School Resource Officer Scot Peterson Criticized for not Confronting the Shooter

Former school resource officer Scot Peterson was widely criticized after he failed to confront a shooter who opened fire and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year.

The Broward Sheriff's Office active shooter policy calls for deputies to interrupt a shooting and search for victims when there's a ceasefire.

He was armed but never went inside the building
When shots rang out at the Parkland school, Peterson didn't run toward the gunfire.

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What a coward, this is why I'll carry my own gun.

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he is a "ressource officer".

He's a coward, but that's not surprising. Most cops are bullies, and bullies always turn out to be cowards.

certainly didn't have no problem being called a hero for all those deaths

LOL. Maybe this is why conservatives don't want libfags taking away the guns.

Wait a minute, how does this jibe with the Supreme Court ruling that the police do not have an obligation to protect people from harm?

He doesn't have an obligation to protect people but he does have an obligation not to tell lies to justify his cowardice.

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What the media REFUSES to tell you is that STAND DOWN orders were made to cops and emergency medical teams during/after the shooting. For some reason they allowed the shooter(s) to kill as many as possible, and even after the event the medical staff was refused access to the school for up to 20 minutes, as the victims bled to death. False flag cover-up? Smells so!

He cowered before any stand down orders were given.

Wherein he also refused to enforce the law which clearly states you're not allowed to shoot up some kids.
But we need more security in schools right? More armed guards and police officers and fucking security checkpoints at entrances with metal detectors.

Imagine the mentality of people that actually believe this shit.

It's not about what you believe, it's about what's legal.

>you don't need guns goyim! The police ZOGbots will protect you!!!
Except for the multiple supreme court rulings dictating that police have no duty to protect citizens and aren't there to serve the citizens interests.

He may have been but he was also armoed and a sheriff's deputy.

Protect =/= get killed for

Kind of like how if you are bleeding out the medic isn't required to use his own blood to save you.


False equivalence kike.

If this cop is convicted of cowardice or whatever, it opens the door for anybody and everybody to also be convicted on similar accusations;

You’re driving down the road and see an accident happen, why didn’t you climb into the burning wreck and try to save the victims?  Go to jail.

You’re at the grocery store and a deranged killer with an AK-47 marches in and starts shooting people, why didn’t you try and tackle the guy and save the victims?  Go to jail.

You hear your neighbor beating on his wife, why didn’t you go over there and save her?  Go to jail.

We can do this all day.  Even soldiers who swear an oath to obey their officers can refuse a suicidal order and I’ll point out that when the Columbine attack happened, dozens of cops including a SWAT team arrived within minutes and proceeded to… wait outside for a half hour, as the victims inside bleed to death.

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Cops exist for the state, not the people.

They will eagerly confront someone that is unarmed or less likely to shoot and treat them as an extreme threat that they have every right to kill for safety, but when a true threat comes along they are no longer so brave.

The concept of the police is so broken to begin with and the proof only adds up against their existence.