Tommy Robinson, Silenced by the Oppressive Liberal Monopoly of Fake News

I had to clik on a disclaimer to view the video. It was as if it is a porno, that youtube takes down sometimes. So watch it before it is taken down.
The youtube automatic subtitles are a big help, because even though we are giving Tommy a place to write. He is still free to learn to enunciate his speech.

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It looks like all the comments have been removed. At least for me.

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BBC is completely untrustworthy. It shouldn't be considered a news source. They just play what they think people want to hear.

Giant media corporations control Youtube. No shit.

I’m triggered now. Shoot yourselves and everyone in your family, please. And leave a note saying, “I only wish I got to the White House.”

Fortunately, Tommy Robinson can post here on Zig Forums. Maybe he can make his own board.

Alternatives to Google (for news)

Alternatives for Twitter

Alternatives for Youtube (aka (gun tutorials)

Alternatives to Facebook

Neoliberal, which is right wing.

Death to the MSM and the NEO Libtards.

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So now Tommy can't tell us how great israel is anymore…what a loss. But fret not, his mossad handler and jewish publishers will make sure that you will hear what was written for him. I mean what would fake resistance be without fake counter resistance?

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the british goverment requested it I think
The eternal anglo tommy lives on

well, they're in power, and supported by normies, so it's not like they're going anywhere

All news people are a bunch of whores!
They sell their asses to the highest bidder.
Those who are not whores end up like Assange.

he looks like a sellout idiot.

Israel is such a paradox for white supremacists, "do I hate the jews more than I hate the arabs? hmmm"

they need to blame the white more.

alternatives to /killcen/….sanity

he's a faggot. that's why the evil kikes love him.

There is a reason why he is in the news for all the wrong reasons of late - accidentally filmed fighting and snorting coke all in one week.
There is a reason why Choudry ( his arch nemesis) is also walking on the streets a free man today……..
Both are cut from the same thread …….

Well, the jewish identity is just a front for organized crime and nothing more, israel is still occupied Palestine and I have nothing against Arabs, unless we're talking about sephardic jews larping as Arabs.

I mean choudry was convicted of actively recruiting for terrorist groups, and Tommy Robinson is against islamofascists so not exactly.