Columbus police release body camera video of officer punching man

This video contains 5 videos: 3 officers body worn cameras and 2 cruiser cameras.
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus police have released body camera video of an incident Friday when an officer punched a man.

According to police, officers responded to a call of shots fired around 4 p.m.

Jonathan Robinson talked to WBNS and admitted adrenaline got the best of him.

He was a good boy

The punch comes at 1:17.

Another normal day in Columbus. Chimps chimping out per usual. Nothing to see here. Nog rushed officer one aggressively and challenged him. Officer one ordered him to back up numerous times. When officer two (our hero) approaches to assist, the nog turns and enters the officer's reactionary gap (arm's length) after failing to follow verbal commands to "back up" so the officer could re-establish his reactionary gap. Honestly, he's lucky he didn't get shot.

pro-tip: Wanna know how not to get punched by a cop? Follow their orders and don't get within arm's reach of them. Niggers will never understand this.

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Try again, retard. The cop approached him and sucker punched him in the face. It is unprofessional and reeks of bully, the kind of losers who want to become cops.

You are right that he is lucky he didn't get shot by these low IQ enforcers.


Spotted a nig

If you want to incapacitate someone, you don't punch them in the face, you dumb fucking retard. You use your night stick to knock their legs out.

What would happen if the cop knocked the guy out and his brains splattered all over and the family gets to sue the PD for 10 million.

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Sounds like the punch was well deserved and didn't cause any serious injury. If he gets punished it should be lenient.

It's true that punching people in the head can kill them. Though it's usually due to them falling and hitting their head on the ground.

Follow their orders or be beaten? Ah yes, this is great advice. Always follow orders. Always follow every single law. Never act against the State in any capacity. Never act at all unless instructed to.
Spineless pseudo-men, the lot of you.

It's nothing.
Negrus Criminalus challenges pig-cop aggressively, is pushed away, continues to approach "O WUT O WUT O WUT O WUT O WUT" locked into repeating cycle, possibly with a gun in its paw, second pig-cop defends its pig-cop friend against the negrus with an extended arm.
Conversations in the end of the video.

Act like a thug,be treated like one.

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Not sure I care. Niggers already cost this country trillions of dollars a year. I'm okay with dedifying one for $10,000,000.

the OP title is misleadin
the nog may be male but the word "Man" is used for humans, not apes

Also this is a extremely relevant.
You don't say;
When he shoots a dog.
Though I actually care when police murder dogs. as dogs are man's best and most loyal friends murder is appropriate

Should have told the rape ape to take a knee instead.

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It's an ape

Even if the ZOG delegates their authority to the police, I don't expect the cops to sit there and allow Jamal to chimp out. These cops didn't roll in here under orders of the state to oppress the workers. If you took 2 seconds to read the OP, they were responding to a shootout. Niggers were shooting niggers and other niggers called the cops for help. I wouldn't expect someone like you with an 85 IQ to understand this though. When you and your comrades finally overthrow the ZOG and achieve your anarchist utopian society of Wakanda, don't call the cops or ask for help when Tyrone starts bustin caps in yo ass. If you don't like western civilization, you can always go back to where you came from.

This meme is for you. Maybe it will help you to better understand the situation.

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And this is why our police force has become militarized!
And this is why police departments struggle to hire intelligent people!
The main job of police today is to play zookeeper to violent nogs and spics. Then it bleeds over and the low IQ cops have to treat white people with the same militant heavy handedness.

kek. never change.

All cops should have cameras if they do actual work.

Arrest someone on bogus charges that are technically illegal, destroy his reputation, his peace of mind, and scare him with permanent photographic memories of the arrest and resulting dehumanization and humiliation that he must live with for the rest of his life; OKAY.

Punch a person on camera… OH NO!!!!!

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