LGBT horrors:Lesbians stab innocent nine-year-old son

Just in time for Pride Month, a pair of lesbians from Brazil celebrated their “true selves” by murdering their nine-year-old son, whom one year prior they tried to make “transgender” by forcibly cutting off the now-deceased boy’s private parts and carving a makeshift vagina in its place.

The horrific event took place less than one month after Natural News editor Mike Adams publicly predicted this new wave of “LGBT progressivism horrors,” precisely describing that “progressive” parents would begin physically maiming their own babies to slice of their gender organs. That prediction, detailed in this article on Natural News, is now known to have resulted in Natural News being completely deleted and de-platformed by Facebook after left-wing media outlets published hit pieces that focused on the predictions. Once again, Adams turns out to have been completely accurate in seeing exactly where LGBT insanity was headed.

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He is like a psychic genius.

Damn, it's hard to be a gangsta.

Wow! too bad an actual scientist predicted this with an evidence based model back in the 70's or I might actually be impressed with yellowjournalismnews

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So when are we going to begin exterminating the LGBT community (cult)

They just need to be contained like all degenerates as long as they aren't allowed to pollute children. This is why Russia passed the anti-homosexual youth propaganda law. Gotta protect kids from these degenerates until they are adults.

That is smart. How come we can't learn a lesson or two from our allies to the East?

This is the true J question.

exterminate all the dykes!

I think it's mostly the trannies. They just sort of stapled themselves onto LGB for no good reason considering it's 3 sexual orientations and then 'I want to cut off my dick'.
Purge the trannies entirely, don't let same sex couples adopt (Especially not lesbians, they're notoriously violent), and don't treat them special otherwise. Maybe get that transgender cure back in swing, way back I remember a medicine reducing those kinds of thoughts/urges.

Say no more, I've heard enough…



In truth, they cut out the boy's dick 1 year ago and recentlly killed him, they cut out his head while alive, quartered the body and tried hide it.

The translation:

(vadia) We cut his penis off and WE did it. Wasn't just one of us but both did. Because everything we did on him was because she wanted to get rid of him. YES!

(repórter) Why you wanted to get rid of him?

(vadia) Because she didn't want to have any relation remaining with the boy's paternal family. She didn't want to remember him (the boy), and even not get him back to adoption or to someone else. She wanted that. She wanted to "vanish" him and was that that happened.

(vadia) And then was like that. When we decided that was time to do it I grabbled her for like 30 minutes because I was already feeling guilty to get all that done. And then she became angry with me, saying that she'd do it alone because "already knew that I was going to daunt". And then she did everything and I just helped.

(vadia) But when came the time to cut [his penis] and to do "stuff" with him I was outside because she was already very angry with me, ordering me to start the barcecuer. I needed to put fire on barbecuer because she was yelling at me and I was already very anguished, holding myself on the walls, and asking her to not make fuss. Because she was hammering the knife [to cut the boy in pieces] and I told her when I heard it that I "already knew" [that was done] and that "we are going anyway to surrender to police" after that.

(repórter) Her reason to do it was your ex-husband. But what was your reason?

(vadia) My reason was she.

(repórter) Why? You killed by love?

(vadia) Because I started to get very dependant on her. I haven't any other relations, I couldn't go to socialize. Everything I was been doing outside home displeased her. So I didn't want to displease her.

(repórter) Why she cut off his eyes and…

(vadia) The head… At this quartering time I was seeing everything at distance. She said to me that was bad, that was hard to cut off [the boy's head] and then I said "Leave it! Leave it like that!" because her intent was to totally vanish [the boy] from the map. REALLY. Exterminate all him about.

(repórter depósito) She has also the intent to do the same with your daughter?

(vadia) When she came back, because she went to throw away the bag [with the boy's pieces inside]… She came back different, strange. I asked "Alana, do you want to kill youself, do you want to kill me, do you want to kill [daughter's name, incomprehensible]?" And she said "No I don't want to kill [in general] I'm just not feeling ok". And then I said "So eat a piece of toast and drink some water". And that was what she did. And then she got laid down and I wasn't able to sleep. All the time I was closing and opening my eyes and calling her to see if she was ok. And then when we talked about to surrender (because we already agreed with that) I took a shower, changed my clothes and got my documents and when they arrived [the police was called by phone] my first impulse was to open the door and do it. And then I get there.

(repórter) Besides the bag where you put the boy's pieces you also put some of them on two school bags. There are here two school bags full of blood.

(vadia) Yeah, was.

(repórter) What you put inside those bags?

(vadia) On those small bags I put the arms… The parts of the arms and of the legs.

(repórter) Why did you torn off the skin of the arms pieces?

(vadia) Alana wanted to fry them. The meat she wanted to flush everything on toilet and the bones she wanted to crush all of them, to make sure he'd totally disapear. The problem was because I got nervous and lose my self control by the anguish (and realized the meat was becoming hardned) everything got wrong. We pickup the bags, she got the head and torso parts… I don't remember to pick the head… I don't got to pick the head.

(repórter depósito) On the first strike he got to crying, to scream, to ask help?

(vadia) No, he just did a little cry.

(repórter) So just tell me something. If both of you has success and don't got arrested like you are now, you think you'd be peaceful on this moment?

(vadia) No, because before she did anything I was holding her arm and we spent 30 minutes like that [in this situation]. And I was there, perplexed, without moving my body and then when I leave her and realized she already did the first strike.

(repórter) Do you feel you could avoided all that?

(repórter) Why you don't avoided?

(vadia) Because I don't know if I frightened the situation or was afraid to lose her or I had anything else…

(repórter) So this crime… Was for love too?

(vadia) Actually I omitted myself… Was that. I omitted myself.

(repórter) And the boy's father?

All this shows is lesbians can't raise children

Cool it with the homophobia, goys. Love is love!

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all homos neutered, and banned from going within a mile of children.
in fact, why not just make a homo island somewhere, one of the old nuclear test sites, then force them all there.
they'll die out within no time, and they won't infect anyone else.

So you're saying we can finally start up the underground diversity extermination groups? Perfect! (ㆁωㆁ)

…there is no word or meme to communicate the rage i feel right now.


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What are talking about? In Russia mother can kill her newborn child without major consequences

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I will never understand how idiots can hate one group and protect another doing the same shit. Face it.. Humanity is shit. And I will celebrate the moment every one of us is equipped with a ship that controlles our behaviour and emotions. No secrets. No anonymity.

Be the change you wanna see and give us your identity then. We won't do anything bad with it, promise!

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Somethin's fucky here. If these heinous abominations mutilated the boy's crotch an entire year ago, how the hell were they allowed to get anywhere near him again?

Because anyone care, they just care if its a man but as is a woman and a lesbian, let it go.

Also, the justice here is shit, the family laws are 100% pro women. Even the father wanting the son they denied the ask. It's hard to explain now, but if you get a woman judge, you are fucked, if a man, you have a little chance about to get the right penalty. Judges are kings here, they do what they want.

This news explain better the case:


Not only here.


This. IIRC the scientist who designed and conducted the experiment found that a lack of space between people created abnormal behaviours. He immediately thought of human behaviour while observing the rats.