NY Times will end its political cartoons after 'anti-Semitic' depiction of Netanyahu, cartoonist say

The New York Times will no longer be publishing political cartoons following the uproar surrounding an anti-Semitic depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a political cartoonist whose work was featured in the paper.

In April, The New York Times International published a cartoon featuring Netanyahu as a guide dog and wearing a Star of David around his neck being walked by President Trump seen wearing a yarmulke. After putting out a statement admitting the cartoon had "anti-Semitic tropes" and was an "error in judgment," the paper issued an apology. The cartoon received widespread condemnation, including from its own editorial board, which called it "obviously bigoted" as well as a scathing op-ed from NYT columnist Bret Stephens.

Well, it appears the paper is taking preemptive measures so that such a controversy will never happen again. And that means "the end of political cartoons at The New York Times," according to longtime political cartoonist Patrick Chappatte.

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Wow, the kikes really brought down the hammer on them.
The mentality of these people is nothing short of astounding to me. You can insult anyone you like, but the slightest insult to them and you’ll lose your job, your house, and all of your friends.

Is it the Jews themselves? Or is it their willing collaborators that do the ruining? Always strike down the traitor before the enemy.

i can only wonder when they will find what will bring us together rather then what will tear us apart, and when they will see that they took it all for granted. i don't know about you but i don't like to see cities burned to the ground out of greed or any misguided efforts.

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We are all seeing more and more now how the jews are just no fun.

Thats what happens when you let the Jews control your country and don't do anything about it.

Their puppets are the ones actually doing the ruining, but the Jews are the ones who demand it.
I suppose what I’m getting at is that it’s the entitlement of the Jews that confounds me. They refuse to understand why anybody hates them; in their eyes they can go around doing anything that they want to any people of any nation, but whenever one paints them in anything less than a stellar light, they’ll screech their lungs out until that person’s life is ruined. And the most confounding part is that, not only do they see nothing wrong with this, they genuinely cannot understand why anybody else would take issue with them for doing this.
Take Israel for example. For years, the Jews have been forcing Arabs off their lands and starving their families, but they are completely surprised to learn that many Arabs hate them for this. In their eyes, everything that they do is all right and good, and anybody who might take issue with them for doing it is undeniably insane.
But yes, I agree with you completely, traitors deserve death before enemies. The traitors at least have the opportunity to understand that what they are doing is wrong, and yet they continue to do it anyway, completely for their own gain.

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Let’s never forget the dancing Israelis of 911. Fuckers knew what was going to happen and they gleefully made people hate on Muslims and destroy and invade sovereign nations over lies.


the whole thing is so snakey that you have to wonder if they deliberately published that cartoon so they could have a nice cuck out session

you publish something like that you obviously know you'll get kvetching, if you cave it means you probably always planned on caving

Yeah, just focus on the henchmen, that sounds reasonable.

It's not their fault, there are 10+ million juden in the US, more than in israel itself.
They'd have to do a lot of work in minecraft to sort that mess out.
Keep in mind that pre-1900, there were only a few thousand juden there, it was a deliberate change of base of operations following the zionistic plan.
Next on the list is china and the far east.

jews are not semites

It's the equivalent of the rats leaving the sinking ship. jewish debt usury has completely destroyed the western economy, which is now only held together by jews pretending that it does. Together with racial and religious wars, the heads of capitalism are conspiring with the jews to annihilate the west with endless migration, and they deliberately sabotage their own companies to downsize, dump the middle class into poverty, and to destroy all the infrastructure to soften the blow of revenge that will emerge when the west finds out that all their money is absolutely worthless. That's why they are desperately trying to outrage every normal person in the west into acting out, so that they can throw as many of them as possible in jail, it's why the tech companies working overtime to bring surveillance everywhere, it's why 3rd trash and females are being staffed in any position of defense or infrastructure.


Crime boss got no power without henchmen. Just like the Jews got no power without collaborators. You get the collaborators out of the picture and show people that collaborating is "not in their best interests" and suddenly they are powerless.

You have to take care of the "henchmen" first because if you rush in and try to go straight to the source you only trigger a swarm response from the henchmen. If one crime boss gets bumped off there are others ready to take his place and direct the henchmen. Hence why you've got to first make it as unappealing as possible for people to want to be a henchmen in the first place.

Aren't the characters reversed?

holy shit the schizos are losing their minds over some private company embarking on a voluntary decision. The levels of projection, ignorance, and cognitive dissonance by these posters is incredible. Impressive really.

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It's the wrong way around.

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