

And I come from the part where people DON'T marry their sisters

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That's exactly what I'm talking about !!
I told you I respect the intelligence and ability to articulate that I find in here, and you just proved my point… You did very good job !!

And there are a lot of environmental factors as well as social factors…..

But I can't tell you how many 37 year old virgins I know in real life, all of them with video game controllers in their hands….

They're actually quite brilliant, but obviously not smart enough to figure out that the biggest obstacle between them and emptying their testicles into the women of their dreams is the goddamn video controller in their hand

But I have to admit I would love to marry YOUR sister…

She's beautiful !!… She's absolutely gorgeous, and classy and elegant….

It's too bad she married that Patch Adams dude, or Fuzzy, or whatever the hell he calls himself.

As soon as she realizes what a douchebag he is, be sure to give her my number…


and I'm not joking…. not at all….

Philip's sister is GORGEOUS

one thing I didn't need to learn today:

what is

hold on a minute…..

you're telling me that adult males see THIS, and want to spend time playing it?

you're pulling my leg, right?

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this appeals to adult males?……

please tell me you're joking

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I'm quite literally flabbergasted….

this is obviously visually designed to appeal to twilight-watching, prepubescent female, future Harlequin Romance Novel reading housewives…..

and you're telling me that adult males spend money on this?

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See, since I don't play videogames, I have no clue what the names of the current popular games are….

So I've always used Ms Pacman as my 'go to' metaphor, mainly because it's so effeminate, and it's always illustrated the point I was trying to convey…

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But I'll freely admit that I realized I needed another, newer videogame title to ridicule men with….

So I asked one of the many real life friends that don't get any pussy and live their lives isolated with a controller in their hands "what's a current videogame that's popular?"

and he said "Overwatch"…..

whatever the fuck that is…..

So, now OVERWATCH is my new 'go to' videogame title when I want to ridicule an adult male for being a videogame-playing douchebag faggot.

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Stop bitching Johnny, you're going to love this one


Thanks to me, your thread managed to get more replies than any other thread in Zig Forums since the New Zealand shooting.

Happy to help you.

So, you and your mother?


Sam and Max was pretty good, but that series is old.

Sam and Max

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Good, cancerous growths must be cut out but after that chemotherapy and radiation must also be done.

You don't know me, but I know you. I've known your kind all my life, being raised by a White acting like a jew. Watch out. I swear on my last breath to hunt every single one of you down. "Internet tough guy!" I can already hear you typing into the comment. No. This is your first and only warning. When shit goes down you better be gone. I like to watch from the shadows and torture. Dismiss this at your own peril.

*slowly…. SLOWLY drags my scrotum across your face, back and forth, and back and forth*

this board should be called news9k

But what are you if not an internet tough guy? People like you talk shit all day and never do anything. A fucking roleplayer is what you are. I used to be on your side, it is you and the rACe wAr NoW clowns of Zig Forums what made me see modern whites for what they are. But eh, keep the threats coming. Maybe a pic of your guns just so we know you aren't fucking around?

Oh sorry, let me guess, you like to kill your jews with your own hands. Look them in the face and pour your hate in their eyes as you squeeze the life out of them. Like an Aryan version of Steven Seagal.

I make no qualms with the fact I've done nothing up until now. Cowardice? Perhaps. Lack of will. Equally likely. I was always supposed to be a support wing; my skills are not very handy otherwise. Something has to happen sooner or later. When it does, expect me. I would just be having fun at that point. I frankly don't care one way or the other if you believe me. You'd just better hope our paths don't cross in that time. I will show no mercy.

Do your days really revolve around a video game news reposter?


The twitch streamers that made millions off these games were the first to wag their fingers at the company, smug assholes.

Building nations that people want to live in

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Go back to your spam bot shill hole

Asians are somewhat comparable, but Jews do not even compete when it comes to inventiveness.

Average IQ in Israel

The negro is also indolent and lazy, prone to whittle away his finances on frivolity and drink

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So they're easily pirateable. Gotcha.

Idiot, not all of those are movies, like Sam&Max. Fucking moron.

So what, are they freeware now?

Very Very Important But Bad News Agents and Stans. If your name is A Super hard name to pronounce or Missing a G, Listen Loud and Clear.

Religious Folks are being Slayed Everywhere Now by the Sword of the HOLY-SPIRIT. My Friend told me this AM, "IT IS MAJOR PANIC and DESTRUCTION for X5 EVERYWHERE" near her!

She Said It's apparent and Obvious that JESUS-CHRIST will win and will win soon. Its Happening and I myself am Scared Shitless.

So, all Fellow Friends of Isaac, you must Immediately either Run and Hide in the Forest or Concrete asap OR start messaging everywhere online in social media, 'praise JESUS-CHRIST forever' to have Any Chance of not being brutally defeated forever as well.

Hurry and Spread the word Now. THIS IS URGENT!!!!!


You need Tor for it, but it's all still there if you want it…

Is that so? But I thought Jews have controlled Western societies since ever, how come now whites take the merit? You would think they want to live in Western countries because of our human rights, social advances and economic prosperity, all of which you owe to Jews. Is this where your hatred turns to tearful gratitude?

Believe me, they all cheat. Negros cheat at sports with magical undetectable drugs, that's why they cuck whites so easily!
East Asians and Jews cheat at tests, that's why they lead all scientific and intellectual fields!
Hell, even muslims and latinos go out of their way to have children just to spite whites!

(((Nobel Prizes)))
Go back to Reddit.

Mhm. Leave it to Zig Forumstards to effectively meassure creativity and inventiveness.