Google blocking ad blockers in Chrome

An ad-free web browsing experience may only be available to those willing to pay for it.

At least, that appears to be the future waiting for Google Chrome. In a recent update, Google has moved to hamper Chrome’s ad-blocking capabilities, while also announcing that the deprecation of that feature will not apply to Google’s paid G Suite Enterprise subscribers.

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This is illegal by the way. Decisions that harm the consumer base's interest in your product is illegal.
they're not consumers goy! free users are still consumers Moshe.
Eitherway this will make it easier to get people onto Pale Moon and other early Firefox forks.

Palemoon and firefox are both fucking trash. Palemoon is even worse because it likes to randomly freeze up watching any kind of fucking video and then unfreezes just in time to freeze up again. Meanwhile firefox has been WOKE for years.

Get proper codecs or a better connection pleb, I've never had such an issue. Palemoon's main problem is being developed by faggots, whereas Firefox has deliberate vulnerabilities which allow ease of access for state actors.

lol ok

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You have a shit PC and are going to suspicious sites without scripts blocked.
You also sound like a jew so the below nigger IQ is likely.

Use Brave

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Honestly sticking to hardened Noscript policies (such as blocking global scripts, blocking Javascript/Flash/Silverlight and removing all the whitelisted junk urls) makes any ads that could pop up obsolete and blocks them in entirety. You'll need to temporarily allow a couple scripts to run once in a while depending what sites you are currently visiting, but you can always re-block those after you are done using said sites by revoking all permissions.

Ok… I could go on about Google and how they're spying, but just go on Opera or Firefox… Problem solved in the ad department.

That's my boy…

Mozilla's commies are trying to kill Librefox which would be similar to Ungoogled Chrome, removing all the third party big tech spying crap.

I'd recommend an older version of either Firefox or Waterfox, with some basic privacy add-ons installed, like Noscript Security Suite, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere, and a browser agent spoofer.

Go to about:config in the web browser and disable webGL and webRTC. Remove any urls as well, including Mozilla urls. Make sure telemetry is completely disabled, as well as anything suspicious, look it up and decide whether or not you need to disable it. There are plenty of online guides showing how to work around about:config and its an essential tool to learn if you want to rid of default spyware/bloatware that came with your web browser.

Some will claim the older it is the more insecure. Thats a crock of shit, don't listen to that nonsense.

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I already saw this coming 2 years away.
It's a Librefox life for me…

I see the Zig Forums front page is down right now.

Works fine for me…

Could you enlighten us on some of those hidden vulnerabilities? Or are you referring to something we already know thats vulnerable (telemetry urls/webgl/webrtc)?

I think Tor should adopt some other client like Pale Moon. Just a thought.

Use Brave instead

This nigga gets it

Just switch to Brave. You get chrome extensions and free money when using Brave rewards, which are optional ads you can opt out anytime.

Here are more Brave rewards earning last week, not bad at all.

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