Blood donations from men plummet as NHS says they are less motivated by altruism than women

Blood donations from men are plummeting, it emerges, as the NHS says they are less motivated by altruism than women.

NHSBT believes this "worrying" trend could be because men are less inclined to give blood if they don't know who it is going to and prefer to see first-hand who they are helping.

It also suggests that women are more likely to be encouraged to make donations because they are more receptive to social media appeals.

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Lol, fuck off, women are more narcissistic and get off on virtue signalling, they’re also much more collectivist in their thinking and extremely vulnerable to manipulation by comparison to men.

no mention that men still donate more than women.

and dare we not ever suggest that society is discouraging men in any sense. nope, just men are evil drumbeat.

makes sence
if i donate blood i want to save another human
not a nigger, chink, pajet, kebab, injun or any other kind of animal
and i definetly do not want my precious blood to feed filthy kikes

give your blood goyim, hannukah is coming soon.

This. I bet most of those women have selfies of themselves getting drained with noble looks on their faces.

Also this.

I stopped donating after highschool, like I'm supposed to spend money to make blood and not get paid. They're greedy fucks IMO

yeah I used to donate blood but since I live in leafland I know this blood is going to my colonizers and I refuse to help foreigners.

And frankly, making me wait an hour to give blood is asking for me to ditch. I have better shit to do that wait around to give my blood who will use it for people I hate, I have a blood donation card, I've done it plenty of times. Yet they make me wait forever. I'm not wasting my time and literal blood for foreigners.

Young white man here. I have the universal donor blood type and I have never donated blood even one time.
Fuck having my precious bodily fluids sacrificed to rescue some nigger who got stabbed by another nigger over some nigger business.

Other posts have already covered other issues with this scam.

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In before in the UK monthly blood draws are mandated and you must pay to give blood.

Uk is such a shitty country.

It is the orwellian test-bed. It is where all horrors are tested in a controlled environment to see which things the subjects will tolerate and which they will outright reject.
Anything that passes testing is exported to the rest of the world. Keep in mind that the US is the one doing these experiments.
They like outsourcing, see guantanamo bay.

make sure you talk to you're family about organ "donation". NS has implied consent, and most other provinces want in on the trade, too. I always say "burred intact" to the appropriate parties. donation consent card has "BURRED INTACT" written across it in permanent ink. As for the same reasons you mentioned, I now feel like "helping out" is doing more harm than good.

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I live in the US im not doing that 2 u. It's jews. It's always been jews



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Don't ever get a blood transfusion sfb
There's a good chance it could contain animal blood

Do humanity a favor and die


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Yea, it's all capitalism until it's their turn, then it's suddenly communist and satanic. You charge and pay everyone or you get rid of money and we all play nice.

Angry satanic troll all over the news stories today

inb4 if you refuse, you are executed by a pack of savage mudslimes/niggers.

sounds like you're describing the far right/pol/pets. They scream bloody murder when they don't get what they want and then proceed to shit up the thread with nonsense conspiracies.

I haven’t donated my blood in Australia yet and why would I want my blood to save the stranger’s life? I want to decide who can get my blood for free. I want my blood to be given to loyal pro-white people with no criminal record but unfortunately that’s not allowed.

good goy

your ancestors frown upon you

not a native (((anglo))) speaker so i can be forgiven for a simple typo
unlike (((anglos))) who will never be forgiven for being best goyim

Actually they wouldn’t frown up on me because they have very strong moral values at that time.

Anyway if we want to give the blood then we can give to our family but I don’t know if there’s a private blood bank that is for families only. If there is one then it will not be cheap to store your own blood for family or you only.

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BTW all of these "statistics" are from bongland.
A country that is slowly getting turned into a hellhole as a result of unchecked immigration and corrupt politics. Where a man can't even get a day off from work to go donate blood. Meanwhile in my country the overwhelming majority of blood donators are men from the military and other government jobs, gee I wonder why, maybe because people want to have days off.
Oh but suuuuuure women are just being charitable, yeah keep telling yourself that as Tyrone and Ahmed cucks you with your wife.

It is understandable that they don’t want to donate their blood to the shitskins. The shitskins are killing their country so why would they want to save the shitskins in return for killing their country for? That is like tipping the robber who is robbing the tipper.

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