France24 Downplays Allies Efforts on D-Day

Nico Hines along for the ride with the Daily Beast's partner France 24 recently downplayed the Allies efforts on D-day.
Of course agreeing with the Russian statement that their efforts were not important to the outcome. The Red Army was primarily responsible for the victory.

Well, facts are facts: USSR did win the war and the US scrambled to take a piece of it to prevent Soviets from taking over Europe.

I honestly don't know who is stupid enough to fall for this level of historical revisionism when the two sides met almost simultaneously at Berlin.
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And the Russians only got there because of Lend-Lease.

But no, Communism stronk. They carried the war effort all by their collective selves. :^)

You must be crazy. The US armed the Russians.
The Rangers led the way on D-day.

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Still not SF, try harder.

So you're saying Russia won a war against Germany and then got their ass kicked by America after America did more against Germany than Russia did? Is that what you're saying?

Gee, I do wonder how the USSR would have fared had the US left Germany's industrial facilities intact, allowing Germany to keep cranking out Tigers and Messerschmitts.
The world may never know!


Biggest goys are here. Just a little summary for those not interested in French women's soccer.

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lmao whats Lend-Lease

I wonder what would have happened if the US had joined Germany and fought the russians straight on past Moscow. Sure, it would have taken a few weeks to get past England…

Isn't the Daily Beast Hillary Clinton's daughter?
Those Arkansas rags to riches billionaires. I know they must have the good of the people in mind.

The US armed the germans too.
Just like they armed iran and iraq for 7 years, then declared them both enemies.
US economy is mainly based on war profiteering and has been for 150+ years.

Sorry, kid, but history didn't run as your movie told you. Open a book next time

checked and heiled
Frogs sure act haugthy for a country that was as much of a bitch to le ebul natzees as bongistan was, merimutts were not much better either
all they did was distract the axis forces to divide them in 2 fronts wich is what allowed the Stalin to properly zerg rush Berlin, but asadie from mere distractions the only thing the allyes were good for was fire bombing civilians targets cos they were to much of a bitch to actually engage german soldiers in the battlefield

merimutts did not win the war, frogs did not win the war, bongs sure as hell did not win the war, and judging by the massive casualties they suffered during the zerg rush it can't be said that ruskies won either, Germans were simply crushed beneath the mountains of enemies they slew and they drowned in a sea of the invaders blood

Moloch was the only winner of the war
the sacrifice the jews offered to him was among the greatest he ever recived

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That has nothing to do with leftypol. Everyone knows the Soviets did the most heavy lifting compared to the (((western allies))). And yes, the soviets echo less because stalin purged the trots

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No, he's saying the allies invaded from the West to take as much territory as possible, in order to create a buffer zone (aka West Germany). Patton even wanted to be the one to capture Berlin, but the Soviets got there first.

When the US dropped nukes on Japan it was primarily a show of force to the Soviets, basically "don't fuck with us". No doubt there would have been a land war between the Soviets and the Western powers if it weren't for the nuclear option.

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holy shit i knew americans are stupid but this is some next level of retardation

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